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  1. Me too, The lockdown thought me that everyone you meet is a blessing so cherish the moments good/ bad.. i took out yesterday to celebrate everyone I've met. Life is a gift 🎁
  2. First I'm going my knees to say thank you lord.. Secondly, I'm going to MVA to get my driver's license. The lockdown feels so long, i can't believe I've not left the house for almost 2months.. woww
  3. I got my ssn with the original documents back today.. it took 2working days... woww..
  4. Wow, its good to know you got your originals back.. looking forward to getting mine. Your original came first before the SSN
  5. I'm having this same issue, I got a job offer but when they saw it written on my ss card.. they said I should go change it first. SS office said I can mail my original documents to them but I don't know how safe it is..
  6. My social security card has my maiden name and valid to work only with DHS authorization only. My ead has my married name. I just got a job offer but they said I need to change the name on my ssn before I can proceed. I called SS office and they said I have to send in my original documents to change the name. Please, who has done it before and how safe is it? I need an advise.
  7. We're both Baltimore field office.. can you create a timeline so I can add you.
  8. What date is your NOA1? I've been looking out for someone whose document is also NBC . NBC looks like they are taking forever.. I pray mine comes through this March..
  9. Please is there anyone with 'case updated to show fingerprint was taken' that has their EAD approved after the change from 'fingerprint completed'.
  10. No, they didn't. But if you feel you need to go with it, you can go with all the documents you feel you need... What's important is when they ask you a question how you answer is what they look for at the interview. * Remember to look into the interviewers eyes, smile and answer truthfully. If you dont know the answer or understand the question just say it. Also pray on your arrival. Best of luck.
  11. I dont think you need bank statement.. I used tax return for 2years and paysubs..
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