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  1. Thank you so much for the tip! I checked and it’s indeed both! So happy
  2. Hi everyone! Some good news this morning: my EAD (and hopefully AP, as I applied for both) is being produced! So excited to finally see some movement
  3. That’s the most stressful part for me too. Just after Christmas I learned that one of my grandmas got admitted to a hospital, thankfully she’s out now, but you just never know. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us, hopefully we get some good news soon!
  4. I had my biometrics appointment yesterday at the Brooklyn ASC. Everything took about an hour, I was scheduled for 11 AM but there were a lot of people with me, so it’s not an exact time, more of an hour time slot. First, there was a line outside where a guy checked our appointment time and the second page that we were supposed to fill out. Then a 15 minute wait for the check in, where you get a number and a piece of paper for the person taking your biometrics so they know what you need. Again, some waiting (you can’t have your phone in your hand so not sure how long it took, but the waiting definitely took up the most time) and then they call you to one of the booths to get your photo, fingerprints, and signature. That part is super fast, feels a bit like being moved down a factory line No changes on the website yet, but I’m excited that this part is done!
  5. I got my bio appointment notice in the mail today! November 3rd, I’m really excited and thank you guys again for helping me calm down about getting the notice
  6. Thank you so much for replying! It makes sense it would just magically appear in my mailbox 5 seconds later 😂
  7. Hey guys, a quick question: how long did you have to wait between seeing on the website that your biometrics appointment has been scheduled and getting the notice in the mail? I’m an over-worrier and I just don’t want to accidentally miss it!
  8. Hi everyone! I have to update info in my profile but basically: applied for AOS after getting married on a K1 visa, USCIS received our paperwork (I-485, I-131, I-765) 29/09. We got the receipts/acknowledgments 04/10 and today we received the Online Access Code letter. I logged in and my biometrics appointment is scheduled but I don’t have the letter yet :)
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there are any polish people here who are applying for visas currently, I think in those strange times it would be good to keep in touch and keep each other updated.
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