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  1. I don't think that USCIS would even have a way to know about you filing for a Partner Visa. I would totally do if that is what you want to do (I don't blame you).
  2. Hmm. I don't have a huge experience in the matter but I would just submit the 2017 tax return with an additional page saying he hasn't filed since 2017. Did he state his job and income on any of the forms you have submitted yet? I don't think that unless you guys have stated that he had a job that there would be an issue. I don't know if there is a way for the US government to know whether a foreigner hasn't filed taxes or was required to. But I might be wrong. I also don't think it would make a huge difference if you he did owe 12k Aud to the Aus gov as far as moving here goes as long as he has a payment plan and does go delinquent on it.
  3. So. I was thinking today about our SSN options and what I could do to get him one. I thought, hmm what proof would they need for a public health care need to get an appointment? Knowing how disconnected all these offices are just with their own information and rules I doubt they would know too much about the visa/green card rules with public benefits, also the public market place is "public health care". So I thought, what if I told them he needed public healthcare for this type 1 diabetes. So I did just that. I called them and told them my fiance came here a little bit ago and he's looking for ssn for public health care. They asked if it was a dire need and I said yes and told him about the diabetes and the short length of time we have to get him a ssn. He talked to his supervisor and took his name and number told me what he needed to bring with him to the appointment. Then he said that someone would contact him this week about scheduling an appointment. I mean I dunno if it will actually pan out but there's some hope. I still haven't heard anything back from the senator or anything. But I will keep you guys posted if and when I hear anything *fingers crossed*
  4. Yay! Congrats! Hopefully that means they will be processing visas and doing interviews again. Thats exciting news!
  5. I'll let everyone know if or when I hear back from the senator. And/or if I hear anything from the offices. We're running out of time to get his SSN prior to filing the EAD. I wonder if we could file the for the EAD and then ask for an expedite on it which would provide him with a SSN. Hmm.
  6. I emailed our local senator this morning. I hope we hear back within the week. I'm going to call the Social Security office after their lunch (I find people more agreeable after they have eaten) and see what they have to say (not super hopeful tbh).
  7. Yeah we have said that that he needs an ssn to get health insurance because he's a type 1 diabetic and they have been super sympathetic but there rules say that its only if its "public" health care. And in order to get an appointment for employment reasons they actually have to have a job and just needs an ssn for the employment paperwork. I was told that a job offer was not enough. I've called several offices local and out of state trying to find answers and apparently each office is managed individually but they have guidelines that have to follow. There were a couple offices that had no idea what I was talking about. I have been trying to get an appointment for him 5 days after his arrival into the States. Actually I started calling two days before he left Australia to try and get information. I've seen people on VJ get there ssn during the covid shut down but they are few. I had some luck with one office when they told me to contact my state senator to explain my situation and ask for the office to grant me an appointment. I have yet to do so. With everything going on I kind of got disheartened tbh. I might actually try that over the weekend and see if next two weeks we get a response.
  8. Np, thanks for letting us know where you're at too. I wish something in this process was as straight forward as it should have been. At least we have gotten this far! This journey has taught me patience and to expect the unexpected, thats for sure.
  9. They are going to call me back on monday too. I doubt it will be anything different then I've already been told.
  10. Will do, I'm on the phone with them atm. I don't have high hopes.
  11. I actually was about to call my local office again. I have been told that but then they said they need original documents, that includes your passport. Which obviously is a bad idea to send your passport when you need it with you at all times because it has your visa/entry date and ID in it. I would call them to double check.
  12. Thanks, yeah it's been quite a terrible year for everyone I think. Their death wasn't even covid related either. It was sudden and aggressive cancer.
  13. No we haven't applied yet, there have been lots of hold ups for us getting married. (A family member passed away. A different person then the one that allowed us to have an emergency interview). I'm quite done with this year J/s.
  14. You shouldn't need an ssn if you're married but it might be a headache to try and get someone who understands that. Also my tired brain didn't congratulate you guys last night. Soo.. Congratulations on finally being reunited with your partner! I expect you're quite relieved to be at long last, together. ❤️❤️❤️
  15. I keep getting mixed answers at my local offices. But I've seen some people on here that were able to get them. Last time I checked the offices were closed and the only way to see someone is to set up an appointment. Only the management/supervisor can do this. They also only have certain reasons to have an appointment set and apparently we're not eligible atm to get an appointment. The reasons for appointments are, if you are applying for public health benefits or you have a new job and need the SSN for work... Like seriously? *Sighs*
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