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  1. FYI. we got our IL this month (on Feb 9) so it might be that the next batch of ILs win’t go out until early March now.
  2. Thanks @appleblossom! I hope so - we are all a part of the same case and have the same appointment so should be ok. The worst thing that could happen is perhaps my husband’s passport and the rest of our passports arrive in separate shipments… still I wonder if I should enquire the embassy. Anyone know how easy it is to contact them with a question?
  3. So, I proceeded to register my husband’s details and left it at that…and then realized that I really should have registered all of us. so I then added the kids and myself, but now my husband is in one group and the rest of us are in a separate group…would this be an issue in any way at a later date? We are all listed with the same Case ID and the same intervew date/time, so hopefully registering the same appointment in two gos won’t matter…? (Now I’m worried 😩)
  4. We received our IL last week and are trying to register the appointment and passport collection. After entering all the details for my husband who is the main applicant, we were asked if we wanted to register any other applicants - do we need to do this for myself and the children? (My guess is no, since we are dependents) Perhaps @appleblossom can shed some light on this?
  5. @KevL You must have woken up to an IL this morning because I also did!! We are having our interview on March 15 🙂 My visa status on CEAC is still ‘At NVC’ though.
  6. Finally got my IL 🎉😭 DQ: Jan 3 Interview: March 15 Medical is already done so just have to sit patiently for another 5 weeks😅
  7. WOW congrats! So it probably means the Feb ILs are going out tomorrow??! What is your DQ date? We got DQ on Jan 3 and CEAC still says ‘At NVC’ 😅 It’s been a month since DQ so I was hoping we’d made the cutoff for Feb…
  8. Anyone else anticipating their IL this month? We were DQ on Jan 3, so hoping to get our IL very soon! I believe the ILs went out on the 13th last month, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks...
  9. No one seems to be reporting on the UK regional boards that they've received their ILs so they probably haven't gone out yet. Last month was Dec 13, so you might get your IL in the next coupe of days 🙂
  10. I thought your prediction was only for ILs for the London embassy! 😂 In any case, did you receive yours this morning? I hope you did!
  11. Oh wow, you definitely deserve an IL tomorrow morning then (unlike me who only got DQ on 2nd January 😅) - let's hope it happens tomorrow!
  12. We are yet to book our medical appointment but have just got the summary care records from the GP. Like you, we also have info from years ago listed as if it's ongoing - for example, my 14-year old son suffered from acid reflux as a baby and that's still listed as an ongoing condition! I haven't done anything to get that updated as 1) it's such a pain to request anything from our GP and 2) I'm kind of assuming that visa medicals have the common sense to not worry about this... but should I at least try and get it updated?
  13. @snm2212 Are you waiting for an IL yourself? If so, when did you get DQ?
  14. @Laulau I'd recommend a visit to the regional board: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/96-mexico-latin-south-america/
  15. Do you want to bet money on it? 😂
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