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  1. Hey we are in the same boat (except my k2 is waiting) He had is EAD approved march 18th Still no SSN. SSA is backed up due to office closures. An individual on these forums got their EAD march 10th.. recevied SSN on april 15th (if i remember correctly) I called SSA and they informed me they are not processing SSNs currently and that their website is wrong (lol) It is currently just really delayed. SSA website states it should arrive within 7 days after EAD, as others here have pointed put in the october filers forum, it took nearly a month. P.S. My k1 got her SSN within a month after arriving in the US. It didnt delay anything. But im glad to see someone else waiting still.
  2. When i filed for my wife for her K1 visa, I had checked no to the question about restraining orders (forgetting about a temporary one that was 2 weeks, never approved permamently) Noticed my mistake after NOA2. Contacted USCIS, they told me to contact NVC. Contacted NVC, they told me to contact the consulate. I contacted them and sent copies of court records and a notorized letter of the one who filed for the order admitting he did it just for revenge of me evicting him out of my house. (let him stay there while he was homeless, and lent him money for a car) Consulate replied back telling me I can bring the documents to the interview, but they were not needed as it was never permamently approved. Looking into it more.. IMBRA states they only need to disclose PERMEMENT restraining orders to k1 applicants. I128f asked for temporary and permament restraining orders. I129f is litteraly harder than the law lol. Id still reccomend disclosing temporary records as the i129f asks just to save stress. Wife was never asked about this order, but she knows all about it and has since even met the individual who filed for it.
  3. Thank you. Hopefully its soon for my stepson. He doesnt show in SAVE either but my wife does but we applied in person for her.
  4. Can you the the USCIS SAVE database to see the status of the SSN application? Im curious if it works for EBE requests.
  5. If it is a request straight exactly for the i693 it is possible his expited or they lost it completly. Its not uncommon. Id reply as soem people have had interviews waived due to the pandemic. Perhaps they want to waive yours but can not without the file being xonpleted.
  6. My k2 applicant had his EAD approved on March 18th. We have his combo card, but still no SSN. We elected for it on his I765, SAVE has no information. My wife has 2 SAVE cases for a SSN? I also just called SSA and they informed me that they are not issuing SSN currently due to the pandemic. Anyone confirm this? Their site states that they still are issuing for applications from DHS/USCIS. Anyone who got their EAD approved around march 18th that also has SSN in hand and applie don I765?
  7. Send a link for verification? Last i knew, Marriage based AOS always requires an interview since like 2016.
  8. Sucks to get laid off.. but as of right now USCIS is not doing any interviews due to the virus. Hopefully with luck they will reschedule you when everything opens back up and you get your job back.
  9. By sounds of it you worked before applying for your Greencard and EAD... possibly before your previous posts. Accepting that check is where you went wrong.. You will have to explain the paid work in a interview about it and risk consequences... Consequences will be greater if you lie. On a side note..I started my wifes Visa journey when i was 23.. At that time i have already done all my research on immigration and knew what to expect based on decisions we made.. It IS the petitioners responsibility to adequately explain the terms of the visa to the beneficiary, REGARDLESS OF AGE. It is also your job to understand those terms and abide to them when you use the visa. I was 23 when I filed for my wifes k1. I was a fulltime student, fulltime job, and a part time job (lyft, sometimes fulltime). I had no excuse to not research about my wifes visa options. If your AOS is denied based on the paid work... your wife can file for the cr1 visa after you return to your home country... MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH. Immigration is hard, it's harder if you dont research. I wish you and your wife the best of luck on this journey.
  10. Yes the original was "closed until at least april 7th" Meaning there was the possibilty of it being extended... Of which was obvious. Ill expect it to extend past May 3rd also.Brightside, when the whole covid19 passes, you will clearly be on of the first in line to get scheduled
  11. My wife and steps9n received their combocards this previous week. Today we received NOA1s for their travel documents again? saying "date received, March 24th"? Is that normal? Less than 2 weeks ago we got their I131 and i765 approvals lol. The new NOA1s have the same case numbers as the already approved i131s
  12. Oh lol. I read "not eligible". THAT ROCKS!
  13. Ahh that was my guess when i saw it. That sucks. oh well, after her green card is approved it will be a career lined up if needed.
  14. Searching for work for my wife. My boss let me know shed be able to work where I work as soon as they start hiring again. Going to apply i noticed this, Technically she wouldnt qualify? we are awaiting the Adjustment of status on the K1. She got her EAD this past week.
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