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  1. I should qualify *. I looked more into it and more than likely will make too much for it. Oh well! We will look into other options. Thankfully we aren’t scrambling and I have plenty of time to do my homework on some insurances available through the marketplace!
  2. My income is not too low thankfully! We were looking more towards affordability than desperation anyway we have a lot of options it was just worth exploring since a lot of people I know used CHIP with their kids. But since our situation is a little different we will just utilize either the marketplace or when my husband is Eligible to start working see if his family insurance premiums would be more reasonable. Thank you!
  3. Thanks guys; looking into it I probably wouldn’t even be eligible for it. Thank you. Researching more into it we more than likely would not qualify anyway. I will lean more toward using the marketplace for the baby or when my husband starts working (when he gets his ead) to see if the family plan where he works is more affordable!
  4. We just recently found out we are pregnant while my husbands AoS is pending! Just was wondering what alternatives were available other than my work insurance as it’s very expensive for both me and baby to be on it! My husband is waiting on his green card interview. just was wanting thoughts on possibly using CHIP for the baby when he/she is born. I qualify with my income. I just don’t want anything to adversely affect my husbands immigration journey down the road ! If it will we will go another route.
  5. Really hoping his EAD goes through soon! USCIS received it February 25th 😕 Seems like people behind us are getting their bios before we do. Not bitter just confused?
  6. We are still waiting on a biometrics appointment! Has anybody without a priority date gotten their appointment set up yet?
  7. We finally received the NOA1s in the mail the other day Just something happy to report. Thank you everyone for your updates.
  8. What form of payment did you send in? We did a personal check and it showed that it was cashed on the 25th; exactly one month after it was delivered.
  9. Just wanted to update everyone: We FINALLY have had our check cashed!!!! Our timeline was as so: Sent 02/11/2021 Delivered 02/25/2021 Check Cashed: 03/25/2021 NOA 1 : TBD Thanks to all that have helped us!
  10. Thank you! Wow yours sounds like it was fast. You have your NOA1 already? Or did you just get a notification that it was received and are still waiting for yours? Ours shows delivered as far as usps tracking is concerned; but unfortunately We didn’t include the e-notification form so no updates until we get that NOA1 in hand!
  11. I hear that they are no longer going to accept the 10/15/2019 edition starting April 19th. Hopefully they open our stuff before then and they wouldn’t give us an RFE It was delivered 2/25/2021. Hopefully the postmark will mean something.
  12. Hey there! Congrats 🎈🎉🍾🎊 but I’m confused by your timeline I guess. How were your checks cashed on 2/12/21 but you are saying they are cashed today?
  13. That’s great for them! They did send it in though before the lockbox released that statement which was on the 8th stating the delays though, and it sounds like that persons paperwork was received before that notice. Just something to keep in mind. Hopefully things start revving up soon though with the vaccine and all that!
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