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  1. Small word of advice...I kind of nudged USCIS into making a decision, or so it seems, by randomly uploading evidence to my USCIS online account on each of my pending cases(I-130 and I-485). On May 27th, I uploaded evidence to my I-130 case and 5 days later that case was approved. I thought my I-485 would be approved concurrently but that didn't happen, so on June 6th I uploaded the same evidence to my I-485 case, by June 7th my case status changed to "Case Being Actively Reviewed" and this morning I woke up to the approval notice. I don't know if that caused them to look back at my case or if it's just a coincidence but anyone still waiting can always try that and see where it leads.
  2. Decided long ago, not to post anything on here until my approval, so finally, here it goes. After 632 days of patiently waiting, my case has finally been approved!!! Glory be to The Almighty 🙏🏽. This community has been a huge resource in navigating this immigration journey on our own and I couldn't have kept my sanity and patience without the members who have shared their experiences. Thanks to everyone in this community who have contributed. To anyone still waiting to be approved, be patient and your day will come soon.
  3. Congratulations! That's exciting news. It's been a month and a half since I did my interview but they haven't made a decision yet. The IO did say that she sees that our relationship is genuine but they still have to review everything. I'm hoping that they approve it after our 2nd year anniversary which is coming up soon.
  4. It's hard to say how long after. I hope they are planning to waive your interview. Did you send your medical in with your application? My interview for both I-130 and I-485 were scheduled at the same time.
  5. I trust that you will soon receive some movement on your case as well. I was really frustrated with this process up until probably June of this year and soon decided to just not think too much about it. So I'm grateful that the time is finally just around the corner.
  6. It is good news, thank you. I did not expedite. It's been a little over a year since I filed I-485 and I-130 concurrently, so it has been a little wait. My FO is DC/Fairfax
  7. Received a status update this morning that my I-485 has been scheduled for an interview. Finally!!! I also spoke to an agent via EMMA and found out that it is scheduled for a little over a month from today.
  8. I doubt there is an actual timeline for that. You just have to wait and trust that the case officer will not be a lazy one. Hopefully you should see some movement soon
  9. Once it's a standalone document it will be paper, almost looking like approval notices. They'll have to take that document with them if they decide to travel.
  10. Why can't you once you possess a pdf version? I have used the online upload to submit RFE's and it has worked quite fine and with quick and favorable responses. So I'm curious to know why uploading a pdf version of the I-864 would be any different.
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