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  1. Thank you for reply, I'm little bit relaxed to hear that.
  2. thank you! I just need to pray they let it slide and no RFE 🤞
  3. Once they received it and send us the receipt number, can we call them? yes correct
  4. Thank you for reply! do you think we should try to call USCIS?
  5. might not receive an RFE? they will let it slide? or get rejection ? if cancel the check why it might delay the case even more? If we get rejection will they return everything back include the check? to refile can we just sent everything back and the missing passport picture ?
  6. because we wasting our time just to send one picture. Do you know what should we do?
  7. Hi All, We realized we make a stupid mistake by only sending one passport pictures in our I-130 package. We mailed it today, we tried to cancel the mail but they say it already sent. What should we do???? Please have anyone ever experience something like this before? we just can't afford to get deny/RFE over this silly mistake
  8. Thank you for your reply, we sign the forms before I leave. how about the power of attorney, you think I should file it? My concern bc we didn’t do the power of attorney for me. Yes, We’re fully aware of that
  9. should I worry about power of attorney ?
  10. I see how about the bonafide marriage, are we missing something? we only send power of attorney for petitioners (it basically say my USC spouse will able to take action on behalf of me when I'm away) do you think it will USCIS/NVC will suspicious because we don't have power of attorney for me on behalf of my spouse? and lastly, most of the time, the petitioner is paying for the expenses like wedding, honeymoon, and travel. should we concern about this?
  11. Got it Louisiana DL, I was a student (F1 visa) when I get my DL, then I moved back later file k1, after the wedding I change my address.
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