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  1. I guess this is what they would negotiate. Either way, there would still be tax revenue, but it would be less if deductions applied.
  2. J1 visa holders, even if they are present in the US for the entire year, generally cannot claim the standard deduction. I suspect this would be somewhat similar.
  3. What you describe sounds like a NADRA certificate, which is A4 sized. You should be able to print it on a letter sheet without much issue. Just send it again.
  4. One thing that comes to mind about the V visa - Taxes would need to be filed for those working while waiting for their priority date. It wouldn't be surprising if V visa holders had to file something equivalent to a 1040NR (non resident). This would probably prevent them from getting the standard deduction, so it would be more tax revenue for the US. I see the logic (age of majority) In fact, as the law stands, some lawyers have been able to argue that their client did not understand what it meant to be a citizen or national.
  5. I suspect that certain elements would not pass, but others would.
  6. I guess that would be similar to the current adjustment of status process - the system assumes you are eligible (you can get an EAD, get ACA insurance, etc) until you are determined to be ineligible.
  7. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/01/20/fact-sheet-president-biden-sends-immigration-bill-to-congress-as-part-of-his-commitment-to-modernize-our-immigration-system/
  8. Don't get me wrong, there are some good things in this bill, I just don't think it would pass as written. Perhaps this is just to start the discussion.
  9. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/01/20/fact-sheet-president-biden-sends-immigration-bill-to-congress-as-part-of-his-commitment-to-modernize-our-immigration-system/ For some reason, I feel like this wouldn't pass
  10. The following will be helpful. The older the document, the better. In Pakistan, people seem to think that "new" is better, and that causes problems. I am guessing you have a NADRA birth certificate that was late registered - you are not the first one to deal with this issue. Usually people have an old birth certificate (KMC, Union Council, etc), but they make a new one because people think it is "better". They then face the same issue you are facing. Does your NADRA birth certificate reference your old birth certificate? There is a spot that says "OLD/M REG" and is supposed to reference your old format birth certificate. If it does, then you can respond with the old format one, and write a letter saying that this is simply the new format one and that it references the old one. At the same time, you need to also send items from the following list if you can get them. Remember, old documents are better than new ones: School leaving certificates (usually given when completing primary school) Matric Certificate (probably the best, as this contains your name, father's name, and DOB, and is often used in place of a birth certificate in Pakistan) Intermediate Certificate (also has father's name) Mark sheets for matric, inter, etc. All usually have your father's name Old B-Form/CRC NADRA FRC Domicile and PRC certificates University documents also often have one's father's name
  11. What does your father's passport have as the given name?
  12. This is the key thing to look for. Unless there is legal basis for an annulment, then the chances of your annulment being accepted by USCIS and the NVC is low.
  13. As for your newly registered marriage that you mention in your post: Did you get a new Nikah Nama (in Urdu, not English), or just a marriage certificate/court marriage certificate? You will need the URDU Nikah Nama, English translation (you can do it, or have a relative/friend do it, just needs to be notarized/attested), and the NADRA marriage registration certificate. These three documents are needed for a spousal I-130 from Pakistan.
  14. Ideally things should be consistent. Technically you shouldn't have been married to you during that 90 day period, as you didn't get permission from your first wife (you are still married while the divorce process/90 day period is in process). Then again, based on your other thread, the embassy already knows about your situation, so it may or may not matter...
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