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  1. Agreed with everyone. The office of the member of congress can only inquire on your behalf and advocate for you but they are not able to influence the decision. Below is what my Senator’s office got from USCIS. My caseworker at Sen. Rosen’s office sent me the note below after I asked for their help to expedite my EAD: “Thank you for your inquiry regarding this constituent’s immigration matter. This case will be routed for expedited processing. Once this case is reviewed, your constituent will receive a decision or notice of further action. Due to the extremely high volume of expedite requests for this case type, there are numerous cases involving exigent or humanitarian issues already in the expedite queue, and we are unable to provide a specific timeframe for the expedited review. The strict enforcement of the expedite criteria means that all cases sent for expeditious handling are urgent, and we assure you that this case will be adjudicated as soon as possible” -From USCIS Filing Date: July 16 Expedite Request: Sept 3 Contacted Congressman: First week of October However, I must say that my expedite only moved after I contacted the Senator’s office. Had I not contacted, USCIS would never have replied to me. They replied to me within 2 days of contacting the Senator’s office.
  2. This post is all over the place and not organized but if I understand correctly: #1- You are concerned about COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy and want to find out if there is an exemption; AND #2- You wanted to find out if there is any COVID-19 vaccine waiver based on moral grounds Is this correct? If so, see below resources. Link #1 deals with Q&A on pregnancy and vaccinations https://www.uscis.gov/tools/designated-civil-surgeons/vaccination-requirements Q. I am pregnant and do not wish to receive any vaccinations. Do I still have to get them to be able to obtain permanent resident status in the United States? A. If you are pregnant, the CDC's Technical Instructions direct the civil surgeon how to evaluate the vaccines you are able to receive during pregnancy. If the civil surgeon cannot safely administer a required vaccine, he/she will annotate the Form I-693 by marking the vaccine as contraindicated. See the CDC "Guidelines for Vaccinating Pregnant Women" page for information on pregnancy and vaccinations in general. Link #2 deals with Chapter 3 - Waiver of Immigrant Vaccination Requirement. Note that COVID-19 vaccine is new for USCIS so this may not qualify. You mentioned your fiancé is Catholic. Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic Church, actually urged people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I was raised a Catholic and already had my vaccines last April. Anyway, it is not my place to judge or to tell you what to do. See link below and see if you qualify based on religious objection. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-9-part-d-chapter-3 An applicant seeking an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate or an applicant seeking adjustment of status in the United States who is found inadmissible for not being vaccinated[1]may be eligible for the following waivers: The applicant has, by the date of the decision on the visa or adjustment application, received vaccination against the vaccine-preventable disease(s) for which he or she had previously failed to present documentation;[2] The civil surgeon or panel physician certifies that such vaccination would not be medically appropriate;[3]or The requirement of such a vaccination would be contrary to the applicant’s religious beliefs or moral convictions.[4] Each of these waivers has its own requirements.[5] Unlike some other waivers, no qualifying relative is required for the applicant to be eligible for a waiver of the immigrant vaccination requirement. The first two waivers are often referred to as “blanket waivers.” USCIS grants blanket waivers if a health professional indicates that an applicant has received the required vaccinations or is unable to receive them for medical reasons. If USCIS grants blanket waivers, the applicant does not have to file a form or pay a fee. The waiver on account of religious or moral objection must be filed on the appropriate form and accompanied by the correct fee.
  3. As someone mentioned in this thread, “there is no place like home”. Telling OP how you hate snow and had no desire to live in her country after leaving Canada in 1980 (the OP may not be even born in 1980) is not helpful IMHO 😂. OP is asking for advice or strategies on how to get over homesickness. OP- I hope things are better for you now! It may be the town/area that is making you homesick as it is fundamentally different from where you grew up. I would feel the same way as you for example if I were to live in small town Alberta if I grew up in Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto just to put it in Canadian context 😁. Honestly for me, I believe it is the place that will make it or break it. I live in Reno which has very nice people, lots of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. It is also very close to California, Lake Tahoe and a day trip to San Francisco. I can relate to the people here so it feels just like living in Canada. If moving is not an option, I suggest to at least try your best to fit in. No offence to NFL fans, I hate football and that’s all they talk about in January/February but I make an effort to watch and learn it so that I can join the conversations. Also, I use Zoom a lot to call face-to-face with family and friends.
  4. Thanks for your response. The online service is not possible to my case as first, I am NOT a USC, second, I need to change my name and third, it is not available in Nevada (https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/). Looks like I have to fill the form and mail it with my original supporting documents which would take months. My job offer would be revoked by then (Oct 29th is the deadline).
  5. Thanks for this information. Fortunately, I will not be in that situation as the employer knows that I just started my AOS and that they knew prior to giving the job offer that I am in the process of expediting my EAD. They provided a job offer letter to help me expedite approval.
  6. Hi there, My job offer has a clause that I must demonstrate work authorization in the US through e-verify by Oct 29, 2021. Can you please help me navigate the steps after EAD approval. 1. My SSN was issued 10 years ago with a notation “Valid only with DHS work authorization” when I had an L1A but quit that job and left the US to return to Canada several years ago. I never used this SSN ever since then. Question: Do I need to get a new SSN? 2. My SSN has my maiden name on it but my EAD will have my married name on it (eg Angelina Jolie in SSN but Angelina Pitt in EAD). Question: Do I have to go to SSA to change my name or DHS will transmit the info directly to SSA? I did not apply or give my old SSN in my I-765 as I could not locate it back then (wrote a comment under Other info that I could not locate it as SSA offices were closed but will locate it at a later time when SSA opens to the public etc). I am on a tight timeline and with the delays in SSA, do you have any advice on how I can demonstrate work authorization in e-verify? I believe my DHS info will not match with SSA info so it will return a TNC (tentative non-confirmation). Any advice from anyone who went through the same experience is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Congratulations! Let us know how your interview goes at Reno FO in November ❤️
  8. If you are asking for a personal opinion, yes it does look bad from my end but I am not a USCIS officer. Whatever you decide, the offer letter must be submitted with an official letterhead. They check to make sure the offer is really legit. Below is the note that I received when I asked for expedite: “Please fax proof of your financial loss, such as proof of a pending job offer, to the following number (info redacted). Please include this notice with your fax. Documents should be submitted with an official letterhead.”
  9. That’s great news! So happy for you! 👏 Can you please share below so that I can manage my future employer’s expectations: 1. When you called the Senator’s office, did USCIS already contact you prior to show proof? Or did USCIS only contact you after Sen Rosen’s intervention? USCIS only responded to me after Sen Rosen’s intervention last week to fax proof which I did send last Friday. I’d like to know when I can expect to hear back from them after sending them the proof of job offer last week. 2. After the Expedite approval letter notification email, it seems that you waited another 10-14 days until “new card being produced” status, correct? I have until October 29th to get my EAD or the offer will be rescinded per the terms of the letter. Thanks!
  10. Hello, Your local field office does not process I-765 but rather it is the service center. Below are the current processing times from USCIS for “based on a pending i-485 adjustment application (c)(9).” I have also included the methodology on what it means in the second link. NBC SC 9 months to 9.5 months Nebrasca SC 9.5 to 10.5 months Potomac SC 4 months to 5.5 months (this SC does not have a line for (C)(9) so not sure if they process it here Texas SC 10 months to 10.5 months Vermont SC 5 months to 13 months For those unfortunate to get California SC: 20 months to 21.5 months https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ Below will explain to you the methodology of how they calculate and what the lower and upper value means. Estimated time range: This column lists case processing times as a range for select forms and locations. The lower value of the range is the time it took us to adjudicate 50% of our cases. The upper value of the range is the time it took us to complete 93% of our cases. See below for a description of how these ranges are calculated. https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/more-info
  11. Hi there. That is the email directly from USCIS. When I called on Sept 3rd to request expedite, the USCIS agent told me they would review my request and would get an email within 48 hrs giving more instructions. I never received that email until I contacted Sen. Rosen’s office. Does your job offer have an expiry date? Please keep us updated on when you will get the EAD.
  12. Thanks again for your help everyone. After Sen Rosen’s office nudged USCIS, I finally received an email. I believe I was supposed to receive the email below shortly after I called last month when I called to expedite but I just received it now. I probably would have never heard back from USCIS had I not contacted a member of congress. I faxed them what they are looking for today and sent a thank you note to the senator’s office. I told the senator’s office to keep following my case until it is approved. Question: My job offer will be revoked on Oct 29th if I cannot prove I-9 eligibility through E-verify. How long does it take to get a Social Security after the expedite is approved? Also, how long will it take to get the EAD after expedite approval? “Upon receipt of your request for expeditious handling, your case was reviewed and a determination was made that we need additional information to make a decision regarding your request. Please fax proof of your financial loss, such as proof of a pending job offer, to the following number: 816-251-2290, Attn: LA0009 Div5 Tm2. Please include this notice with your fax. Documents should be submitted with an official letterhead.”
  13. I think so if it says it was produced. However, I don’t have experience on this……others who may know will let you know. I will check my status later and I am hoping for the same outcome 🤞
  14. Hi there, That was fast! Are you a July 2021 filer, too? The processing time for I-131 is usually faster than I-765 (9+ months for I-765 at NBC). I did not realize that they will send a separate card if you did not expedite so that is good news!
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