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  1. Congratulations to everybody that had their interview or an interview coming up we’re still waiting… 219 days today 💪🏻
  2. Category is C9. You apply for EAD/AP concurrently with the green card.
  3. I got my card last week and is a combo, but my letter was titled Combo Approval and said advance parole is also approved, so you’ll only get an EAD.
  4. They can issue RFEs at any point of the process, even after interview. There are cases in which they issue more than 1 RFE, not uncommon.
  5. Forgot to update here, but my combo card is being produced since March 26. A big thing considering my field office is slow, hopefully you guys got news as well!
  6. NBC actually schedules your interview and your case isn’t sent to the field office until they have done that. Basically ready to be scheduled for an interview is just your case sitting in a queue somewhere, waiting for a slot opening at your field office…
  7. Thank you very much! So helpful!!! Wishing you a great day!
  8. The taxes are already processed & refunded. That means they automatically did the change or I should mail the form? Thank you for the insight. It’s really confusing.
  9. Hello. I've been a J1 student in the past and provided my old foreign address on my previous tax returns. I'm now married and filed jointly with my spouse. Should I change my address with IRS? Thank you!
  10. Same for me! It’s more towards a full year. Oh well, I’m happy for people with fast field offices, but glad we’re still a strong team here waiting for longer periods of time! Keep us posted, we’re in this together.
  11. Hopefully yours is more productive and you’ll get a date soon!!
  12. Mine is in the scheduling queue for 5 months now 😭 It all depends on the field office- in my case, they schedule early 2021 filers. So it’s a long road for me 🥴
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