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  1. I agree. The CR-1 is a far superior visa and it has many more benefits then the K-1. It was a hard decision to settle on the visa we did. I'm lucky, my partner is more than happy to stay home and take care of kids and the house, etc. He's looking forward to being a constant caregiver to them, especially after being out of their life for the length of time he's been. He's a homebody and one of the most laid back go with the flow people I've met. He views moving to the States as a decision for our family not just himself. That he's basically coming home to his family and he's completely grateful to be here (when he is). I guess I have the CR-1 to look forward to if the K-1 is refused. Hopefully it's a matter of when, not if he will be here permanently.
  2. I'm (petitioner) living in the States not abroad. I can see how the bolded text would be confusing. I would be working in a completely different field once he gets here. I'm comparing a part time job to a professional career. Thanks
  3. I can understand that many people on here fail to read and do their own research. Then people such as yourself painstakingly answer their questions when with a simple search they could answer their own questions. I'm sure that becomes quite exhausting at times. Visa Journey wouldn't be the place that it is with out the caring people that put the time into helping others. There are so many that don't realise that or appreciate it. Yeah the EAD, AOS, ect and the cost of the K1 as a whole is unfortunate, but one that I was acutely aware of. There were good amount of reasons why we settled on the K1 as our visa. Also CR-1 is an option if the K-1 is refused. Thank you
  4. My insurance once I start working will cover him. I can't work anywhere near full time at the moment due to being an aid to certain family members and children. Also paying for childcare would basically take most of my earned wage at the part-time hours that I would have. I'm not as concerned about when he'll be able to work here in the States. Because I'll make more than enough to cover our costs. He will stay with the (2) children and I'll be free to earn as much money as I can with no outside child care costs. Saying that CR-1 would have been a better choice is redundant in this conversation. Not only are there many personal factors in determining which visa to go with, which you have no knowledge of, there's no point in stating which visa to choose in this context. Even if I agreed with you there's nothing that I could proactively go back and change to file a CR-1. As far as the type of visa we filed for, it is a mute point. That's not the question I asked, please stay on topic.
  5. Hi all, So I'm pretty nervous for his K1 interview in March. I'm (petitioner) currently unemployed (full-time mom and health aid to family members) and my fiancé (beneficiary) has regular employment in Australia providing our necessary funds. We have a joint sponsor that makes well over the requirements to qualify for the joint sponsorship role. I've been out of solid work for 2 years now (full time parent) but I'm qualified in a field that is in demand and I'm able to start working full time once he arrives in the States. I have an employer who is eager and willing to hire me paying a good wage. I'm so nervous that they will disregard our joint sponsor and look at my glaring gap in work history and slap us with a denial, especially since I've been on Medicaid. 🥺 We're interviewing in Sydney, Australia. Does anyone have advice or words of wisdom that will bring me to my senses and calm my nerves? Thanks in advance 💜
  6. Well good luck, I hope you hear something soon!
  7. So the consulate emailed us Received notice and the "p3" on Dec 17, we responded within hours. Then we didnt hear anything back except a confirmation of receiving the email. We emailed them on the I think Dec 23. They responded on Dec 27 basically saying they were booked full for the next two months and they would let us know. We then got an email with an appointment date on Jan 3 of March 31. We emailed them back to see if we could get and earlier appointment and they said no they were full. So 16-17 days from receiving and appointment email. It seems pretty simple to extend your approval date for the I-129f. Just writing another intention of marriage letter saying you are still wanting to go through with the k1 Visa and are going to marry in 90 days upon the fiance arriving in the US. I bet it has to do with the holidays and the fires. But who knows what goes on in that fortress. Lol. Did you receive your email from them saying they received your approved petition? And have your responded to it yet? Just to make sure I'm on the same page as you.
  8. Oh. I am stupid. I see it now. I'll own that one. I'm shocked that he and I both missed that. I've read it a half a dozen times. *Hides in a corner in embarrassment* 😰🥺😩 Thanks for enlightening me. I think I need to relax and get more sleep. 🤣
  9. Only problem is that Visa Journey is the only place I've seen this coversheet. We haven't received it, the only thing we got from them is the date of our interview, the link: https://au.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/fiancee-visa/the-interview/ And an attached PDF of our full approved petition.
  10. So I've heard mixed things about this so I figured I would check. Sorry in advance if it's a stupid question. For the K-1 interview, does the Sydney Consulate require original documents/wet signatures on any of the forms or documents from the US petitioner or any joint sponsor including the I-134 form, supporting evidence or any letters for extension/revalidation? Thanks ♥️
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