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  1. Mine was also delivered to the embassy today!
  2. Our status shows that the file is in transit to the embassy today! I'm nervous lol. Only 23 days at NVC
  3. I would just call them: (603) 334-0888. Good luck
  4. Call them at this number: (603) 334-0888. When the automated message starts playing just push 1 then you’ll wait for someone to answer. Tell them you’d like to get your case number and they’ll ask for your USCIS receipt number. They’ll be able to tell you if your file has arrived at NVC even if there’s no case number assigned yet. To show you a recent timeframe, they received my file March 22 and the case number was created April 2.
  5. I would definitely go. A lot of embassies have suspended routine visa services, but are still processing K1 and CR1.
  6. You don't need a K1 visa if you're only using it to marry in the US then going back to Indonesia. You can come here with a visitor visa and get married, then go back home. The K1 visa is for you to move to the US and stay, then like SteveInBoston mentioned, you can't legally work for any company (even one outside of the US) until you get your work permit. I'm not sure of the exact time limits, but if you leave the US after getting married on a K1, you could lose it. I know you can leave for a short amount of time after you apply for advanced parole, but that takes a little while to receive as well. If you can't get a visitor visa to come here to marry, and you need to keep your job, I guess you could come here on K1, marry, go home, then start over by applying for CR1. Then once you arrive in the US on the CR1 visa, you can work from day 1. (Maybe this was your plan all along and I'm not telling you something new haha; if so, sorry.)
  7. I think it's because you put 2 trips, but it should be 4 trips. And the total days looks like it should be 9 maybe.
  8. I don't have any official information, but I would have him attend the interview and take a copy of your emails showing what they told you. If they need something additional, they'll tell you and you can send it in.
  9. Maybe if you get that letter from your GP and take it to the interview it could help.
  10. Got NOA2 today!! File received Aug 3, texted me on Aug 11.
  11. In case it wasn't clear, I think milimelo was saying that your wife is filling out the incorrect form (I-864A) when she should be filling out I-864 (without the A). You can get the form on the USCIS site.
  12. Wow! Yes, they had Nebraska also. Good luck on your journey
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