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  1. What is the date of the interview? Does it say "initial interview" or "second interview"? I would definitely call USCIS ASAP and see if you can get a T2 officer to confirm that there actually is an interview scheduled, and InfoPass if necessary. Seems really strange so I'd lean towards it being a mistake on their part (very common) but would definitely want to make sure. In the absolute worst case scenario you can always go to the interview with the GC in hand.
  2. My wife's friend was in a similar situation. Came to the US from China with not much education and broken English. She started as a server in a Chinese restaurant (low pay, grueling hours, awful boss) and then went to work Target ($13/hour, some benefits, much easier work), then to Delta Airlines, then to USPS where she is currently an hourly worker making $15/hour waiting for a full-time position. I think it's like a 5-year wait at this point, but the pay is over $20/hour with good benefits. Her husband is an Engineering manager at a medical device company so she doesn't have to work but insists on it. Honestly, I'd start focusing an getting a career in the trades from day one (electrician, plumber, HVAC, etc). Apply to any job even remotely applicable, even something like Home Depot would not be a terrible starter gig. Start watching YouTube videos related to the trade. Get an apprenticeship when able. A few months ago an electrician came to my house to do a few hours of work on a Saturday. I joked that I felt sorry for him having to work on a Saturday. He told me "don't feel bad, I get paid $50/hour on weekends, and there's still too much work"....
  3. Wow. It probably would've been faster just to refile and hope the second one didn't get lost. Can you reach out to your local congressman about this ?
  4. Similar situation. 8 weeks have passed since our petition was approved and I sent off an email w/the approval notice to NVCResearch - they replied a week later confirming that they had no record of received this petition, and that they'd reach out to USCIS. Our I-130 was approved at a field office, and I was able to get an InfoPass last week. Of course, it turned out to be useless since they just told me the petition was sent to NVC immediately after its approval, and that I should just wait another month. So frustrated right now 😭
  5. File ASAP because things have slowed down quite a bit.
  6. Mine says Approved. The letter said it was being sent to the NVC. I called NVC who told me that if they haven't received the case in 8 weeks, you need to reach out to NVCResearch so they can track down the petition. NVC should at least have the petition on hand, not necessarily entered in the system, 3-8 weeks after approval date. The I130 was approved at our local field office (NOT a service center) and I miraculously was able to schedule an InfoPass online for next week to ask why they still haven't sent the petition. Starting Aug 2019 the office will disable online scheduling.
  7. Thanks. I called NVC again and they still haven't even received the petition. The NVC person suggested reaching out to NVC research to find the petition since they should've at the very least received it now. I just sent them an email. I will call NVC and USCIS every Friday from here on out. Not great news 😐
  8. Thanks for this information. Just out of curiosity, how did you know it arrived (not entered, just arrived) at NVC? When I called, they basically said "we don't have it, call back in a few weeks". The USCIS online status page just says "Your case was approved". The letter in the mail did say it was going to be sent to NVC but it's been radio silence since then.
  9. My stepdaughter's I130 was approved May 9. The notice said to wait 30 days until calling. I called June 21 and the lady at NVC said they still hadn't received the I130 !!! Apparently now it's taking up to 10 weeks to receive and enter the cases.... and this is after a 9 month wait for the I130 to be approved. At this point I'm hoping we can get my stepdaughter hear by Christmas! 😱😱
  10. Given that you weren't married long enough to finish AOS, I don't think assets or alimony will be an issue. Not like she can come back to the US to use you lol.
  11. I think this may, in the best case scenario, help to equalize waits. Kind of like at the supermarket, there's the (1) one line per each register setups or the (2) one long line for all the registers. The second scenario basically makes everyone's wait time the same. The first one lets some people fly through, while others wait forever while some old dude writes a check to pay and argues about the price of desonex.
  12. Our I130 was approved early May, about 6 weeks ago. I called NVC and they said it can now take up to 8 weeks for them to receive it. These waiting times are absolutely insane. Praying that the case didn't get lost somehow.
  13. Rather than sending dozens or hundreds of applicants to an office 2-4 hours away, wouldn't it make sense to send a few immigration officers to a neighboring office for temporary duty? For example, send 2 Portland officers to Seattle for a week, then send 2 different officers the next week, and so on. I know CBP/Border Patrol does this - apparently a lot of airports have seen increased wait times because of officers getting sent to the southern border for temporary duty assignment. Seems this is meant to "equalize" wait times rather than speed them up. Similar to having each cash register have its own line versus one master line with people going to a register as it opens up.
  14. I mean, CBP admits something like 99.95% of visitors... should we abolish them as well? It's a deterrent. I think those on a K1 should be absolved of ROC , and for the remaining couples, ROC should only be mandatory if the first AOS interview was borderline. And maybe a very small fraction of cases at random (like an IRS audit). My guess is that USCIS can do 5% of the work they do now and still catch 80% of the problems.
  15. Thanks for the information. I really hope you mean 2-3 hours, not days ....
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