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  1. Well, the interview was really smooth and good, However, USCIS did not send (lost) my fiance's divorce decree. We have to send it again. :(
  2. Thanks for your reply. I had my interview on Monday. 🙂
  3. I had an interview on March 15. There is no visa yet. I've got form g 221. The USCIS did not send ( or lost ) my fiance's divorce decree to the embassy. He has to apply and get another original one. Also, they wanted another document which was not in the requirements list. But the good news is: the case officer told me once I send them back , my visa will be issued in 5 working days.
  4. Does anybody know that what is going on in THE US EMBASSY in Ankara?? I have got email on 11 FEB , and informed to schedule an appointment. Since then I have been constantly checking the website. No appointments available. Sending a lot of emails and their responses was just check the website.
  5. Hi We sent the email and explained that we live in Turkey. As you know, The Ankara embassy just schedule appointment for Turkish and Turkey residents.
  6. Thanks! YES definitely a slow process. It has been 8 days since we got the embassy letter, but there are no available slots for the interview. It is really frustrating 😫
  7. We got an e-mail from the Ankara embassy, but there are no available appointments there. Are there any special time to check the website?
  8. I got an email from the embassy that we receieved your case and we have available slots for next week. But no available interviews have shown up on the system yet 😔
  9. Yes , I traveled a lot, too. However when we reached the NVC, they told us : We at the NVC forward cases to the embassy based upon their capacity. The US embassy in each city will give a certain and limited number of openings available for K1 and other non-immigrant visas. We cannot send your case to the Ankara US embassy, until they request it. Some embassies have already re-opened fully others are behind. Ankara is in the 2nd phase of re-opening. Based upon current schedule, Ankara is not requesting K1 visa petitions yet. Nothing about the background check and the other issues.
  10. I think it is better to wait. The benefit of waiting is that some of your information might change during it. I suppose the best time to fill it is after getting your interview letter.
  11. our case has been sitting at NVC since 15 Dec. Sending several e-mail to the embassy and NVC. Still no news.
  12. No, it said that it is for counselor section. You are advised to fill it right before your interview. I don't know what is NVC priorities to send cases to the embassies. Cuz I see they sent one case that got its case number after me to Ankara embassy and Unfortunately,mine still at NVC 😔
  13. We are on the same page. Although I'm a Turkey resident. My case has not been sent to Ankara embassy. I contacted the embassy they told me to contact NVC and ask for your case to be transferred. Then I contacted NVC, they told me no this is ANkara's task to request. Again Ankara, and the answer was no that is NVC's task. This is 2 monthS since I got my NOV2 😔
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