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  1. I wasn't aware of this. So if I keep my time out of the US less than 180 days, would that be OK? Or would that still set me back?
  2. Can you help me understand the I-131 in more detail? Does it allow me to be out of the US longer than 180 days?
  3. I plan to go to Australia in July 2022. Yes, I was planning on being outside the US more than 180 days. That's why I was wondering if I can submit my ROC application from Australia and get an extension letter sent there. But, as mentioned if this is a problem, I will return to the USA to lodge my application. I am eager to spend extended time in Australia as I haven't seen my family in over two years and they have not yet met my son. It may seem irrational to not wait until after I have lodged ROC to go to Australia, but I have been separated from my family for so long as it is. I want them to meet my son asap. Thanks for your insight. I appreciate it.
  4. Hi all! I have a couple questions I would love your input on... First of all to give you some background, my conditional green card is due to expire in March 2023. I am planing to go to Australia for a few months in July to see my family who I have not seen since pre-covid. 1. Do I have to be in the US to file ROC? (Sorry if this seems like a silly question) 2. Do all ROC require biometrics, if so how long after filing does this usually get scheduled? 3. Do all ROC require an interview? 4. Lastly I will return to America to lodge my ROC if needed. But after I receive my extension letter can I return to Australia? Thank you!!!
  5. Thank you. I am in a bit of a tricky situation because I want to return to Australia to see my family and plan to stay for a few months, but leaving Australia again isn't as simple as it once was. Hopefully, by next year things will change and I will be able to return and apply for my ROC. I just want to be prepared in case I can't. Is there an average wait time between submitting ROC and biometrics being scheduled? I understand it is likely to be different for everyone, but I'm just curious. Thanks.
  6. Is it permitted to submit ROC paperwork from overseas? I plan to be in Australia at the time that I need to apply for ROC. Do I need to be in the US to apply? Sorry if this question has been asked. Feel free to redirect me to a post of the same nature if someone has asked this already. Thank you.
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