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  1. NOA2 validation date is almost expire, I email embassy to extend it but they said my case still at NVC. What does it mean? what should I do next?
  2. so, If I was lived in U.S before, I don't need to submit police record, right?
  3. Same question, what next after received invoice number and the case number?
  4. Last week I email the embassy and here's what they said:
  5. Thank you! We have submit the RFE today, hopefully it going good.
  6. but I came to U.S as student, so basically I was already in the states before met my fiancé. last time, we did submit stamps and other stuff but still got RFE. By then, we thought it will insufficient to submit only boarding pass, stamps, and 1-94. We need something strong. people say submit receipt or transaction under both of our name at same place same time, unfortunately we never keep the receipts so the only proof we can show is bank statement. what do you think? we only submit 1 month bank statement tho.
  7. Exactly, I agree with you, "proving that I was in the same city as my other half doesn't prove we met, and a photo doesn't prove WHEN" that's make me confuse how to convince them. Thank you! I hope it will work out for us, we planning to submit it tomorrow.
  8. it looks all worked out for you! btw I don't keep receipt when we were on dates, but can we submit our bank statement instead? another issue, when I was in school I was working under table, I got cash not that much, and I deposit money to my account, do you think it will backfires on me n the application?
  9. I left the states around November 2019, then we file our petition on December 2019. So It’s not out of the 2 year window. Do you think that could prove that we were together at the same time and same place? I’m afraid when I submit the travel documents and all stuff that I mention is insufficient. I mean it’s prove that I did went to U.S for school, But it doesn’t really tell that we met. Right? Or I’m just being crazy? Too overthinking?
  10. Yes, We put that on written statement explaining how we met and our dates/meetings
  11. Hi! I know I have this question in other forum but I still have a lot of question and by posting in it again I hope I could get clearer about this. So, I got RFE for my K1 Visa. They need us could establish meeting in person within 2 year period before filing the petition. So here's my case, I am the beneficiary, was on F1 student visa when I met my fiancé. This below are the files we provide along with our I-129F petition package: 1. Photographs 2. My passport, visa F1, stamp 3. I-94 form history of travel to US Apparently, it's not enough to prove that we were met in 2 year period. Me and my fiancé thinking to submit extra documents such: 1. Airline ticket to U.S and back to my home-country 2. Boarding passes 3. Affidavit from friends 4. new pictures 5. my student documents just to proof I was in the same city with my fiancé at that time Do you think is it enough? I am little bit confused how to convince USCIS that we really met within 2 year period. We don't really expect they questioning about this. BTW I went to U.S before I met my fiancé and I was a student so I don't really have itineraries or other travel documents. How can they tell that we were together if all my travel documents are for my education proposes and before we even met. I am confused and freak out when reading stuff like my case. should I be worry ?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Btw, We did send all evidences like you said, but we still got RFE. Is it okay if we re-submit the documents that we already sent it before ? Or try to add Extra new documents/evidences?
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