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  1. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else. My spouse had his biometrics on August 25. He already has his EAD card but Saturday we received another notice to have another biometric appointment but it arrived late so we missed it. Is it common to have to go have another biometric?
  2. I may have missed something but I do not see the point of stopping deportation?
  3. Yeah I meant the I-944 changes. I knew the public charge was around previously. There has been a lot of immigration changes recently it was hard to keep track of how everything was done.
  4. I thought the public charge changes were not done by executive order? If so, there is a longer process to change them.
  5. Thank you. I knew certain visas can be delayed at the NVC, so I wasn’t sure if it was an option for this too. It’s nothing major just trying to avoid more paperwork and fees. Just have to relax and wait and see I guess
  6. So my spouse came on a k1. We married and filled for the AOS. Looking at the processing times for my city it could be 12 to 34 months. If it takes longer then two years would he get a 10 year card? Also, if he would get a 10 year card is there a way to delay the AOS interview if they scheduled it sooner?
  7. Yes and since the Senate is on “vacation” until September it just looks like an empty gesture.
  8. I’m a little confused about the public charge injunction. I keep seeing conflicting articles. The one below for example does it mean they are back to using the I944?https://today.westlaw.com/Document/I9cf68dd0d75411eaa2f1bbb160d441c2/View/FullText.html?transitionType=SearchItem&contextData=(sc.Search)
  9. My job just made a note that my spouse did not have a social security number yet and once he got one we updated HR didn’t have an issue getting the insurance set up.
  10. Greenbaum, would you happen to have the P3 for Hungary? Thanks in advance
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