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  1. Thank you. Do you know if police reports can be issued online? I have no plans to return to Canada. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I am the beneficiary of a K1 visa. My fiance is in the process of filling out the I-129f. I have a question regarding listing all the addresses which I have lived in over the past 5 years. I am from Australia, but I have spent some time living/working in Canada over a 2 year period on/off on a working holiday VISA. When living in Canada I stayed with friends for months at a time and never had a place of my own. Do I need to list every address I stayed at? Here is a brief history of the past 5 years. My mailing address has not changed in 5 years and that has always been in Australia, but my physical address has changed as below: November 2017- CURRENT: lived/ worked in Australia August 2017- October 2017: lived/ worked in Canada for 3 months (different address to below) December 2016- July 2017: lived/worked in Australia for 6 months May 2016- November 2016: lived/ worked in Canada (had 2 different jobs and two different addresses over 6 month period) My question is (in case I have not been clear), should I list the addresses/ jobs of when I lived in Canada even though they were of such a short time period and because I always stayed with friends and never had a lease in my name for all my Canadian addresses? I hope this makes sense. I appreciate your help. Yvette
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