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  1. How are you writing the day, XX/YY or XX/YYYY. We got rejected because we wrote 22 for the year instead of 2022.
  2. Recieved biometrics notice. 2/2/2022 is the date of the ASC appt in Brooklyn.
  3. We just recieved our NOA1. 24 month ext. See you in about 2 or so years for the interview
  4. USCIS received on 24th. Just got a notification that CC was charged $680 a few minutes ago.
  5. Update: Got the rejection packet back from USCIS. They sent it priority mail. They said that check has expired or its in the future which iss impossible. It was dated 12/10/21. Anyway, I reprinted i-751, g1145 and i used a credit card with the original paperwork and submitted it overnight to USCIS today!
  6. Waiting for mail. Anyone know how long a rejected packet takes to receive?
  7. Askemma told us our petition got rejected due to improper filing. Need to wait for the mail back.
  8. Nothing yet. How did you receive initial rejection notice? USPS? Priority mail or regular mail?
  9. They may be slowing down NOA1s due to holidays. Still havent gotten any kind of update.. Been a week since delivery made via USPS.
  10. USCIS got our package on monday but no text yet and the check hasnt been cashed. Hopefully we hear soon.
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