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  1. I thought you need original documents for beneficiary only. Even USCIS and NVC approve with photocopies because the embassy can easily verify the authenticity of documents issued in the US.
  2. Only some people are getting that letter in India weeks after " Ready" status. Some hospitals are refusing to schedule medicals without that letter. The embassy is always giving the same canned automated response. Not sure when this craziness will end.
  3. Despite the lawsuit, India is still playing games. First, they were saying they have started K1 since December. They replied to plaintiffs stating the same. Even though I was not a plaintiff, my status changed to "In Transit". Now, after a few people booked the interviews, hospitals are saying they cannot book medical unless the consulate sends them the invitation letter. Consulate has not sent that letter even to those who were " Ready" in March. All emails sent to the consulate are bounced back with the same auto-reply. Maybe only the plaintiffs will be able to interview at this god-forsaken consulate. Edit: India is not even banned and Mumbai is issuing around 3000 F1/F2, B1/B2, H1B/H4, CR/IR every month since September 2020. They just won't process K1 visas.
  4. Status changed to "In Transit" today. NVC received on May 27th.
  5. Congrats!! Did the NVC give you the date or you had to pick your own?
  6. Did they provide you your interview date? I thought K1 are supposed to schedule on their own.
  7. Yes, some countries like India are acting in an extremely biased way regarding K1. They opened everything except Greencard relatives (banned by Trump) and K1. They did not even start plaintiffs' interviews whereas other non-banned embassies in Phillipines, Mexico, Pakistan, DR scheduled plaintiffs' interviews. It is really frustrating!! Embassies are not afraid of lawsuits and even the judge thinks it is not an unreasonable delay when people are denied interviews for 9 months. Even now denying interviews only for K1s, it certainly is not COVID. I have no idea what it is?
  8. FOIA does not disclose information about others. It just gives information about yourself. Speaking from experience.
  9. It helps plaintiffs only. Time for another lawsuit. This is just hopeless at this point.
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