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  1. Sounds like you should be able to go to the Shanghai PSB (or possibly the Ningbo PSB) for your household records which shoold also include your birth information. A white book Notarial Certificate of birth can be generated from thos information This is exactly what everyone born in China prior to 1996 faces.
  2. You have a U.S. passport, which should suffice. How was your birth recorded? What document did you use to get the passport?
  3. RandyW

    AP after Interview

    They don't keep the passport unless they are ready to put a visa in it. It usually takes around 2 weeks - maybe 3.
  4. They look at your income, not your tax payments. DO NOT alter anything on the transcripts. You should be submitting tax return transcripts, not tax account transcripts.
  5. I would recommend that you send her a copy of your marriage certificate - it may help when exiting China, especially with the airline clerks. The green card is, in effect, a valid visa, but they will need to know that they are the same person.
  6. RandyW

    AP after Interview

    They don't ask to keep the passport until they are ready to put a visa in it.
  7. She IS "work authorized" by the K1 visa, but for 90 days only. This qualifies her for an SS card, which she would otherwise be unable to get without the EAD card. It is VERY unlikely that she would be able to find a job before she applies for the EAD card.
  8. You need to apply for the SS within that 90 day window, or wait for EAD. I forget what the latest day within that window is - you can apply NOW, however, based on the K-1 visa work authorization.
  9. Emails need to be sent through their email form (a web page) Email: Please use our Immigrant Visa Unit Inquiry Form to contact IV Unit by email.
  10. Call 11183. They will all but walk it to her front door for you http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html
  11. EMS is an international UN postal consortium (including US and China), which delivers to ANY address in China with door-to-door and signature tracking. The others (FedEx, DHL, and UPS) only deliver in the bigger markets.
  12. There are plenty of REASONS why Winnie might not continue his reign, including his age, and the fact that continuing down his path would be a big risk. Yes, his apparent level of stature and control are there - much the same as Trump's ongoing campaign rallies. You never know what bubbles under the surface. We are 200 km west of Guangzhou, in Yulin, Guangxi.
  13. Just to make sure you get a notification The removal of term limits was ostensibly done to bring the Presidential term in line with his other two titles, head of the military, and Communist Party chairman, which have never had term limitations - NOT to make him "president for life". We won't know anything before 2022.
  14. Chinese Presidents are elected to 5 year terms. Xi is up for re-election in 2022. The "restriction" is that he will need to WANT to be re-elected, and then BE re-elected. Neither is assured. This is from Nikkei Asian Review Xi poses a riddle and reignites speculation about his successors Talk of a 'President Chen Min'er' and 'Premier Hu Chunhua' swirl in capital Quote
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