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  1. Just wanted to let you know that our visa journey is pretty much finished. My wife's visa got approved without any problems, a typical case for the Warsaw embassy - 3 hours of wait, 4 minutes interview. At the end of the interview when my wife was told that her visa got approved, she mentioned that we'll be waiting for the 2nd anniversary to skip the I-751 hassle and CO gave her the green 221(g) form with just passport marked as required and annotation that she should write that she is delivering only her passport approximately one week before the anniversary to get the IR1 visa in the passport instead of CR1. NVC case status check says 'Refused', but I guess that's normal since her passport was returned to her. Our 2nd anniversary is on the 26th of June, and we are aiming at flying to the US together by the end of June/beginning of July, unless I'll find job earlier, so I could be in the US a little earlier. My main concern before the interview was that the latest tax returns both out joint-sponsor and I had was for 2021. My domicile could also be questioned since I permanently live in Poland and only traveled to the US in October last year to get the most basic stuff like voter registration, bank account, credit card, ID renewal, but we were prepared with my signed resignation letter from my employment and email of communication with employers in the US.
  2. @Simplytex @Runner19 my congrats guys! Glad to see that all of us are soon going to be done with all that hustle. @Simplytex You are quite unlucky, you got appointment date one day after the deadline for tax filing(April 17th), so you might be asked about 2022 taxes. Neither me or my joint-sponsor have filed tax returns for 2022, so I'm glad that we're scheduled 2 weeks before the deadline
  3. Got my IL today as well! CR1 Visa DQ - January 21 IL - February 24 Interview - April 3
  4. Unfortunately, no. I'm waiting since Jan 21st. My embassy is in Warsaw
  5. Wow, that's a lot of time to prepare, good for you, better to know earlier and be sure of the interview date than to get it a month before it. Which embassy are you assigned to?
  6. Hi @Julia60404 Congratulations on your mother's successful IR5 visa interview! Could you please share when exactly you received the interview letter for that 8th of February interview?
  7. It's been so quiet in terms of the interview letters on this forum, I kind of envy the UK guys who get their IL after like a week of being DQ'd, wish that the US Embassy in Warsaw would be so efficient.
  8. I went through the official visa issuance statistics released by DOS on monthly basis, and noticed a clear trend December 2022: CR1 + IR1 = 90 visas, 21 DV visas November 2022: CR1 + IR1 = 43 visas, 117 DV visas October 2022: CR1 + IR1 = 43 visas, 111 DV visas September 2022: CR1 + IR1 = 16 visas, 445 DV visas August 2022: CR1 + IR1 = 16 visas, 527 DV visas July 2022: CR1 + IR1 = 18 visas, 314 DV visas There is no data for the January yet, but I'm down to believe that there could be 100+ spouse category visas issued. They clearly switched the focus from DV visas and are much more capable of scheduling many family based visas interviews.
  9. I actually got the response for my expedite request, and that's a no. I don't know the exact refusal reason but I guess it's not good enough to have the case expedited. I knew it was a long shot, so no bad feelings, I might actually get that FICO score by the time I will normally have to wait for our interview, so there's a bright side of this outcome
  10. The US embassy in Warsaw answered my question about the frequency of interview dates release, they say it's once a month, so probably it's around the mid of the month when we can expect those IL coming
  11. Just sent an expedite request on the basis of increasing tensions from the Russian-Belarusian regime and the fact that I currently reside in Poland. It's a long shot, but I thought why not, I'm not risking anything by that.
  12. Anyone knows if the interview letters are sent only once a month, so for Warsaw the next chance to get one would be 19th of February since the last confirmed here IL was sent on Jan 19? I'm DQ'd since Jan 21 and trying to figure out any estimation for my wife's interview. @Simplytex if your case won't be automatically transferred to some other embassy, then I guess you will be my reference point.
  13. Dq'd today, resubmission Dec 28th. @Simplytex I'll be looking forward to hearing about your interview letter since it's one month between us
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