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  1. You need patience, on average the approval is about one year from the time you filed, sometimes sooner and sometimes longer, but there is nothing you can do but just wait.
  2. I do not believe that the K1 says that you need to know someone for 2 years, I filed my k1 application after knowing my spouse for 10 months and meeting in person once and it was approved. For my own piece of mind however, my divorce was final in July 2017 and did not get engaged until November 2017. To be honest, in my case, I honestly did not feel the Embassy paid much attention to the engagement data we supplied. In any case my application was approved.
  3. Wow, really sorry for this experience, but filling out the forms that need to be uploaded to the NVC will take at best 2 days and that is being very careful and cautious in filling them out. You are paying for a service, I suggest that you tell your lawyer how you feel and to get the job done for what you are paying her to do.
  4. If she has an ITIN you can add her to your bank accounts....until the SS arrives.
  5. If you are going to be there, why not get married and the apply for spousal visa, much cheaper and when your spouse comes to the US already will have green card.
  6. Since this is a fiancee visa, the State Department's role is to forward your approved application to the local US Embassy where the interview for your beneficiary will take place. Best to find the web site for the US Embassy in the country where the interview will take place and become familiar of the process that will take place at that embassy. Most embassies have ample information on the process.
  7. Increasingly they are going 100% online. When my husband had his interview in Jakarta they stamped his passport with the same stamp there and did not give him a package to bring to the US as they used to do. When he arrived after checking in with immigration they took him to an office in the airport and within the hours he was out. I think in one month he received his social security card and in 6 weeks his 10 year green card, ( we had already been married over two years when he entered. )
  8. For a K1 visa the fiancee brings the actual affidavit of support and the documentation to the interview and turns it in to the person that checks all the documentation that is brought to the interview. At least that is how it was handled by the US Embassy in Indonesia for my fiancee. I basically filled out the affidavit of support and email all the pages and the documentation to my fiancee and he printed it all there and brought it to the interview.
  9. WOW! You got married and what is his is also yours. When I got married I told my husband that whatever he needs I don't care what it is he tells me and I either can afford it or I can't. On top of that I added him to all my accounts and he has his own debit cards to all the accounts and all I ask of him is to check the balance before he uses a card to make sure there is money for the purchase he will make. On larger items he just ask can he buy. You need to have a conversation with your spouse because when he married you he said he was going to be financially responsible for you and that is all there is. Once you are able to work then you can have a conversation about expenses and such but this is NOT a good situation for you to be in. Very sad.
  10. If the relations is legitimate and can clearly prove it to the USCIS and the Embassy, the age difference does not matter! My spouse is 40 years younger than me and we had no issues getting the K1 approved and for reasons that are not important, also the CR1 approved.
  11. If you already submitted the affidavit of support, all you need to submit is your 2023 taxes, it is best to get an IRS transcript from the IRS website, it is free and online and then you can download the transcript and upload it to CEAC.
  12. Indeed that is your NOA1 thought you really should receive the actual copy in the mail.
  13. Oh, I honestly think it is not worth it to bring anything that you cannot bring in your luggage. I believe you will be allowed 2 bags of 23 kg each. It is very expensive to have shipments to the USA, when my fiancee came over he only brought what he could fit on his luggage and left everything else behind or gave away to his family in Indonesia and once he was here we bought new stuff he wanted/needed.
  14. It's based on the medical exam, my fiancee medical at Bintaro included a putum test that added 3 months to the process, to make a long story short, once he was given his visa to enter the USA, it only was good for 3 weeks. He entered the US the day before the visa expired.
  15. Lots of excellent information given to you but I agree that the CR1 visa is by far the better and cheaper choice to go on.
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