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  1. Visa approved! I guess that concludes the long, 1.5 year long journey for us. Good luck to everyone still waiting. You're almost there!
  2. We got our interview rescheduled to next Tuesday. Rescheduling was simple and it seems there was a lot of availability. I'm grateful, but it makes me wonder why the NVC just randomly assigned us to a date end of April when we could've gotten something 1.5 months earlier?
  3. We got our interview date today for end of April in Frankfurt. This is much later than we were expecting, so my husband is contacting them to see if they can change it to an earlier date.
  4. I got DQ the day before you, and Germany is also supposed to be a faster country as well. I don't have more than a guestimate from the posts I've seen recently, but it looks like it takes 3-4 weeks to get the IL. I'm hoping we get it this week. Does 3-4 weeks seem right to everyone else based on what you've seen?
  5. I'm so glad to hear you are finally nearing the end of waiting and know when your date will be! I've heard that once you get the notification, they ask you to schedule a date at the consulate, is that right? So basically all the NVC does is forward docs but doesn't actually schedule? Does anyone know if it takes the same amount of time to schedule interviews or does it depend on the consulate they're coordinating with?
  6. We got DQ'd today! Resubmitted on the 7th of Jan.
  7. Hi! I originally submitted all docs in December but got a RFE which was completed on 01/07. I’m essentially waiting all over again so I’ll join you in waiting. Good luck to everyone!
  8. I feel for you, I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel. Although I'm already at the next stage, it still ultimately took 14 months to get here. Just know that it will feel like overwhelming relief very soon, and that acceptance should be right around the corner and you will jump for joy the moment you get it. my thoughts to you would be to go the Ombudsman route and send them an inquiry. They did respond relatively quickly and helped me push the USCIS to finally update my address, which turned into a 3-4 month long circus that was ultimately resolved within 45 minutes of the ombudsman's office responding to my complaint. It was not too long after that that the whole case was approved. Maybe it'll help. In any case, I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there, I'm sure your acceptance will be soon.
  9. Does submitting a RFE document push you to the back of the line for sure? I've seen it where some people get a DQ within days sometimes. Is it totally random?
  10. Good news from my side, it looks like once we submit the updated birth certificate, we will be DQ'd. The first "notification" about not meeting the income requirements was not a RFE, it was only a notice that something on my tax return didn't match up but the ultimate decision will be made by the CO at the interview. As long as you have proof of sufficient US income / assets, you'll be okay. Fingers crossed for everyone on this adventure...
  11. Interesting, I dug around a bit more and it seems you're absolutely right. A lot of people are sent out this message for whatever reason. And now, re-reading the message, it is clear that they are not prompting us to do anything. My suspicion is, when we fix the birth certificate issue, we'll get DQ'd. Thanks for your feedback and all the best!
  12. The issue ended up being that my husband submitted a photocopy of a photocopy because that is what he was issued by the local registrar. He apparently had stuffed away in his files (luckily) the one and only original copy. 😅 So we'll resubmit this and should be good to go.
  13. In July 2022. Prior to that I had no US-based income.
  14. Haha I'll try... Yes, I think the tax thing is the problem. I'll let everybody know what's up as it unfolds. By the way, should any of you get an RFE (I hope you don't), just so you know, there is a bug that appears when you try to figure out what doc was not accepted from the petitioner. It says "incomplete" when it should say "invalid doc." When you click on "incomplete" it will bring you to an error page. Apparently this is "normal" and it takes anywhere from days to usually a couple of weeks for the link to update. In this time, even if you know what your specific issue is and you try to upload additional evidence, you won't be able to. I didn't know this when I found out and it caused me confusion because all I had was that very generic message I posted earlier and no specifics.
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