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  1. The other issue is that even after the I-130 is approved, it needs another 4-6 weeks to get set up at NVC, and NVC has slowed to a crawl now. We're talking 8-10 weeks to review documents. And if you make a mistake or need to resubmit something, that's another 8-10 weeks for review. Then at least another 4-8 weeks to get an interview in normal circumstances. I assume Guangzhou has a massive backlog since they haven't been interviewing immigrant visas for probably a month now. If the consulate closure continues you could also be looking at a massive delay in getting an interview date. It's an insanely messed up situation now.
  2. The biggest risk is that you I-485 gets denied while you are overseas which would invalidate the advance parole card, meaning you theoretically CBP should turn you away when you return to the US. If your case is "Ready to be Scheduled for Interview" odds are pretty close to zero it'd get denied unless you didn't get the interview notice and missed the interview. And there have been some pretty crazy storied of people getting back in to the US, one even without advance parole like in this legendary thread:
  3. No, it wouldn't. You should look into this in case the situation doesn't improve. If you file now depending on your location she may have the green card quicker than your CR1 is issued. My wife adjusted from a B2 (as did a few of her friends) and no one had any issues.
  4. Why not just adjust status?
  5. We were one of those horror stories where it took NVC 4 months to receive our petition. After the finally received it, they created our case # a week later, approved the docs 2 days after we submitted them, and we got an interview 3 weeks later - so I guess it evened out. But it was an unbearably stressful process. I high recommend calling once or twice a week until NVC confirms the petition has arrived (but may need another month or so to be created). Under normal circumstances, you are wayyy behind at NVC.
  6. Friday afternoons I would usually get put in the queue by my second or third attempt, then would need to wait 30-60 minutes before a rep finally took my call. Still much easier than trying to get a hold of a tier 2 USCIS rep.
  7. Photos don't matter at this stage. You can just bring them to the interview. In general: Don't take any chances with upload quality. Spending 5 minutes to get a good quality scan can save months if NVC rejects a document for being too blurry.
  8. I'm sorry you've had so many issues, but my reply was directed at Heidi9292 who is already in the US on a B2 visa and has a pending K1.
  9. Marry and adjust status. You'd have to do that anyways after the K1 is issued and you enter the US.
  10. They asked us for proof that I had met my stepdaughter. We brought along a bunch of photos.
  11. My stepdaughter had her interview in Guangzhou China Dec 2019. My wife flew back to attend the interview with her since the embassy requires kids under 14 to be accompanied by a parent. The asked my wife a lot of questions about her relationship with me (petitioner and stepfather), if we had any proof I had met my stepdaughter, and a bunch of other stuff. Straightforward, but we were expecting it to be a lot easier. They didn't ask my stepdaughter anything, except if she could recognize me in a photo we brought and if she wanted to go live in America. She was approved on the spot, got her visa 3 days later, and a week ago arrived in the US.
  12. A long time ago my wife also failed the blood test, but according to the doctor, the chest x-ray is (or at least was) the main factor in deciding whether someone was cleared or not. we never had to do any follow up treatment.
  13. For whatever my stepdaughter's docs were approved 2 days after we submitted them. We got an interview notice about two weeks after the approval (middle of the month when, afaik, the embassy notifies NVC of open slots). The interview was scheduled 3 weeks (!!) from the notice date... We had to scramble to arrange my wife's flight, arrange child care for our one-year old here in the US, rearrange work schedules... with hardly any lead time. But it all worked out.
  14. RamonGomez

    AP after Interview

    #######? 4 hours total? I've never heard of an immigration interview going that long, aside from the infamous Stokes AOS interview. Was the interviewer hostile? Was there a particular issues (eg communist party membership) that caused the interview to go that long?
  15. We got DQ 2 days after submitting the docs. But there was a 3-month delay at USCIS before NVC received the petition so we still came out "behind"... We never filed a formal expedite request, but one of the many reps I spoke to said "he'd look into it".
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