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  1. My spouse traveled 2 or 3 times on his AP with no issues and none of our travel was an emergency just vacations.. Just had to go to secondary at the airport and wait for a bit. I haven’t actually found someone that had an issue using a valid AP.
  2. We had the same issue in Ohio. They do not recognize the automatic extension for a renewal. We were able to get an expedite approved for the work permit so we could get a new license. USCIS asked for proof and we send screenshots of the BMV site and that worked for us.
  3. It says it does not apply for k visas. So, in this case they didn’t violate any policy?
  4. My spouse entered through Toronto with no issues. It is not recommended to buy tickets until you have the visa just if there is a delay.
  5. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else. My spouse had his biometrics on August 25. He already has his EAD card but Saturday we received another notice to have another biometric appointment but it arrived late so we missed it. Is it common to have to go have another biometric?
  6. I may have missed something but I do not see the point of stopping deportation?
  7. Yeah I meant the I-944 changes. I knew the public charge was around previously. There has been a lot of immigration changes recently it was hard to keep track of how everything was done.
  8. I thought the public charge changes were not done by executive order? If so, there is a longer process to change them.
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