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  1. Thanks, and to you also! Yeah, I'm afraid tomorrow they'll say oops... haha
  2. This morning we received the 'we have taken action on your case' email, and this afternoon the approval notice showed up in the account. We did not have to do an interview!!
  3. My townhouse costs me around $900/mo for HOI. I live in Florida, so, hurricanes!
  4. Oh wow, is this what we have to look forward to in Orlando as well?! We just got EAD approved today after almost 10 months. How long did yours take? And I hope you get your interview soon!
  5. My husband's EAD just got approved today, after 296 days!! We did not get around to asking for an expedite either. I'm so happy we have some movement! I hope everyone else waiting for EAD will get it any day now too.
  6. We haven't tried to expedite it, but I think we will now. Thank you for the idea!
  7. My husband still hasn't received the work permit either! He's going crazy because he's bored sitting at home Hopefully we both hear something SOON!
  8. We met only one time, for six days. Covid hit shortly after that trip, and I had already bought plane tickets to visit again a few months later, which had to be canceled of course. I included the proof of that second purchased trip, and then Algeria had been completely closed and it was impossible for me to go there, so maybe that helped. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for giving me a little hope! It's been almost 3 months since the NOID was issued though... and I did respond right away by uploading it online, then also mailing one in! It doesn't even tell me if they received it.
  10. No, we didn't try to expedite it. I hope your process goes quickly!
  11. We haven't gotten the EAD or an interview date yet. We got a NOID in February, saying they needed our marriage certificate. Of course I sent it in the original packet, they even had it scanned in under the I-765 (I know they can't use the same one for different forms, but I sent a copy of it for each form). Anyway, I sent the marriage certificate in again right away and still haven't heard anything back yet! I'm very worried that we'll have to start all over. Status is still "Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS". Does anyone have any thoughts on what may happen?
  12. I'm 15 years older than my husband and I've been divorced twice previously. He came here on a K-1 in June of last year. We had only spent 6 days together total but he was approved. There's definitely hope, don't be discouraged! Good luck.
  13. I bought a plan for my fiance through this site right before he came last year. I felt that it was very affordable. https://americanvisitorinsurance.com/
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