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  1. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?vtype=0&op8=San+Jose+CA&interview=&xfr=&op1=3&op2=&op3=&op4=1&op5=&cfl=0 looks like it's slow to get to biometrics but speedy from there! Fingers crossed for you
  2. My biometrics was scheduled over the weekend! I've been using the "case tracker" app others have said (with notifications turned on!!), and it didn't notify me. I checked my.uscis today which I've only done once every 1-2 weeks since I created it and there it was! Just in case anyone was relying too heavily on 3rd party apps like I was haha.
  3. haha I know - I thought I was the only one here! My husband is a CT boy. I feel you on the visa thing, I'm on an E3 which is like a paperwork free H1b lol. Fingers crossed your WA comes through asap, I'm ready to change roles as well!!
  4. ooooh congrats! I just noticed you filed in Boston as well. I think we're one of the slow offices in this thread 😂 I've been away for a week but happy for those who've had appointments booked or receipts issued. For those that haven't, you're definitely not alone, I'm patiently waiting over here as well!
  5. If you go on the USCIS website it'll pop-up saying "ask EMMA"
  6. second this! I got the code in the actual chat, although the first time I "asked", it hadn't been created yet so they didn't have it to give and told me to send an email. If it is available, the live agent will be able to give you the code
  7. Just asked to speak to a live agent and explained my issues. Took me a while to get to a person the first time but this time I think I clicked "technical issues" and then asked to speak to live agent. Don't mention access code or she'll just say that she's still working on it haha.
  8. they may just request an RFE for some of those if they're "extra" items, so don't lose hope yet
  9. actually don't worry - I "asked Emma" and got our access code so I feel like I have a much better picture now! Still waiting for bio but I know Boston has a backlog.. what's everyone's fave app? I tried lawfully but it was too 'sell-y' for me and I got annoyed and deleted it haha
  10. Quick question for those checking case status for their biometrics - is the appointment associated with your I-485 receipt number? We are having USPS issues 🙃
  11. I didn't arrive on a K1, so I'm not sure of the arrival process for your partner exactly.. but from my experience I had to go through the same process entering with both ESTA and my work visa. It's more of registering you to your passport I believe, not a formal biometrics appointment.
  12. sounds like you might need new ones then? I'm sure you'll find out soon I've never had any done so I have to play the waiting game!
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