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  1. @PatrickKD @portorusa Hey, I have a quick question for you guys Since your I-130 was already approved, did you still resend the entire package (proof of bona fide relationship, etc.), or simply the I-485 + notice of I-130 approval? If the former, what difference does it make that the I-130 has already been approved? I ask because mine is approved, my interview in Canada for April was cancelled and I'm considering doing AOS since I'm currently visiting my spouse. Trying to figure out if that'd be legal and how to go about it.
  2. Bonjour tout le monde I’m a French citizen living in Montreal. My husband and I are supposed to go see my family in France for 2 weeks mid-March but we’re suddenly quite worried about the covid19 situation... I’m supposed to have my interview in April or May (most likely April) but we’re worried about being quarantined or having my interview cancelled due to travels in Europe. The situation seems to evolve quickly in Italy for example. I was wondering if the topic came up during your medical exams recently, or at the interview in Paris? Here I know that applicants have been asked at the consulate if they have been or are planning to go to China. I guess what we’re worried about is what if by the time we visit and come back, it’s evolved in France and it becomes an issue at the interview here in Montreal... Would love to hear about you guys’ experiences!
  3. Yes that is what I was thinking, it wouldn't be a problem to stay there from early Feb to mid-March and then have my planned vacation... Thank you for taking the time to give me your opinion. Is 3 weeks-2 months from DQ/CC to Interview the usual average? From recent timelines I would say yes but I have been so focused on the Canadian threads that I haven't paid a lof of attention to the French one
  4. Okay, I understand... That is good to know. And considering the fact that I work from home and could be on vacation in France while working for my employer here (meaning no real time constraints or deadline) would your recommendation stay the same? I do appreciate your input and I'm not trying to be stubborn, I just want to be as strategic as possible Thank you.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's either citizenship or residence 😕 either way, they would simply tell me no when I ask for the transfer, no? Do you mean you would not take the risk because of my possibly wrong expectations regarding the dates, or because of the fact that the transfer might no be authorized? This is driving me crazy, we just can't plan anything 😒 we're almost there though!
  6. THIS ^ is making me seriously consider switching consulates... 😣 I'm a French citizen living in Canada. The consulate here has a big backlog of about 4-5 months from DQ to Interview. They have been catching up and I just got DQ yesterday December 9th. It's likely I'll have my interview in March-April. My spouse (the USC) and I are planning a trip in March to go see my family in France. I have a feeling this is when they're going to give me my interview date, either during the trip or right before and I won't have my passport... I'm debating (for about the 4th time since starting the process haha) whether or not I should try to have the interview moved over to France... My spouse doesn't have that much flexibility in vacation dates, the 2 weeks in March are blocked but if we miss that window we won't be able to go or at least not together. Of course we haven't booked the tickets yet, as we don't know 1) where I'll be by then 2) if we'll be able to go. So by the time we know more we might end up paying crazy price for our tickets. Is a few weeks the norm to get an interview date at the Paris Consulate? Any input will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. We just got DQ Finally! Good luck to everyone still waiting. First submission October 10th Second submission (docs accepted but asked for proof of status in Canada) October 22nd
  8. I first submitted on October 10th, they approved all the documents on October 16th but asked for a proof of my status here (I'm a French citizen). The system was down so I could only submit that on October 22nd. We've been waiting since
  9. Hey! Has anybody had any luck reaching NVC past the early hours of the morning? 😕 it's 1.45pm EST now and I'm trying but every time it goes straight to the voice message. It typically takes 2-3 days for us it really was 3 full business days.
  10. Exact same dates as you for first and second submissions! Everything was accepted on the 16th but they asked for a proof of my status in the country where I live now and where I'll be taking my interview. Submitted on the 22nd when the maintenance stopped... Now we're waiting I hope it won't be too much longer! And congratulations!
  11. Has anyone got in touch with NVC to ask how long the maintenance is supposed to go on for?
  12. This is a "theory" I've read and it makes a lot of sense to me... Meaning, why would they spend time reviewing one's case now when they know they won't be able to schedule their interview for another 6 months, if they can work on someone else's and clear it out now? I sympathize though, my consulate is very slow too! But we've already come this far Gosh I'm so upset at this maintenance thing! I'm trying to be patient but it's so annoying. It's hard not to get paranoid and start thinking they're doing this on purpose
  13. Omg the website is still down......... do we know how long this is supposed to last?
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