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  1. Think this may be useful for those like me, who would like to know the earliest date to file for removal of conditions on the GC. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/filing-calculator-for-form-i-751-filing-jointly-with-your-spouse
  2. Just got this. Does anyone know if there’s a way to track this or how long it typically takes to reach recipient.
  3. Thanks. Filed on 02/22. But was received at USCIS office on 02/26. I wasn’t asked about the i994 but I was worried they’d ask so I printed a notice from USCIS website saying it only applied to applications postmarked on or after02/24. But I did not need to show it as it wasn’t asked for. I693 is vaccination records right? I didn’t need that as I brought vaccinations records from my home country and submitted it with my i485 application.
  4. Thanks. It wasn’t required for mine. I guess if I had brought it, they’d have accepted and filed them too.
  5. Had my interview at the Boston Field office today. like @probingoduke said, the list of docs that came with the interview letter is good enough, in my experience anyway. That’s ALL I went with. I (beneficiary) was called in first and went over the i485 form to verify if anything had changed. Only my new job was updated. Questions asked: -Name, D.O.B, spouse name, current address? -Do I have allergies, does my wife have? -Do we live in a house or apartment? -Single or double family house? -what floor of the house? -Does anyone live with us? -How many brothers do I have ? How many sisters? Any of them live in the U.S? -Do I smoke? Does wife smoke? -Previously married? - What did we eat last night? Where did we eat? -Did we eat together? -Who made the food? -Any tattoos on me? On my wife? What does it say? What part of the body? -Location of washing machine? How are they stacked/placed? -Any pets? -Do we rent or own? How much is the mortgage payment? -Any children, is wife pregnant? -where I work? Where wife works? Job title? -How did we get to the field office? How are we going back? Then he asked if I had any docs I wanted to show him. I showed him pics, insurance cards and credit cards. He asked if he could keep them, I agreed and he kept them on file. He asked If I had any questions for him... Then he walked me to the hall out one door and took my wife inside through another door making sure that there was no interaction between us. Went through the questions with my wife and told her we would get the card in mail within 2 weeks otherwise we should contact them. I got the “your case has been updated to ‘card is being produced’ “ text message before we got home.
  6. I almost did not go for my duplicate biometrics. In fact, I missed the day(11/13) because of my reluctance. But like you I became paranoid and just did a walk in yesterday. I had no hassles about wrong appointment date and they only took the index finger print. They later updated the i131 case.... if you can, just go. Better safe than sorry....
  7. Congrats. This is really detailed and helpful. Question though, why did you need the tax transcripts? And did they actually look at the docs? if so, which ones? Thanks.
  8. Not True. Got my permit in MA. Used my EAD card. No issues at all. Location was Brockton. Also went to Worcester RMV office to correct a mis-spelled name on the permit. No issues there as well.
  9. Hey guys. Finally got my EAD/AP combo card last week. I have a question about the Social Security Card though. I applied and got my SS card in February before the lockdown and on the card, it says "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" Now my question is do I need to have this card replaced with one that doesn't have that caveat or am I good to go? Bearing in mind that I now have the EAD. Thanks.
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