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  1. We are now waiting on our interview.. Today status finally changed to "ready to be scheduled for an interview" Minneapolis MN, only the slowest office. w00t
  2. Ill pass my friends thank you along to those yhat answered the question. 😀
  3. Long dtory short. a few years after my wife obtains US citizenship and becomes a daul national we have intentions to move to Mexico where I will become a daul national. Is the age restrictions for Social Security income still apply when you mobe over seas? Were talking like maybe 10 years into the future for now. but still was a question that was rasied and im curious. Thatd be decent income for Mexico living.
  4. You are actually right.. i forgot she did her citizenship in 2017.
  5. This was the answer i wa slooking for. thanks. Petitoner fills her i864 with no income, household of 2 (her and her husband) Cousin fillls seperate i864 as a joint sponsor, and lists her wife in the section for other household income. Cousins wife completes i864a.
  6. Petitioner is a permament resident. Not citizen. Correction. Conlletly forgot she did her citizenship in 2017. Her cousin still is a PR (filing her n400 in march)
  7. Lol. they have been approved for the visa. Adkustment of status in i864. Yes her best bet is to get a job. issue is.. she is in school. AOS does allow join sponsors. Did you read my original post? Made it clear their k1 was approved. Now theyre wondering how to do the affidavit and what forms they need.
  8. This is not regarding my wifes adjustment of status, but a friend of mine. Her husband was just appeoved for a K1 visa, but she (the PR) is unemployed. She is asking how she can use her cousin as a joint sponsor. I just wanna verify i gave her the right info. Country is Vietnam, Cousin is married so thats household of 2 +1 (petitioner) +1 (immigrant) = household of 4. The petitioner will Fill out form I864 even without any income, and list her household size as 4. And list her cousin and wife in the section for income from others in the household. Her cousin will Fill out I864a and list her individual income? Her cousins wife will also fill out i864a and list her individual income? or since they are married, can just her cousin fill out i864a and list their household income? P.S I have been telling them to join this site fir the past year lol.
  9. I beleive if they accept one layout it will not matter who did the translation.. Same info. Ive seen some higher ranked menbers mention this layout. Just want verification lol.
  10. Ive talked to several people, and some have stated that for a translated birth certificate, all you need isa translarion similar to this: "translated birth certificate" Birth certificate Number:______________ Date of birth:_________________________ Name of child:________________________ Place of birth:_________________________ fathers name:__________________________ Mothers name:_________________________ Witnesses:____________________________ Magistrate:_____________________________ "certification here" "Signature here" "date" My question is if anyone translated their spouses certificate into this format (or similar) themself and had no issues?
  11. As someone else stated.. Not all embassies nor consulates take time to look at evidence brought to the interview.. and there are some theories that the IO makes their decision based on the documents that were sent prior to the interview. Reading reviews will greatly help see which locations are like that and which are not.. the decision on how much to send at initial filing should be based off those for your embassy. Thats my opinion. But I consider front loading anything that is in excess of minimum. Id say i front loaded my wifes i129 filing to an extent. 5 minute interview, seems their decision was made before they even spoke to her.
  12. I am going to note. The I134 is not filed with the initial filing of the i129f. Unless this has changed. For my wife she took it with to her interview but was not asked for it. I am mentioning this as i see you havent filed for the k1 yet.
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