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  1. Hello all, We're in the process of finalising our paperwork for the initial I-129F, and would like to hear some experiences and advice from others who have been in or heard of similar circumstances to this. D is in Australia, and has recently had his two housemates leave, making him the sole tenant of his household. It's more expensive than he can realistically afford on his own, and so he is moving in with family until his departure from Australia. The question then becomes this - should we leave his address as his present address (he receives mail at a postoffice box, not his home address), should we update it to the address he is moving to prior to sending the I-129F, or should we update it after lodgement? In D's mind, it makes sense for him to do so anyway, so as to save as much money as possible for initial expenses in America, plus wedding costs and such, however we are both worried that it might look odd or suspicious to USCIS, moving house so close to the time of lodgement. Thoughts?
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