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  1. @Donald120383 My job is very physical in nature and Ive been working a lot of 16 hours shifts and that's been helping a lot to keep my mind off of things. I sent my paperwork off so that part is over and a lot of the stress is alleviated. Still have a lot ahead though.
  2. Change is so hard for some people. Harder than others. Any sort of change at work for example kicks my anxiety into high overdrive
  3. As far as I know standard deduction is the way to go unless you paid an exorbitant amount. Taxes made me mad this year.
  4. Chicken fried rice. I've eaten like absolute sh*t today my organs probably hate me.
  5. Stupid dummy utah state has my stupid taxes in limbo and I'm anxious to get my friggin taxes done and over with. I hate tax season with a passion.
  6. So to make story short I filed my taxes with an online software (pretty reliable; I've used it before) yesterday and while my federal tax was accepted immediately; my state tax is still pending! ARGH! Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wanting to file so early so I have the tax transcripts for my fiance's K1 interview down the line. Has anyone else experienced this when they e-filed for their taxes? This has never happened to me before. Both state and federal are usually accepted within minutes of my turning it in (granted I filed near the tax deadline all previous times because I had no reason to do them earlier than necessary)
  7. I would have it retaken just to err on the side of caution because it does look like that.
  8. I am sending in a copy of both front and back of my birth certificate. I scanned two pages out of my passport with the stamps (about 16 stamps total). They are out of an older passport (stamps are within the two years) and I used that passport because it has accumulated more stamps than my new passport. Am I okay to just do the two pages of passport stamps; since it's just evidence of my being there in the past two years?
  9. Too late. Already printed a cashiers check this afternoon. Fingers are just crossed that I they are delivered without incident.
  10. I understand! Same. Im a perfectionist so things have to be perfect and “just so” or else it gives me anxiety Thanks!
  11. Did you use usps overnight? Also did you send that to the PO Box in Dallas? Or did you send to Lewisville
  12. I understand but at sAustria doesn’t seem like it’s a high fraud because it’s such a wealthy country and I think it’s a visa waiver country as well(?)
  13. The only thing I could lose out on is if USPS f*cks up and loses my package... I guess I could request for my package to be insured. $535 is not cheap
  14. What kinds of attachments? I signed the last page on page 13 on I-129F, we signed both our letters of intent, and I signed my cover letter, and my declaration on how we met. That should be sufficient right? I scanned all 49 pages that is going into my package today. It was a hassle but I think having a copy of the information is going to be really worth it.
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