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  1. Our I-129 PD is July 1st, I’m crossing my fingers so hard! Our I-130 pd is Sept 21st.
  2. Congratulations!! Our I-130 PD is Sept 21st 2018, our I-129 PD is July 1st 2019... Fingers crossed! If this works, we might hear back in 2 weeks.
  3. Following your advice, we filed ours this weekend They will receive it today at the lockbox. Our PD is Sept 21st 2018... We also have our senator and congressman checking on our case. Maybe some of this or a combination of all will make things move forward. I’m getting pretty drained from the separation and back and forth.
  4. That’s good. I read a post on here once, from a member who always seems pretty knowledgeable (I think I’ll mess it up if I try writing his alias name!). He said it’s better to go by the information we give each other (ie updating our timeline or what you just did) and Case Tracker, since it’s more accurate. The processing times given by USCIS include the oldest cases they have currently, which can be misleading. We know there are some people from at least May 2018 who still haven’t been approved right? That’s 13 months ago, and right now they’re working on July, which is 11 months go. So it would make sense. Maybe they have some kind of obligation to mention the oldest cases too, but it doesn’t mean it’s going take 14 months for the majority of people to hear back. Just trying to be optimistic 🙂💪🏻
  5. I don't think anyone here is hoping to get a K3. We're just desperate to find a way to get our I-130 approved faster and not have to wait a year or more for the first step only.
  6. Do you need to go through the AOS procedure when on a K3? My understanding was that you can enter the US, work etc until your I130 is approved and your green card is issued? I've been looking up the costs that you're talking about but can't seem to find them.
  7. I live in Montreal and I'll be moving down to Missouri don't know if that changes anything?
  8. Hi guys! I'll be moving down to the US next year and I will need a car once I'm there. I'm trying to figure out if I should: 1) buy my car here in Canada, drive down with it and all of my things in it and import it? 2) OR fly down/ship my belongings then buy my car in the US? I'm trying to figure out which way is best, considering taxes at the border, the hassle that it may be to get the importation paperwork, the exchange rates, average price of cars in the US vs Canada (I still don't know where is cheaper), etc. Any advice? Thank you!
  9. Hey guys! I'm a French citizen living in Montreal and I'm still unsure of where to take my interview... Montreal would be more convenient but I'm afraid of the waiting times. The Paris embassy doesn't look too bad but I don't have much data on it. I'm in NSC so I think I'll have waited long enough by then, haha. Is this backlog usual for Montreal? Is it for all visas or do some wait longer than others? My husband (he's the USC) and I have applied for a CR1. Any advice would be appreciated!
  10. Sounds like that means us too... They don't say if it applies to spouses abroad or if it's only AOS when already in the US.
  11. I feel the same way, I try to enjoy where I am now knowing that I’ll be with my husband eventually but I check VJ and the USCIS website obsessively... I just want my “real life” to start already and I’m tired of being in limbo. Also the processing times getting longer and longer are very concerning... since we applied in September our estimated date got pushed back 5 months! God knows what will happen between now and the approval.
  12. Hi, would you please tell me if you asked for an expedite? We share the same PD and I'm curious as to how you got approved so fast. Thank you and congratulations!

  13. Hey, we have two different dates on our NOA1 and everywhere else (mycasestatus on https://egov.uscis.gov , CaseTracker, and the USCIS app). Our NOA says received on September 26th, while the others say September 21st. Which one do you think we should go by?
  14. According to VJ, someone from Sept 21st and someone from November 3rd already got approved by Nebraska? 🤔
  15. Salut fellow Frenchie I’ve been living in Canada for a few years but I’m originally from France too. At least the embassy in Paris is quite quick!
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