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  1. I am having this same problem. How did you fix it? Just try again in a different browser?
  2. I am helping my husband with his DS-260, and one of the questions is to list all the countries he has visited in the last five years. He's only spent time in two - where he lives (Poland) and where I live (US). However, he's had connecting flights through Germany and the Netherlands on trips to and from (never left the airport, just got on the next flight). Does that mean I should list Germany and the Netherlands on his list, or not? I am a bit confused. Thanks for any advice.
  3. I am at NVC stage and was reading through the guidance here on VisaJourney and it suggested putting the NVC case number on top of everything you submit. Does that mean I should it include it on top of everything, including official forms? (IE my form I-864EZ, my 1040, my W2s)? I feel like I shouldn't alter official forms? Thanks in advance.
  4. I also meet the requirement of only using my salary to qualify, so I meet all 3 requirements. But thank you! I will read and reread.
  5. Background: Recently approved standalone I-130 for my (US citizen)'s husband (Polish citizen residing outside of US, in Poland.) We are at the stage where I am going to have to file the Affidavit of Support, and I want to get started on it. Looks like the chief difference between which form I fill out is whether there is one petitioner on the I-130 or not. Since there is only my husband, I THINK I can file I-864EZ per the guidance. Is there any drawback to this? I occasionally see people who post that they should have filed 864 instead of 864EZ and don't want to run afoul of that. Thanks.
  6. Yes, it was my Approval. Keep checking your "Documents" tab. Mine hasn't updated to "Approved" in status, but my NOA2 was under the Documents tab when I looked.
  7. Filed 2/11/23, just received my NOA2. Updating for folks - looks like they're working on Feb 2023 applications now, hopefully.
  8. I was reading over the PDF of the submitted online form, and noticed that my current physical address is listed twice in Physical Address 1, missing the dates, and Physical Address 2, with an incorrect date (date I moved in - date I filed, which is wrong.) I do have my full address history continued further down in the petition, in order with no missing dates or information. I also messed up and listed the address of where my husband intends to live as my current physical address, instead of writing "SAME" per the instructions. Could anyone offer advice on how I can address this or correct it in the USCIS system? It's a typo on my end, so I am not sure what to do. Would I write a letter and submit it through the unsolicited evidence, or mail it to our current service center (or both)? Thanks for your thoughts. Hoping it doesn't result in a denial, because I've already been waiting over six months and I am hoping I didn't put us back another year.
  9. Hello - my husband (Polish citizen) and I (US citizen) eloped to the courthouse just before Christmas while visiting my grandfather last year. I filed a standalone I-130 online in February. I just realized that in my documentation I state I am visiting my grandfather ... but there are no pictures of him at the courthouse wedding, because he was in the hospital from complications from a surgery the week before the day we got married. I didn't mention this in my original application. Is this a big red flag to the officer who will be evaluating the application - i.e. should I go back and provide an explanation--that my grandfather did not attend because he was in the hospital? We literally went to the courthouse to get married, went to the hospital to see my grandfather, and then went out to dinner to celebrate. The only photos I submitted with my husband and family together are us together with my maternal family at Christmas on that same trip. He went back to Poland at the end of his vacation after 2 weeks so we can apply legally and because he needed to return to work. I have more photos of me together with my husband's family in Poland on a follow-up trip this spring (grandfather, uncle parents, my brother in law and sister in law). I also have photos from him visiting me here in early August. I suppose I could upload these into the unsolicited evidence tab online? What do you all think?
  10. I filed Form I-130 through the online portal about five months ago through their online form. At the time the form had the error where you couldn't select "Present" for Physical Address 1 in Section 2 in the "Information About You" section. I corrected this by submitting a request to correct a Typographical Error, at the forum's advice. Now, I was just reading through my PDF and realized that somehow my Physical Address 1 is repeated twice -- basically it shows up in Physical Address 1 with Date To/Date from dates, and is repeated in Physical Address 2 section. The rest of my addresses are continued in the "Additional Addresses" sections. No addresses are missing, nor is there a gap in time, so all of them are there and correct... but should I file a Typographical error to correct this? I'm worried I'll get rejected or get an RFE because the system somehow repeated my Phyiscal Address 1 twice. Thanks for any and all advice.
  11. I didn't know I needed to specify the consulate. I thought (apparently incorrectly) that consulates had a standardized way they would handle it, given it's a federal legal process.
  12. We will be doing our interview in Warsaw. I though a lot of reviews for the Warsaw consulate seemed like the couple were together, so that's part of why I am confused.
  13. Ahhh, I see. I want to go just for moral support, even if I am waiting outside.
  14. This may be a stupid question, but would I (petitioner) attend the interview with my spouse (applicant)? Or would my husband go alone? If my husband's required to be interviewed alone, could I make the trip to the consulate and wait for him in the waiting room by myself? It's such a high-stress situation, I don't want him to go through it by himself.
  15. Mine went from 9, to 8, 12 months, to 10, and just dropped to 3 months over a few days. Here's hoping it's real. I know I can't set stock on anything, but feeling hopeful and excited for an afternoon is nice.
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