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  1. Congrats! My green card has just arrived so yours should be with you pretty quickly also
  2. I had my interview this morning. It was busy but we didn't have to wait long to be seen. We were asked where and how we met, when we married, date of birth and other questions regarding our identity plus the security questions mentioned elsewhere in this thread. At the end of the interview, we were told that I'd been approved and would receive the green card in the mail (est. at 7-21 days) and to make sure I applied for the 10 year green card 90 days before the 2 year card expires in 2024. We were in and out in about an hour.
  3. Aww no. I hope they come back to you with a new date soon. I think your case is with the same office as mine (NYC) so hopefully it won't be long now.
  4. I hope everything worked out for you and that you got another interview date?
  5. Thank you so much. The letter arrived on the day I was about to contact "Emma" Interview scheduled for tomorrow. I'm nervous and hope I have everything they've asked for but also excited to be at this stage.
  6. I received a case update email on Friday: testing and interview! The email says an interview has been scheduled and to wait for the letter. No electronic copy on the portal or mention of the date yet. Congratulations to everyone who've been approved so far ❤️
  7. That is good to know, thank you. My biometrics appointment was last month.
  8. I have just received an email notification ref. an RFE for my birth certificate and the same for my husband (or his passport bio page). These documents were supplied to USCIS with our package so I guess they must have got lost when they opened up the package/at the scanning in process. The digital version of the letter I received says, "You must either mail the requested information to the address shown below or scan and upload your response using your USCIS online account (if applicable)" ...so I guess I'll upload a digital copy of my birth certificate etc. Is there anything specific I need to be aware of when doing this? I've written a cover letter addressing the RFE, it says that I should supply the RFE itself so I guess I need to upload the RFE PDF, my cover letter and my birth certificate etc. in the response.
  9. I just checked mine. They uploaded my passport, copies of the I-485, I-765, i-94, tax info etc but no I-864, I-767, marriage certificate or my husband's (USC) info. The status says nothing is outstanding so I guess they have it somewhere?
  10. My biometrics appointment was yesterday. We arrived 10 minutes early and waited outside with the other people who had been given the same slot. At 15 minutes prior, they admit you to the building where they take your details, check your ID, give you a number and then you wait your turn. They did look at my completed Applicant Information Worksheet and gave it back to me to keep. Someone ahead of me hadn't filled theirs in so they were asked to do that. The process was quick and I received an email update from USCIS a few minutes after. Current status is, Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS. Our records show nothing is outstanding at this time.
  11. I re-re-read the instructions just now and it says, "Fill out the Applicant Information Worksheet below and bring it to your appointment to complete the biometric collection process." So that's what we need to do with it.
  12. I was wondering the same thing! I have the letter now and it looks like this was the form they used to have you fill in at the appointment but now they send it to you to complete at home and bring in with you. I assume this is a change that was introduced as part of the safety measures they use to manage covid. My appointment is scheduled for tomorrow so I'll post an update after.
  13. I haven't received any separate paper or email correspondence for the I-765 but it's there on my USCIS account as a concurrent filing with its own IOE receipt number. I didn't file an I-131.
  14. Does your receipt number start with the letters, IOE? I filled in a G-1145 form and entered my email address into the I-485 and anywhere else they asked for it. Maybe you'll get a second letter? My I-797C had the instructions and the access code enclosed.
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