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  1. Hey all! I have a question: how does NVC reach out to the beneficiary regarding the packages to send? Email or mail? I ask because I just moved apartments and I don't know if I'm supposed to let them know. My husband (the USC/petitioner) still lives in the same place. I know we're supposed to let USCIS know if the petitioner moves but I don't know if it applies to the beneficiary too.
  2. Congrats and thank you for letting us know 😊 one week since NOA2 for us so it’s helpful to get this feedback.
  3. From what I hear, they cannot deny your I129 without a reason, and I believe the only one would be that you don’t need it anymore because your I130 was approved. I’m 99% confident they approved yours 😁
  4. Thank you guys!! I'm grateful for this forum, it's an incredible support system. Good luck to everyone still waiting for NOA2 and bring on NVC. 🙏💪
  5. WE GOT APPROVED!!! Another I-129 success story! I130 PD: Sept 21st 2018; I129 PD: July 1st 2019. I absolutely cannot believe it! It feels unreal!
  6. I'm sooooooo confused as to how they work. I know, everybody is haha. But still... I've filed for both 130 and 129 before the past two couples and still haven't gotten approved Our case shouldn't be a complicated one though. And then there's the fact that no one hears the news the same way (app, website, email, snail mail, calling). I am happy for you guys though. Also the app stopped working for me on August 2nd, I simply can't check my cases or refresh the screen... Anybody else has that issue?
  7. Congratulations!! That is awesome news, especially since you get to celebrate together! I'm really envious though, our I130 PD is Sept 21st 2018, our I129 PD is July 1st 2019... And I'm from France, even though currently living in Canada. So very similar to your husband but I'm still waiting with no idea what to expect also I don't even know where to look for updates since some people get the snail mail when nothing online has been updated, for some others it's only the email, others don't receive anything and only find out when they decide to call. I'm losing hope.
  8. Rose__

    Hi! Congratulations on your approval! May I ask if you expedited or did anything in particular to be approved faster than normal? Thank you!

  9. Hi! Congratulations on your approval! May I ask if you expedited or did anything in particular to be approved faster than normal? Thank you!

  10. Me too... It’s been a month and a day since our I-129 NOA1, if the pattern stays the same we could hear back any day now... but I’m losing hope 😔
  11. Our I-129 PD is July 1st, I’m crossing my fingers so hard! Our I-130 pd is Sept 21st.
  12. Congratulations!! Our I-130 PD is Sept 21st 2018, our I-129 PD is July 1st 2019... Fingers crossed! If this works, we might hear back in 2 weeks.
  13. Following your advice, we filed ours this weekend They will receive it today at the lockbox. Our PD is Sept 21st 2018... We also have our senator and congressman checking on our case. Maybe some of this or a combination of all will make things move forward. I’m getting pretty drained from the separation and back and forth.
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