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  1. As long as you don't come with the intent to stay before your visa is processed and can show ties to Canada that you will go back, I think every other weekend is fine.
  2. Just to update on our case. The EAD was approved yesterday and says a new card is being produced for my husband. I hope everyone continues to see movement!
  3. You’ve done all you can do at this point, as long as you turned in what was asked for you should be fine. Just keep checking and try not to let it worry you.
  4. I had the same issue. I found that once I downloaded it and was "offline" it cooperated better. Parts I couldn't type I just wrote by hand.
  5. I know of two couples recently it took about a month for their status to update after their paperwork was turned in via Aramex. Both of the couples I know had been married previously and it was the same thing, they had to get a copy of their marriage certificate even though they showed the divorce paperwork at the interview. Both are in the US now as of last month.
  6. Thank you! I will make a binder and just started printing and making copies every month.
  7. Just wanted to add here. Husband is here on a K-1 with a pending AOS. We went to Jackson Hewitt and had our taxes done, he was eligible for the $1400 as well. When I asked about it, I was told if you were married during 2021 and he lived here then they are eligible. He said as long as you have a valid SSN, it doesn't matter. Something to check out so you can get your correct amount!
  8. Hello everyone, My husband and I applied for his AOS from K-1 in November. Had his biometrics in January, so now we are just waiting. I like to prepare things early so I have started to gather some things together for his interview. I had some questions though. When he has his interview, does the interview officer want to see bank statements for every month, bills for every month from now until his interview; or do they just want to see 1 bill with his name on it as proof that he lives with me? This is what I have him on so far: Joint bank account Credit card as authorized user Health insurance through my job Water bill bi monthly Sewer bill bi monthly Has a line on my family plan for my cell phone plan with him, my mom and I Filed 2021 taxes together Receipts from dental visits for himself that I paid for. Pics from wedding and the holidays with my family since his arrival in October 2021. Cards people sent us for the wedding. Should I include physical bank statements? Or just a paper from the bank with his name on it showing he was added? He doesn't deposit or withdraw anything. He doesn't have a US license yet, so no car insurance at this time. Once he gets his license here, he will be added. My mortgage is in my name only. Thanks for any advice!
  9. Biometrics completed today for husband, case updated to being actively reviewed today as well
  10. Received notice that my husband's biometrics appt. is scheduled for January. It says in the letter it's for the I-485 and the I-765. Is this normal process to do them together and do they not do biometrics for the I-131?
  11. Yes, we got a letter in the mail with a access code for the online account. After that we got all three hard copies of each case over this past weekend. Hopefully we get our appt. soon as well.
  12. Awesome! We got our hard copies in the mail last week. No bio. appt. yet. Please let me know how it goes!
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