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  1. I did the exact same thing..binder, dividers, sheet protectors.... I'm glad I read this
  2. It says this in the instructions: You must submit one color passport-style photograph of yourself and one color passport-style photograph of the beneficiary taken within 30 days of filing this petition. The photos must have a white to off-white background, be printed on thin paper with a glossy finish, and be unmounted and unretouched. Does it really matter if its a glossy finish or matte finish? I have to print my fiance's since it takes too long to send by mail and walmart printing says its a matte finish. Am I overthinking this?
  3. I was reading through the filing tips and I have a couple of questions: What does it mean when it says to mark the envelope with this? Do I mark the actual outside of the package I'm sending with this? And if so, where on the package do I put this? · Mark the envelope and the cover letter with the nature of the submission. For example, Original Submission, Brief for an Appeal, or Response to Request for Additional Information. · Mark the envelope and the cover letter with the form number. For example, I-129, I-130, I-690 or I-698. Am I allowed to use small, regular staples to attach documents together? or should I use paper clips for everything? · Do not use heavy-duty staples; instead use fasteners or heavy clips. Thank you!!
  4. Yes I'm so sorry. You guys were talking about after the NOA2 is received right? That's when you submit a copy of the beneficiary's birth certificate and there's no certain type?
  5. That you can't schedule within four months? Or that they extend it for you?
  6. https://ustraveldocs.com/ru/ru-iv-typek.asp Do they do that automatically? Or do you have to submit an extension?
  7. Question: I am planning to apply for a K1 visa for my fiance in Russia and it says what i pasted below on the Russian visa page. It seems like a lot of people are stuck in limbo with being approved and waiting on an interview in Moscow. Does this mean if you can't schedule an appointment within four months of approval that you have to submit a whole new I-129F and start over? Or is there something else you can do? Thank you!! Once the U.S. Embassy Moscow receives the approved petition from NVC, the Immigrant Visa Section will send a letter with the instructions on preparing for the visa interview to the applicant. Note: Do not schedule your interview date until you receive these instructions. If you do not receive the instructions from the US Embassy within two months after the notification from NVC about the transferring of your case to Moscow, you have to send an inquiry about the status of your case directly to the Consular Section of the US Embassy Moscow at consulmo@state.gov. Please be advised that you might have submit a new petition if you do not schedule an interview within four months of petition approval.
  8. Okay I understand thank you! We are thinking about doing it within the next couple of months
  9. Thank you!! And at the top it says it expires on 11/30/2020, does that mean after that they will update the form and I'd have to use a new one?
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