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  1. So I assume it’s been touched because my date changed on my USCIS website account. It went from July 25th-October 17th. That means they’re doing something. They could be adding information, sending an RFE, close to approving, or just reviewing it, etc.... I just went on my USCIS online account. Is that what you’re talking about?
  2. Hey Everyone! My priority date is July 3rd 2020. I sent it via mail and I am at Nebraska. Touch: July 9th Touch: July 25th Touch: October 17th. I’m hoping yesterday’s touch means something 😁❤️ We shall see. Good luck to you all! I will keep you posted and I also hope to hear more from you all concerning your situations!
  3. Yeah! Thanks for adding that. I do know there are two more steps. I just have some personal (at home) goals I wanted to accomplish and was kind of attempting to get them done before the I-130 is accepted so I have free time to work on the NVC. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t hoping on something that is normally far from accurate 🙃😁, but it makes sense they’ll be focusing more on the marriage visas now since America isn’t dealing with the other ones at this time. Our embassy is still shutdown so I know we ain’t going anywhere too fast 🙄😂
  4. Hey Everyone, So my NOA 1 is from July 9th, 2020, I believe. My timeline is saying my I-130 should be “approved” (Lord willing) by December 26. It went from April 2021 to December 2020. The date keeps getting less and less with every other day. The USCIS website also says that Nebraska processing times went from 9-11 months, when I filed, to 6-8 months in the last two months. VisaJourney timeline thing is saying I could hear something by the end of the year. Are they normally accurate? Give or take a few weeks? I am watching it like a hawk and just want to know if I’m hoping for nothing and wasting my time? Or if it’s a pretty good indication? Obviously, it’s a computer, I just was curious how all of you faired with your “estimated” dates. Thanks in advance for any info 🙃
  5. My father, who will be my Joint Sponsor, is getting his SS retirement and naval retirement next year and will use that as proof to help get my husband to the states . Good to know someone else has done it!
  6. Yeah, they’re Americans, but they are very against America. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ They like America for what they can get out of it, but don’t like losing people to that “trap of Satan” across the sea. It’s just their own opinion. They’ve got nothing to back it up. I’m just glad we’ve seen it and can get away from it before trusting them with more information and stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. Okay, for now this is a hypothetical question. My husband and I have nothing to hide, we’re first loves, happily married, we applied for a marriage visa while living together abroad, have been BEST friends for 7 years, we have nothing that anyone could accuse us of “bad intentions” in this Visa process. We have recently gotten out of a manipulative church situation, here in Israel, where their MAJOR pet peeve was Israelis marrying Americans and moving to America. The church leaders are American themselves, they go to America whenever they care to, but they really hate when their people from their Israeli group move to the US. It’s like leaving the faith and turning to Satanism for them. 🙄 We got out of the church when we realized how bad stuff was getting, but we are a bit uncomfortable with the situation of them finding out about our applying to come to the US. We’re related to some of these people and they unfortunately found out about us one day moving. They were angry at us and said some manipulative stuff and told us that God would never bless us if we went to the US. Then we once heard one of the leaders say to someone else “We’ll do whatever it takes to make it to where you have to stay in Israel.” The leader said he’d write the people in charge and make sure they stayed put. This comment was said in jest to someone else, but my husband and I got nervous. We left the church, but they still write us, and have even sent other people to write us to find out information about what we’re doing. If these people wanted to try to do problems to us for our process, would the USCIS take their word over ours? If they said they suspected fraud to manipulate the situation, what would that do to us? I know they’d have nothing on us if they claimed it and needed proof to back up their claims, but I don’t know how USCIS works. I would hope they’d need proof 🥺❤️. I just want to be prepared if there was ever an issue. Thanks for answering with whatever you know. I hope this isn’t taken as a super weird question. Lol.
  8. My husband and I did all that too. I wouldn’t think there would be a red flag. In our case we applied 6 months after marriage (Pretty soon), we didn’t sign a prenup, and we never lived together because of religious reasons. So I don’t think those would be red flags.
  9. I used Boundless to begin with. They were SUPER Slow. They kept blaming it on Coronavirus. They told us something would take 3-4 days to review, then they said 8-10 days, then 3 weeks later I stilll hadn't heard anything and so I canceled their help and did it myself. Not sure if I did anything wrong just yet (USCIS has had my stuff since the first week of July so they still have time to send me an RFE), but I have been studying the topic for months, I've read other people's situations, and so I decided to file myself. We had lawyers here in Israel helping me with immigration on this end (just to let my husband and I be together here in Israel) They were pretty much not helpful, told us to commit fraud here in Israel (we didn't and were appalled), and they did absolutely nothing to help us. When they did do something useful, they charged an extra $500 after we paid them $5000 to help us. I was over the top with it all and decided to handle our American situation myself. I will do the best job out there because I actually care about our situation. With our lawyers here, I am still waiting on information we asked them about 2 months ago and they've yet to help me figure it out. I am very knowledgeable on politics, immigration issues, government rules. I've been involved with governmental stuff since 2012 and its a passion learning all about how stuff works. SO I am just trusting myself on this issues. I may have mess-ups, but I'm pretty convinced I will do a much better job than someone who's life isn't affected by if I get it or not. I will give my all and my best. I will say I was not so confident till I found Visa Journey. They helped give me the confidence I needed to file it myself.
  10. I’ve been researching a lot on the subject because I also am in a CR1 process. Trump has never touched on those situations in all of his Former “immigration plans”. He is primarily focusing on job related visas and their families. His plan from 2018 (maybe 2019?) was not touching anything with spousal immigration. If anything, I think he’s trying to make it somewhat easier. That’s what I heard, we shall see I think if anything, our biggest worry will be the USCIS putting people on furloughs. I don’t think Trump’s immigration overhaul is gonna affect people like us. I will say this, DO NOT believe everything written about this subject. Nobody knows what the heck theyre talking about anymore. Plus the media is doing their best to push fear and make people crazy. Read, but take each article with a grain of salt and follow this forum for updates.
  11. I know, I just meant sponsor our situation. I know it’s just for him. 🙃😁
  12. I have a few well off joint sponsors willing to sponsor us. I’ll pick one and we should be good then. I still have to file and sign an I-864 even if I haven’t made money since I left the US? Right? I would be willing to go back and work hard to get him here, it’s just life for him here isn’t good and without me, he’d be all alone. I don’t want to leave him unless it is the only way to bring him. My life in the states would be great and so I don’t want to be selfish and leave my poor husband. If a joint sponsor would work, I’ll just stick with that and show the USCIS my job opportunities (Letters of enployment) back home when proving to establish domicile. Okay, I won’t file for hardship because of that. That’s why I asked. I didn’t want to look super spoiled if our situation wasn’t a true hardship in their eyes. 🙃 It’s hard, but there are harder situations out there. Thank you all for all your wisdom on the situation!
  13. It was a mistake! I don’t know why it posted the original post. I edited it 🙈🙈
  14. My husband and I are living in Israel. He had a great job when we came here, had $10k in savings, we had a nice spot. Coronavirus hit, wiped out our savings due to shutdowns, we tried for Social security here and it was laughable what they gave. He’s tried getting 10 Different jobs and they all closed a day or two after he started working. 😕 Last I heard unemployment was like 23% here and it doesn’t look great economically. The leaders are killing people with the shutdowns and rules. my husband and I do not want to be pulled apart. We were apart for 7 years and 6600 miles. I can’t work here, I don’t know the language, my husband is bilingual and still can’t find a decent job. I have 5 job opportunities back home that are good jobs and will more than cover our cost of living, but we don’t want to be apart. can I apply for hardship to expedite the I-130? Should I try?
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