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  1. @H18 First of all, congrats on your approval. In terms of what are your worries - as far as I know, NVC keeps the records for a full year before rejecting it due to no progress on it so I wouldn't worry about that. Even if you wouldn't be able to send it in the next 365 days, you can contact them from time to time to expand this deadline. Imo you can submit what you can now and when you'll be ready submit the rest and make NVC process it. I'm actually in the very similar situation to yours. I sent I-130 in September 2021 and still have some things that will prevent me from going to the States, at least not before the autumn this year, or more probably, the beginning of 2023. I think it's just nice to have this USCIS stage passed as soon as possible, since it takes the most of the time
  2. Congrats, what is the service center that sent an approval notice? Did you have the second AR or was it your first? My PD is one day after yours so I'm curious if I should hope for some movement on my case any time soon.
  3. NVC rejects I-864 only in case of something missing, like not entered value in one of the fields? If you enter income value with no attached proof or enter domicile country without documents supporting it, they will not reject it but instead give DQ and leave the decision in hands of consular officer?
  4. Our case got into AR after 20 days of submission what got us into hoping, that we will get extremely lucky and will be accepted super fast, however, it's 125 days since AR and nothing changed. If you got your AR so much later than we did, then I guess there is a hope it will be concluded soon, since this AR could actually mean that they are dealing with your case now. Fingers crossed guys. Luckily for me, I'm not in a hurry at all. I'm not planning to relocate to the US until like the end of the year, so I'm pretty sure we will have our I-130 closed by then
  5. If I answer USA as my country of domicile, then automatically I have to attach some evidences that will support it? Just the way it works when you are not domiciled in the USA and have to show evidences of concrete steps taken to re-establish it. Or when I will put American based address as the address of the petitioner(me), then there is no need for that? I'm probably digging too much into details, but don't want to be left with uncertainties about this manner.
  6. Thanks! I have the last question related to I-864. When asked about country of domicile, what should I enter? They ask where I will be in foreseeable future, so I think that putting Poland would be a weird choice, since I would already be some time in the US, like few weeks and I would consider the United States as my country of residence in foreseeable future.
  7. So even though, I would have attached transcript from the most recent year, which would show that I generated only foreign-based income(let's say $30k) I would still enter $0, because it's the amount that is relevent in terms of sponsoring? Also, is there a chance that in a situation that I have described, I would get a rejection from NVC, because they wouldn't understand how it is possible that my income changed so much in comparison to the previous tax returns filling? Just for the context, I would have to enter $0 in three fields where you have to enter what was your income in the last three years, apart from that I would attach transcript from the most recent year(I believe that I have to show transcript only from the most recent tax year) and in the current income field I would enter whatever would be on my employment contact?
  8. Hey guys, Me and my wife are already few months into USCIS stage and having inevitable NVC fillings coming up soon I have some doubts, that I've tried fully clear with the help of the historical topics and Google, but didn't have full success on that. We've made decision that the best way in our case(both me and spouse living outside the US, I wasn't there for 7 years so I will have to rebuild my domicile) is for me to relocate to the US after receiving NOA2 on I-130 and after receiving job even before relocation, to not go there in the dark, without concrete prospects.Soon after arriving in the US, I was planning to submit AoS with the income entered based on my new job and there come the doubts. Apart from how much I will make, I guess that NVC or consulate will also care about its stability, so there might be problem if I will send the AoS only with letter from the employer and let's say one pay stub. Of course I know that the stability of this income would get stronger since the appointment for interview would take few months, but I'm worried about NVC rejecting my AoS when they would see, that I made like three times less in the previous year and now suddenly I would declare such a different income from what I had in returns(due to difference in earning between Poland and the US, I believe that I would be able to continue working in IT field as I do right now). Is NVC often rejecting such a cases, which I guess could be applicable for many USCs relocating to the US to find a job before sending AoS so they wouldn't need a co-sponsor. I also hope that relocating to the US before sending AoS would help me solve the domicile issue as it would be much easier to prove that I intent in good faith to re-establish it.
  9. I think so. Not so long ago, our I-130 had an estimate for the middle of July, now it's middle of August. CSC
  10. I think you are right. Yesterday I was on chat with live agent who told me that my case was transferred to CSC, however, he didn't want to tell me when did it happen. I was surprised that my case is at CSC since they supposedly have 2-2.5 years processing times for I-130 and I got AR status 20 days after filing
  11. I would say that it is unusual to be so fast, but unfortunatelly getting AR status on petition this early does not mean that you will get approved status as fast as people who get AR after few months of waiting. Still, I think it is a good sign to have AR so fast, I got mine after 20 days
  12. No updates so far. Actually this AR status came very quickly so I would be surprised to see approved status anytime soon. It would be too good to be true
  13. I have Case Tracker app installed and when status of my case was changed to AR, I received a notification from the app on my phone
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