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  1. Wait, am I missing something? Why would they need an apartment lease together for the I-129F? I’ve never heard of that.
  2. If it’s the affidavits alone that are what is holding this all up, unless you have very minimal other evidence, I would consider whether they are actually worth it. Affidavits are fine, and can be nice supporting evidence, but there are definitely better documents out there to show a bonafide marriage and life together. We only submitted affidavits because as a young couple without kids, joint owned property (we rent), or substantial assets, I felt we needed more extra padding wherever we could get it. If you have a decent amount of other types of evidence, and the affidavits are going to be what makes this a 4 month wait versus a 1 month wait, I would consider just filing without. Especially with what you’re saying about the statements being written completely by the lawyer and just signed off on by the parties, and not their direct statements. In the chance you end up getting and RFE (which you might not!) the delay could potentially be the same that waiting for them to be completed anyway. You could also always bring them along to any interview if you end up having one.
  3. I’m aware of the requirements for ROC interviews, lol. Though since we’re apparently being pedantic now, then I would add that spouses aren’t required for ALL ROC interviews, as divorce waiver filing interviews exist, and there are always the small handful of other unique situations that can crop up. My post mentioned rules limiting access to specifically invited persons, and in your case your wife would likely be one of those specifically-invited people. Your child is likely not. Not sure where I implied otherwise. Every USCIS office is different, all have different pandemic and non-pandemic related rules and guidances. I was literally just saying to do you best to think about and prepare for things possibly not going as swimmingly as you’re hoping, especially with the 5 hour drive situation. That’s never bad advice when dealing with immigration, in my opinion. My reading comprehension is fine, though even if it wasn’t spectacular I would have been able to tell you were being unnecessarily combative for no reason. We’re all limited to giving advice based on the information you provide us. Being rude to members for operating based on that is a weird choice to make.
  4. For those saying they won’t make the kid wait outside, you’d be surprised. Our local USCIS office (Milwaukee) was incredibly strict about their “no one other than specifically invited persons” policy even prior to Covid. I drove with my husband for ROC biometrics in July of 2019 and the block the building was on had a nice handful of people (including me) waiting around for their family members to finish their interviews/other business, and YES there were even some children that appeared to be alone outside. No toddlers, but some that looked as young as 7/8. They did have a guard who seemed to be sort of watching the younger kids, but still, definitely not a situation I would want to be in. You’ve made it very clear that you feel we don’t know your situation enough to provide our input and advice (which is weird since you’re literally on a forum asking for it) but I would just caution not to completely shut down the possibility of there being an issues with bringing your child with you.
  5. OCTOBER 2018 filer here lol Ex finally had his interview today. Is it normal that they didn’t give him a decision right away? His case was a little weird because we ended up divorcing during the 2 1/2+ years it took to adjudicate. I helped him send in divorce paperwork and a few other extra pieces of evidence that cropped up since the time we filed and he requested a change to a divorce waiver filing. It sounded like the interview went well and the guy was friendly and relaxed, so I’m thinking that’s good?
  6. Hi! I’m currently on detail working at a center in Texas caring for and interviewing unaccompanied minors to try and connect them with any relatives they may have in the states. HHS put out a call for any civilian gov workers to be temporarily deployed to help with the influx, and so far me and literally thousands of others from all sorts of agencies have signed on to help out. While they aren’t all toddlers, no, they also aren’t all 16 and 17 year olds. There is a good mix of ages and backgrounds. They are definitely all kids. The conditions aren’t luxurious, and remind me of the picture and videos I would see of hurricane evacuation areas being set up. A lot of this is due to how quickly they have had to have been set up. A lot of these kids didn’t grow up crammed in houses with dirt floors, that seems like a weird and stereotype-based image you invented in your head.
  7. There are other (better) ways to show current income, which is what matters. Pay stubs, employment confirmation letter, etc. If it means a lot to you, you could always just bring along a copy of a 2020 W-2(s) if you have that. That’s the most important piece that shows the income was made in 2020 anyway. Though the income comes from less traditional sources, you can bring whatever else your partner planned on filing with the IRS to show income.
  8. In a previous thread from December where they ask about the possibility of marrying on ESTA and returning, they mentioned “We have been dating for a while, but of course have not seen each other for what feels like forever due to the pandemic” which to me sounds like they are at least implying they met once, but who knows!
  9. I’m a little confused, have you met this individual in person at all yet? In your thread from December, you mention a partner that you have been dating a while but you haven’t seen in what feels like forever due to Covid. Was the meeting just over two years ago? If you haven’t met at all yet, you should definitely fix that. Not just because Covid will not be an acceptable reason for hardship waiver. The UK is a low fraud country, but having a past marriage and spousal visa filing that fell apart, I’d imagine it would be wise to be able to show you have met and know this person well.
  10. Okay there Socrates... The statement/waiver process is supposed to be a thorough explanation of *your* personal beliefs/convictions regarding vaccines and why these beliefs require you to be exempt from the vaccine and overcome the denial. I’m not exactly sure how anyone here is suppose to help you with that, ESPECIALLY since you very plainly said you don’t wish to discuss stances on vaccines. If you’re so confident in your stance and your ability to get the outcome you desire... I’m not really sure what you’re asking for at this point. Impressively, some users have been able to provide some advice and guidance in response this thread, but you’ve been dismissive and honestly rude in response.
  11. What in the world are you talking about? You realized we’ve taken in close to 100,000 refugees/year in the past, right? And we people were still able to have their immigration applications adjudicated. Our K-1 was approved in 26 days in 2015 and AOS in 3 months in 2016. In both of those years the US admitted close to 100k refugees. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  12. ??? They DON’T get off free. They complete a DACA APPLICATION and pay a filing fee, just like every other applicant. https://www.uscis.gov/i-821d
  13. Last time I checked DACA applications aren’t free, so I don’t really know what to make of your “paying the bills” comment. I also highly doubt any path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants will be free either.
  14. Hello everyone! My husband has been here for a few years and unfortunately is having trouble locating his passport. We are still earnestly looking for it, but want to start getting prepared for the possibility of ordering a new one from in the U.S. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we could go to get a passport photo taken that meets the UK guidelines? Better yet, with Covid in mind and wanting to limit contact, has anyone here ever taken a UK passport photo themselves that worked when uploaded? Any hints or tips at all regarding getting a new UK passport issues while overseas are very helpful and appreciated!
  15. My husband doesn’t currently have any plans to apply for citizenship. No real specific reason, just doesn’t feel the need to at this juncture. It does get a little annoying when I post about our 2 year+ wait for his ROC and 99% of the responses are just that he should just file for citizenship to push it along.
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