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  1. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I just get severe procrastination issues with this visa stuff. Got the cover letter and I re-read all the how to fill out forms again... Seems like we got it. My Thai wife seems to have great help groups on facebook .
  2. I don't see where you posted a thread? on the I-765 Part 2 item 27 is a spouse on a K1 a C9 eligibility category? And Can anyone confirm that the total amount on the check I need to include is 1140$? as I read it if a pending I-485 you don't need to pay the 485$ for the I-131 For some reason I had a 1400-1500$ number budgeted in my head for this AOS.
  3. ra0010, you sent in proof of marriage? I didn't think this was needed? Ae you saying a lawyer told you to do this due to covid and maybe your interview would be cancelled? . Thanks all for you help. I am rereading all the instructions carefully. of course I print out an d recheck everything. I swear my form wont add up the numbers and had a 1 struck in the total from when I first open in from the government site. Maybe my laptop isn't using the acrobat reader that's installed or using a copy or something but to me it looks like I am viewing it on a URL right from the government site. I did read in the instructions that if you met the income requirements last year you don't need to put assets but I think in my case it is best I do as I am using this IRA to supplement my income from rental activities when needed. We did open a joint account which I guess may help at the interview. I did add her to one utility bill but the display line cuts off after just the first few letters of her name so it seems pointless and unnecessary to do this.
  4. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-864.pdf Is this the correct I-864 form? Why does it already have an unchangeable "1" entered on item 8 Part 5? page 4 Shouldn't I put 2 for a couple? I guess I will find some whiteout
  5. great info as needing 2 passport photos or her and a copy of my passport for 3 of the forms, its actually a IRA rollover and I use it and some rental income as needed. I was just going to send my June IRA statement. I will use the 2020 tax transcript and it was above the poverty line so I don't really need to show investment accounts. Ok so just include the DS3025 and no other doctor or hospital report. So on question #3 I don't say I'm married? I can see this being used for people married sponsoring other family members or something. but a bit confusing and I dont know why a 1 is already entered and locked in the PDF
  6. Yes the Ds 3025 looks complete. exam date was 3/21' I do have my USA birth certificate We will open a joint account today. I'm still a bit confused on showing a true marriage.. Pictures of our bike rides together? our flower or veggie garden? Cooking together? I don't see why I need to add her to the utility bills and not going to be adding her on my house deed for at least 10-15 years if ever.. that is for the will. I'm a bit confused on Page 4 of I-864 It asks for total dependents. 1 from part 3 item # 29 which is beneficiary 1 is for yourself Then 1 if your currently married Seems like they count the beneficiary 2 times as this total is 3.But for some reason a number 1 is already locked in part 5 item # 8" household size" and I cant change it. Seems like it should be 2? do I just white it out and put 2? Why do so many places on this form not allow electronic input?
  7. Proof of marriage?? We don't have a bank acct yet? I did add her to one utility bill but the dual names are to long to be shown in a meaningful manner on the bill? What deed? House is mine and clear.
  8. I-485 application to register permanent Residence or Adjust status I 864 Affidavit of support -- What proof of US citizenship should I use? Birth certificate or passport ID page? I-131 Application for travel document I-765 application for employment authorization G-1145 e notifications Will also include 1 year IRS tax record 401 account at least 5x of poverty level 2 passport photos in a plastic bag with name on outside Birth certificate copy of Noa2 approval I-797 marriage certificate DS3025 vaccination documentation worksheet Transcribed into English medical report Passport copies of info page and K1 visa page I-94 We have hear from other AOS filers that we don't need a I-693 report of medical examination. I do read on here to get a surgeon general to transfer medical info to a I-693 There is so many conflicting lists of requirements out there.. Example is to just look on this website and the main AOS pinned topic is so old and flawed it should be deleted. We have her SS card.. that took about 18 days to get. Her K1 is good until July 31 We hope to file before then. Any help or corrections would be apricated. Oh I was going to turn in an I-134 but I guess that is not needed?
  9. seems crazy that this is an issue at all.. you have 90 days to get married and cant file the AOS until your married .so what do they expect? The prudent person would wait 60+ days to get married to be sure.
  10. the guide hasn't been updated.. tIm totally confused the more I try to read these threads. IT seems like AOS for K1 people should be the place to go for the latest info.
  11. YEs maybe us having to make online appointments has led to less wasted time at the DMV and SS. Maybe it is here to stay. Our DMV has a big waiting sitting area and it used to get rather full but the other day it looked like it allowed for good social distancing. I am one to surely not think Covid is finished with us yet. I wear masks everywhere. I feel ignorant that I never read you needed to get the SS card before the end of the K1 visa? Or that SS processing stops if your K1 expires. I find this hard to believe because I thought even people in the US without a visa can get a SS number. What about people who do the sensible thing and wait most of the 90 days before getting married. We just luckily decided to go the SS office one day we were out since it is 10 mins away from home. Then decided to try to get a ID at DMV so my wife wouldn't have to carry her passport. Found out that both needed online appointments and at DMV she needed a SS number and two items of mail using our address... Guy even suggested sending 2 letters of mail to yourself. luckily we were able to get an appointment at SS 2 days later. But 2 times after a 15 min hold with local SS office the call got dropped ( you know it was intentional by the machine). After 18 months you would think the website would have been updated to say first time SS filers need to have a in person interview as well as being able to schedule an appointment. I actually sent in the application with passport copy and copy of marriage license in the mail the day before our in person appointment. It was returned a week later with no notice or anything in a hand addressed envelope.
  12. Wow,, S Jordan , Utah guys said 2-3 weeks for SS but said really 1-2 weeks for this easy case of K1- marriage... its been almost 2 weeks now,, still 2 weeks left on her K1 visa... I never heard they would stop your SS processing if they dont finish before K1 expires In Utah the DMV did say we needed SS number. what a crazy convoluted government system. Also if covid is past and we dont need masks now why do you need appointments for both SS and DMV and SS has hired gun security like a bank on thee wrong side of town.
  13. Trying to get ACA coverage for my K1 visa holder, now wife... they want her SS number? We have been married for just over a month and I have just begun the Combo card forms. It worries me that she has now been un insured for 2 months.
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