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  1. Can someone please answer this question if they’ve got an idea ??
  2. I’m happy to announce that I just got DQed 😂😂. Wishing every one luck . I’m super excited .?
  3. 😂😂 I feel you . I’m on my 4th RFE . I don’t even know what to expect .
  4. Until you get looked at . It shows submit required documents
  5. First submission 4th April 2022 RFE 13th June add joint sponsor RFE 12th September add household member RFE 2nd November 2021 W2 for joint sponsor and household member .
  6. I just submitted my 4th RFE 😣. Nvc process is really draining . Back of the line 🤦🏾.
  7. They are reviewing for September 8th . I haven’t seen any September dqs or RFE . ☹️
  8. It seems the Attorney uploaded both the under joint sponsor . But my question is they are a couple . Because their marriage certificate was uploaded as well . The officer in charge could clearly see one is a household member . Instead of just fixing it , they delete the entire thing and ask for the same documents to be uploaded again knowing I have to wait for another 60 days which is not fair .
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