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  1. Like the title says. My fiance just received her visa via a shipping service. The embassy is closed for calls until tomorrow and she just realized that they spelled my name wrong (the petitioner). I've seen old posts on this, but does any have any recent knowledge or experience with respect to this issue? All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. So here's my timeline and more details. "Ready" at embassy - Feb 16 DS-160 Completed - Feb 17 Medical - March 8 Interview - March 27 Interview Instructions - ??? On Tuesday, our congressman received an email from the immigrant visa chief of at the Warsaw embassy saying that they are processing our case and that we shouldn't have scheduled the interview without receiving instructions (the letter only says they're ready for you). If they're not ready for us by March 27, then they will reschedule us. If they are, then we can go ahead with the appointment. Two other Warsaw K1 filers also had their received date on February 16. One, like us, has received nothing. The other, received an automated email asking her to fill out the DS-160 (apparently this is typically sent prior to them sending an email saying they're ready for you). All of this to say I'm very frustrated and exhausted from all this uncertainty. Based on VJ and others who we have been in contact with who had a K1 at the Warsaw embassy, their cases have not taken more than 2 weeks. Two Feb 2 "ready" filers, had gotten their instructions within 2 weeks. I wish they would be more transparent and helpful.
  3. Thanks for clarifying.I appreciate it. As of tomorrow, it's been three weeks since the Warsaw Embassy received my fiance's petition. They have not sent us any instructions or anything. It seems like I've gotten unlucky as it seems like no one recently that has gone through Warsaw has taken this long for this part of the process.
  4. Where did you see the above (in yellow)? Can you please link me to that? Thanks.
  5. Can you update your timeline please? It would be helpful to others. Thanks.
  6. You're welcome. Just to correct myself, I meant January 3 as they were off for new years on January 2.
  7. I wrote to them on Monday and I haven't heard back either. As you can see on my timeline, my noa2 is nov 28 and January 6 received date by the NVC. They're working on cases received on December 30 as of yesterday. I'm assuming they're looking at cases received on January 2 today.
  8. Amazing. So they told you that your case was received on January 5? Mine was received on the 6th thanks.
  9. Wow! NVC received my case on January 6 with a noa2 of November 28. Hopefully I'll get my case number soon. Seems as though they've sped up as they updated their site yesterday to say they're working on cases that were received on December 13, and your case was received on December 30.
  10. Thank you so much! We wanted to confirm as we heard from someone we could do it after getting NOA2. This is a tremendous help as we were told the earliest appointment was end of December as of a couple of days ago. We will plan to book our appointment once we get noa2 and allow some time in between for the nvc and then the embassy to receive our information. Glad they didn't have an issue with you doing that. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I'm also going to schedule an interview at the Warsaw embassy in the future. My fiance is from Poland, so I know you go through a different portal than we would. Could you please let me know when you were able to schedule your interview? I've been told you can technically log on and schedule it with just your WAC number after getting your NOA2. Any advice would be appreciated as when it's our time we would like to book the appointment ASAP. Thanks.
  12. Thank you so much for your response. My fiance and I are desperate for any information that will help shed light on how much longer this process will take. From your experience, could you please elaborate more on how you know all of this? Is there really more of a priority for Polish citizens? We heard someone from Belarus say that there weren't appointments until January of 2023. We are just so tired and want to clear this up. Any clarity would help us tremendously. Thanks!
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