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  1. Thanks for your message. I was surprised about the treatment I got from the CBP officer that day because my experience with hundreds of border crossings before my AOS were 100% positive. I guess once I adjusted from B2, I got labelled. Question: The Secondary CBP Officer was very nice and told me that I can use the stamp in my passport in lieu of I-512L to enter the US even after my I-512L expires in Nov 2022. My I-512L is expiring in Nov 2022 as an example but the stamp says valid for 1 year up to 8/26/2023. She said I can re-enter the US at anytime until 8/26/2023 even though my I-512L is expiring soon. Somehow I think this is not correct info. Do you know if she's right?
  2. One of the most asked questions here and on reddit is traveling on AP while your AOS is pending. Yes, you can use it to travel without a question but there is always an element of risk that you should be prepared in the event that things go sour. The ultimate discretion to let you back in rests on the CBP Officer you get that day. It depends on who you get and if they have not had their coffee, are having a bad day or if the officer is simply just a jerk. I got the latter. I traveled back home to Canada for 1 week. On Friday, 8/26 at around 1pm, the CBP agent in Halifax was very belligerent and tried a "gotcha" approach. He said "so you entered the US on B2 after getting married and adjusted status in the US to beat the system, didn't you?". I was very calm and politely said no. He kept accusing me hoping that I would bend. He said "why did you not wait in Canada to apply" and he kept saying "I knew you wanted to cheat the system". At that point, I lost my cool and the only thing that I kept saying repeatedly to the jerk 5 different times after another 5 accusatory questions was "That's not what happened and I can prove it" over and over again. Towards the end, I stopped answering his questions and just looked at him in disbelief from those questions (Side note: I have copies in my computer showing that I never intended to adjust status from B2 as we were locked out of COVID. I had proof that when I entered on B2, it was supposed to be temporary. We had a return ticket and we only sold our house in Canada 1 year after I adjusted). I was very confident about my case so I responded in kind to the belligerent officer. He never asked for proof. He just wanted to rile me up which he did and gave up. When his attempt to frame me was unsuccessful, he finally sent me to Secondary Passport Control where I just waited for 30 minutes to be processed. As I was waiting in Secondary, I reflected that the way I handled the first belligerent CBP officer could have gone bad. The rude CBP Officer could have denied me entry even though I thought at that time that I had a strong case. The lady at the Secondary called my name and was very nice. She did not ask any question. She stamped my passport and told me that the stamp is valid for 1 year. Would I travel with my AP again? The answer is NO if I can help it. This is just my experience. I am a Canadian Citizen, married to USC and adjusted from B2 over a year ago still waiting for my greencard. No overstay or any other immigration issue.
  3. Thank you so much for the reply and this great resource! I have an I-512L. After thinking about it, I am not sure if I am a "lawful permanent resident" (green card is required which I do not have yet) and "non-U.S. citizen traveling to the United States on a qualified immigrant visa" (I don't have a visa because I-512L is not a visa). I don't want to say "Yes" because of the two things that I quoted in the previous sentence. Am I overthinking this? 😀
  4. Airlines require passengers to fill out a Travel Attestation form. Can anyone let me know if the answer to below is NO. While you are on AOS, you do not have a qualified immigrant visa, correct? Am I considered B2 which was the nonimmigrant visa that I had prior to filing? Are you a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, U.S national or non-U.S. citizen traveling to the United States on a qualified immigrant visa? About Me: I currently have a pending I-485 and traveled to Canada temporarily for a week and have my AP in my possession.
  5. OP- did this work? Timona- not sure if you have recent experience about going to a field office recently. There is no such thing as monitoring "foot traffic" now as everything is by appointment (at least in my field office). I tried once and nobody was in the parking lot. I could not even get through the door as the USCIS guard went to my car and greeted me then asked me if I had an appointment. I said I wanted to "walk-in" and he said you must have an appointment. This is why I am asking if your advice is still relevant.
  6. Congratulations! Looks like you waited for a long time from Feb 2021. Did they tell you why the interview was waived? I have been reading lots of people getting family-based AOS interview waived so it is great news. I wonder if it has something to do with you waiting for a long time.
  7. USCIS website was showing 12 month processing for Reno two weeks ago and when I tried to open a case, it said I was not allowed to contact them until August 2023 (July 2021 Filer). Then I just checked now, the processing time for Reno changed to 29.5 months. You're right, the best thing to do at this point is to remain calm and hopeful. I am looking at it in a positive way---> I don't mind waiting for another 8 months hoping for an interview in March 2023 because by then, we will have been married for 2 years so I will get a 10 year green card. I received my I-131 last year and it is expiring this October. I just sent a "renewal" application. My I-765 is expiring in Nov 2023 so I will make sure to watch that so that I can file the earliest opportunity possible for renewal. I dropped the ball on renewing my I-131 because USCIS processing time kept saying 12 months and all of a sudden, they changed it to 29.5 months. Any other July 2021 filers waiting? I was hopeful in the beginning since there was a post from someone who got her green card in Reno within 3 months last year around the time that we filed.
  8. Thanks very much for the info! I am filling out the form now and will send on Monday. Just to confirm, Part 3, 4a is still a "No" even though I had an Advance Parole before --> AP is not the same as a "reentry permit", correct?
  9. I am unable to find the info online so hopefully you can help. My AP is expiring in October 2022. My AOS has been pending for over 1 year and I predict that my AP will expire before I get my AOS interview. Does anyone know if I can "renew" by filing a new I-131? Thanks.
  10. Hi there, If your marriage is real, you have nothing to worry about. Good luck.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Everybody already knows that but we also know that entry to the US is a privilege NOT a right that's why I am asking for recent experiences. To make things worse, lawyer that I consulted told me not to travel unless it is an emergency so there's my dilemma. Worst-case scenario I travel to get my MBA and stay in Canada to be separated from my spouse while starting over again via Consular Processing when I am so close to getting my green card via AOS. My AOS is pending and reaching 12 months this summer. According to USCIS processing times, 80% of cases in Reno are approved within 12 months so it would be a disaster if I leave the US and not let back in....that would be the worst feeling :)
  12. Hi Everyone, I received my Advance Parole document last summer but I have never used it because lawyers generally advises against traveling while your I-485 is pending. I would like to return to Canada for just 1 week this summer to attend my MBA graduation. This is not an emergency travel so I'd be kicking myself if I have to start over again in the event that I am not let back in after leaving the US for a short time. I am a Canadian Citizen with I-485 pending based on marriage to a US Citizen; adjusted on B2 with no prior overstay and no criminal record. I don't have a green card interview scheduled yet. It is just pending. Has anybody recently traveled using their Advanced Parole document? How was your experience? CBP has the ultimate discretion whether to admit your or not even with your Advance Parole. Thanks.
  13. Congratulations! I am so glad everything worked out for you! For me, I just approached my 10 months and no interview yet. I just checked the processing times and it says 80% of the cases are completed within 12 months so I think I will get an interview this summer. When I filed, there was a post about someone getting their green card approved in Reno in 3 months LOL. I guess lots of people moved here after seeing that post and now they have a backlog. 🤣
  14. I'm very sorry to hear about your parent. Have you tried expediting your I-131 Advance Parole application? Your situation qualifies under "Emergencies and Urgent Humanitarian Reasons". My reco is to contact your local Member of Congress (who is up for re-election if possible) to expedite. Go to the member of congress' website and look for "help with a federal agency". Fill out the web form/privacy release form and someone will contact you within 24 hrs. You can attach proof of the emergency etc. I am speaking from experience expediting my case. If you expedite via USCIS, you will be waiting forever. My case only started to move when I seek the help of my senator to expedite. Just a note that it is important to know that your Senator or Congressman/woman cannot influence USCIS but can only advocate on your behalf. The benefit of contacting them is they have access to connections you would not have if you had just expedited yourself (ie Member of Congress' office has access to Liaison Office). Good luck! https://www.uscis.gov/forms/filing-guidance/how-to-make-an-expedite-request#:~:text=You can generally request expedited,have obtained a receipt notice.
  15. Sounds like an easy interview. Congratulations! I hope you get approved soon.
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