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  1. I'm thinking this covid has delayed K1 4 months so far. it maybe growing. at least the Bangkok embassy is open. But I read not working on the K1 pile. Can all of us hold together another year?
  2. elkski

    Bangkok Police Cert

    so he is Malaysian but living in Thailand so thus the need for a police certification? corruption is so rampant. did he ask for a receipt. They are trying to crack down on corruption so if you start pushing in little ways like this it may have helped. maybe going with an official page with the fee listed.
  3. elkski

    Need advice

    I guess things are on hold. I don't think anyone asked if this bar singing employment was in the last 3 years? not all SEAsian bar workers are for rent. Is bar employment a 100% cause for denial?
  4. mud man. Are you two together such that you can marry most of us are stuck a part in the K1 line
  5. If it's a mutual scam it's between the beneficiary and the father of her soon-to-be-born child.
  6. elkski

    Embassy Reopening?

    your further along than me.
  7. .I see my Noa2 date has been updated to July 28-mid August. So its slipped 4-6 weeks since we first got Noa1. How far did yours change since your Noa1 input and the initial forcast
  8. What was your original forcast Noa2 date? Perhaps this means a Noa1 date of March 5 is only a month away from Noa2 or maybe we will see some acceleration.. or this virus spike may kill that dream.. Why didn't I make up my mind sooner with this woman? Like after my July 2019 trip not finally in Feb 21 Of course The Embassy in BKK has not been doing interviews for what 3 months so there will be that backlog OMFG
  9. IT's depressing wondering how long this is going to add to everyone's timeline. It seems like the backlog would just be growing with each day... Even if the processing centers are progressing at some reduced rate I would imagine the interviews have been shut off at most all embassies. Thailand is the one that will effect me.
  10. it seems logical that if the interviews are being put on hold this will back all future interviews. Which will eventually effect us all in the pipeline. How we would we know if staffing levels at the California center are running at 50% or 100? or if they are working from home? anyone know how many employees there are at the CA center ?
  11. i feel for you being so close and then the door shut... i am only 1 month post I129F but I know each day everyone is delayed for interviews will translate down to me but in 10 months... and yes so hard to be apart totally unable to help you love.
  12. I hope this is trues so there isn't much delay. Nice to know its the center in Laguna Niguel
  13. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings It looks like not open until at least April 6th. I am quite sure they cant work at home since our personal date needs to be secured.. This may just be the beginning of a long delay. I am finding it hard to cope with my loved one in BKK and me here. Hope everyone else is doing ok. I guess we need to keep our chins up.
  14. am I missing something? it is March 16,, she said last March, meaning a year ago March? Doesn't that mean the K1 visa is no longer valid? How did you wait a year??
  15. so you just had pictures and proof from the first trip and nothing in the past year? it does say just proof of 1 meeting within 2 years but also proof of continuing relationship since sending in the I129F if I am not mistaken. I also thought either a passport or birth cert was ok not needed both?
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