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  1. Sorry, that wasn't a question.. I basically just went back to the instructions to see if it had anything specific about 3 years of qualifying income! As for this, I guess I will add all my paystubs from 2020 as well.. my income has come from the same company since Dec 2017 so hopefully it will work. Thanks for the input!
  2. Item Numbers 23.a. - 25. Federal Income Tax Return Information. You must provide either an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transcript or a photocopy from your own records of your Federal individual income tax return for the most recent tax year. If you believe additional returns may help you to establish your ability to maintain sufficient income, you may submit transcripts or photocopies of your Federal individual income tax returns for the three most recent years. You are not required to have the IRS certify the transcript or photocopy unless specifically instructed to do so by a Government official; a plain transcript or photocopy is acceptable. Do not submit copies of your state income tax returns. Do not submit any tax returns that you filed with any foreign government unless you claim that you were not required to file a Federal individual income tax return with the United States Government and you wish to rely on the foreign return solely to establish the amount of your income that is not subject to tax in the United States. If you provide a photocopy of your Federal individual income tax returns, you must include a copy of each and every Form W-2 and Form 1099 that relates to your returns. Do not include copies of these forms if you provide an IRS transcript of your Federal individual income tax returns rather than a photocopy unless you filed a joint income tax return with your spouse and are qualifying using only your income.
  3. I completely understand that, thank you! That's what I thought as well, wanted to make sure I had it right You mentioned 3 years of qualifying past income? I didn't know I needed that 😨 My income for 2018 and 2019 qualifies but I started working end of 2017 so I don't have any income for that year. Will I need a joint sponsor?
  4. Got it, just wanted to make sure that was the case. Thanks!!
  5. I don't, because if I continue with my job, I won't need one. I make over 80k a year so I hadn't thought of getting a joint sponsor..
  6. Hi! I am not sure which forum is this best suited to, but I have a question: I (USC) would like to go visit my husband in India around the time he has his interview. Our family wants us to have a religious ceremony around August, and we're looking at Nov for the interview hopefully, (but I'm not sure how long it will take and I don't know if I'll be able to leave work that long) My question is, can I leave my job to be with him for about 2-3 months? Common sense and everything I've read on this process tells me I can't be unemployed. Will I need to have another job offer in hand with a start date and a signed contract/salary to show that I can still sponsor my husband? I can't just be in India for a few months and not have a job, even though my tax transcripts for the last three years will be well above the poverty line? Sorry if this makes your eyes roll, and thanks for all input in advance
  7. I do see a bunch of photos and the cover letter. Also my passport size photos. Not the actual form though. No other document either
  8. Hello everybody! I created an account as per the directions we received with our NOA1. I was just curious what this means for our case/to the officers. They've uploaded a part of the petition (the .tif file includes the cover letter, my passport size photograph and some other evidence). What exactly is this? Also, should I be using the 'Upload documents' section at all? Thanks!!
  9. We first got a text with the IOE# and then snail mail from TSC yesterday. PD 09/27, NOA1 10/02
  10. We got our NOA1 from Texas Service Center today, PD 09/27/2019
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