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  1. My interview was around 15minutes. Came with my wife as I still had a pending I-751 ROC, but the IO only asked her like 2 simple questions. No problems or issues at all. All positive and professional. I was approved on the spot and the IO told me it may take around 6 weeks to get scheduled for oath. Now I know it took nearly 8 weeks. The IO said its just all system-based, not manual, so I think once there's a large enough group, the system schedules them all together. So depending on when your interview is, you may wait longer for more people or wait short if they already have a large group. But that's just my guess based on what I was told. As for civics prep - I learned from the official mobile app (USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools) on iOS. I just kept taking a few quizzes daily for a week or two before the interview. As for English prep - I only reviewed some vocabulary for writing test (mainly spelling check) from here https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/guides/M-1122.pdf Good luck!
  2. There you go @MunnoTheCat !!! Glad to see things finally speeding up for you as well. Interesting how we filed around the same time and had the same field office and got completely different timelines. I guess it often varies on case by case basis. Either way - I found a few people on the FB N-400 group that said they waited around 2-3months for their oath after being interviewed at the Holtsville office. And it is the same in my case. So it may also be the same in your case. But at least its moving forward. Good luck!!
  3. Finally got my Oath Ceremony scheduled today. The Oath will be on 3/7/2024 on Long Island. Had my interview 12/13/2023 and got approved on the spot, but kept waiting for the oath to be scheduled. Good luck to everyone who's still in the process!
  4. Anybody after the interview but still waiting for the ceremony to be scheduled? Its been 4 weeks on "Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled".
  5. Thanks @itscarly that's interesting. Yeah it looks like I'm stuck on "Oath ceremony will be scheduled" which you didn't even get. I wonder if it really means that they are still doing some kind of review/background check or whatever else that prevents my application from being scheduled already. Either way, not much I can do about that, so I'm just going to wait for any updates. Thanks!!
  6. @itscarly Great to hear. What were your status updates on N400 after the interview? These are mine (and still waiting to be scheduled for ceremony), but I have noticed some people also get one more update, something like "you application was placed in line for oath ceremony...". Did you get that update as well?
  7. Just had my interview today. It was a combo I-751 and N-400, but the I-751 part was very short and easy (generally just questions how we met, we both answered that describing the story). They said the documentation we supplied when we sent original I-751 was sufficient and did not need anything else (I did submit some most recent bank statements, phone plans etc to the N400 application online a few days before the interview though). Then, my wife was asked to step back a bit, and we proceeded with the civics test and reading/writing tests. All nice and easy. Very friendly. Then we walked through the N-400 application. The whole thing took maybe 20min total. Approved on the spot (both I-751 and N-400). Should be getting my ceremony scheduled in around 4-6 weeks, so sometime in January. No updates in my USCIS account so far (but the interview was only a couple hours ago). Glad to be almost done. Good luck everyone!
  8. As for the estimated processing time, 2 weeks ago it went from 6 months to 7months, and now it is at 9 months. But I got my interview scheduled last week. So not sure how helpful/accurate that is. Just keep checking your status daily or a few times a week and it will update soon
  9. @Kupitr Its the same for me - I got a regular N-400 interview notice, but nothing about my spouse or I-751. I am nearly sure its going to be a combo interview anyway, so just bring your spouse to the interview just in case!
  10. @Meekmil how did you know it would be a combo interview - did your i-751 case status update to show interview scheduled? Or did you get any other notice that said it would be a combo interview? I have N-400 interview scheduled, but no updates with my I-751, so I assume it will be combo but unsure how i can confirm that. Also, how did you request same-day oath, did you just attach such request together with the N-400 application?
  11. Ok I just sent the letter (uploaded it to the evidence list). Hopefully they'll take a look at this before the actual interview. I could also try messaging them through the online account ("send a message") to confirm, but not sure if that's necessary. I think at this point I'll just plan on coming to the interview with my wife and expect a combo interview anyway. Thanks again!
  12. Actually nevermind, looks like I found the example letter here!
  13. Ah ok, good to know. In that case I'll upload the letter now, so hopefully they'll still see it before the interview. Is there any particular template/form for this, or did you just write 2-3 sentences that you request a joint I-751 and N-400 interview and provided the i751 pending case number?
  14. To the people who have already had interview lately - did you specifically ask for a combo interview? How did you do that? Did you call USCIS? Or did you see any updates on the i-751 case before your interview? Additionally, how did you ask for the same-day oath ceremony? Did you ask at the interview or call earlier to see if that's possible?
  15. The status changed today to Interview Was Scheduled! Looks like it will be December 13th. No updates on my I-751 though, should I expect any updates to show up on that case? I expect this to be a combo interview, but there's no indication of that anywhere. @MunnoTheCat If I remember correctly, we are at the same FO, so I suppose they may schedule you any day now.
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