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  1. Hello! Just wanted to give a quick happy update: I got approved! Thank you so much for your wonderful help, @Family! And Happy New Year for all of us! 🥳
  2. Hello everyone! I've got the approval as well Funny thing is that this time I didn't get the uscis email notification they send when an action is taken on my case. I just happen to be checking my uscis account (as I've been doing daily for the past month... ). Oh well, but who cares.. the thing finally happened!! 🤩 I wish good luck to everyone that is still waiting and happy new year! --- Filed I-130 online: 8/31/21 I-130 online email notification: 8/31/21 Filed I-485, I-765 and I-131 via Fedex: 8/31/21 Delivered: 9/03/21 Credit Card charged: 9/22/21 SMS notification for I-485, I-765 and I-131: 9/22/21 Biometrics appointment scheduled: 10/09/21 Courtesy letter regarding I-693: 10/22/21 Biometrics appointment: 11/05/21 RFE regarding I-693: 11/16/22 I-130 approval notice: 11/30/22 Confimation notice of receiving my RFE response: 12/16/22 I-485 approval notice: 01/20/23
  3. Got it. Thank you so much! Yep, I did the AOS on my own. With all the free time I HAD to go through anyway, why not? Especially to save a nice amount of money - that later went to my medical bills due to the tb illness... Good thing I saved the attorneys fees, hm? Once again, thank you for your super help!
  4. Hi! Thank you for your nice response. Yes, you are right: at this point I'm beyond drained. And with the language they use (which I understand the point, but still consider harsh, polite but harsh), it seems like they are trying to pass a very negative message. And I get it, but still it's hard to not be affected by it, especially when you are dealing with this stress for such a long time. The message I got is "After all this time, all this money and everything else invested in this process, you are about to lose it all and there is nothing that can be done about it. Too bad, so sad. Next." and I know this is illogical, but that's the message I get in all their communication channels (RFE, website, live chat).. so you start to question your own rational thinking. Anyway, thank you very much for reaffirming how easy this is and that I'm not getting insane (yet). About 'there is nothing “guaranteed“ in this process for ANYONE', yes, of course I understand and have conscience about that.I just didn't express myself well. Sorry. What I was trying to say is that the message I got from the live chat agent was "Whatever. Next." Regarding what you mentioned "there are protocols in place that you can follow '', I couldn't find these protocols/instructions (for non-standard circumstances) anywhere in their material, not even when I directly asked. Luckily we have this wonderful forum with wise members that are willing to help. Also thank you for pointing out that this might be a positive situation indicating an interview waive. It helps me to regain my optimism. So, after all this whining (thank you for your 'ears'), I have another 2 questions There is a 5% chance I can send the signed form on time, but because of the high risk of not being able to do it, would you consider be wiser to send the request for extension (with evidence of ongoing treatment and etc) as soon as possible; or wait to send it closer to the deadline (when my inability to send the signed form is confirmed)? Because this request for extension and the related evidences are not actual documents (so they don't need to be the originals, as I suppose) do you believe this is something I could consider send thru the website(as there is an option for it) or it's better to play safer and send it via mail? (I'm asking this because the text in this option is quite fearful - IMHO - which makes me wonder if 'Am I getting paranoid..?' or is this just 'boilerplate' communication)? (the related image is attached bellow) Once again, thank you so much for all the attention and suggestions you kindly shared so far and many more thanks in advance. I'm sorry for the long text..... hopefully, it will be the last. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Hello again! So, latest updates: I got a RFE regarding my I-693, I have 1 month to send it. In this communication it says I can't extend this period and if this doesn't happen, my case will be denied. Besides the fact that my treatment will only finish a few days before this deadline, leaving me just a couple a days to take my treatment completeness evidences to the USCIS doctor and then send the signed I-693 (which is already risky enough to not reach the USCIS on time) my USCIS doctor will be out that week. I spoke with an USCIS live chat analyst, and she said I can't get an extension and could try to talk to a immigration attorney for advice. I insisted on asking if I send evidence proving that I am still under TB treatment and for this reason I cannot meet the deadline, if this could help me to extend my time and she said I can do it but there is no guarantee I'll have a positive return. Would anyone have anything to suggest? Many thanks in advance
  6. Hello Visajourneys. I'm in a peculiar situation where I could not find instructions (either here on VJ forum or on uscis website or the internet in general) on how to proceed. So, I am wondering if anyone knows someone that went through something similar and could give me some insights. Basically, I'm on tb treatment for Class A (yes, the worst, for the active tb). I got sick and started treatment here in the US. I went to my medical exam for the I-693 a few weeks ago and everything went fine except for the fact that the doctor will only sign my I-693 after I complete my tb treatment, which will happen in mid Dec. My question is: If my interview is scheduled for before this happens (before I can have my I-693 signed) what should I do? Should I reschedule my interview? Should I go anyway, and they will let my process pending for this form and I will send it later when I have completed it? Should I contact uscis to let them know about my situation before they schedule my interview? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hi Ju! After TBoneTX`s excellent suggestions, I could give you an "insider's" perspective from some who went through this process. The cultural differences, how we managed to arrange the wedding in such short time, how to build credit, the health system... guess what: after almost 40 years of a pretty healthy life, I got sick here and it wasn’t fun. How to not get insane not being able to work and having to be dependent (financially and all other aspects) of someone else. Not to mention the fact that I came from a big city and now I leave in a small rural town - it`s an interesting challenge to maintain your sanity. Anyway, if you want to chat about this in more details, I would be more than happy to talk to you. Just let me know. Good luck! Btw, I'm also Brazilian, so we might have other things in common 😊
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