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  1. My fiance did not have her passport when i sent in the I129-f. You will be fine. MANY file the petition before their fiance has a passport. I got NOA2 with no rfe. The DS160 is where her passport number will be important. Fill out your timeline to see a estinated NOA2 date.
  2. Same thing i ever use for governemnt payments. Yes, it is a rejection. I was half asleep at work writing my response and was mixing rejection and denial together. It is not a denial though. Rather have a rejection than denial.
  3. You will take them with to the interview. i have a link to the P3 letter that they send. https://mx.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/CDJ_K1-Packet-DEC2017-ENG-no-logo.pdf
  4. You will take them with to the interview. i have a link to the P3 letter that they send.
  5. If you have overdraft protection on your account.. you might just be overdrafted and charged the fee according to your bank.. I would have saved a little more.before starting the process. 😳 I got NOA 1 a few days after i mailed. offical NOA 1 was oct. 3rd. And i mailed it within 4 days priod to that. They wouldnt reject. I believe if payment fails, they would just mail it back. Then you just send it back in with payment.. (they dont look at it until you get paid). But id have someone verify this.
  6. I believe you can obtain the letter at the service window at the consulate. Go the day prior or few days prior and try. Many people i have seen never get the letter but they obtain at the service window.
  7. Father has no legal ties to the child. Luckily. No father on birth certificate.
  8. Yes you need a letter from the embassy requesting the certificate. this is posted clearly outside the building where you obtain the certificate (i stood outside it for about 1 hour waiting fir my fiance last week) The P3 letter works. It is what my fiance used. But we need to go back as she couldnt obtain it due to a broken ID (cut in half by her son, lol)
  9. What documents have people included for a K2 interview? Hes 4.
  10. This thread was intense.
  11. Si tu pias es mexico, es posible nunca recibe la carta de instrucions. Mucho gente hacer la intravista sin la carta. Pero si puedes ese que puedes preguntar por la carta en el ventana de servicio del consulado. Espero tu entiendes todo mi espanol. Puedes buscar por la carta (Mexico p3) aqui. Tienes number de caso de NVC? Por favor haces tu perfil completo. Entonces todos saber donde eres y que es tu consulado o embajada por tu intravista
  12. Gracias for the information! Hoping it takes 2 years to process, and kind of not. its a win-lose situation. But im seeing someone did say they're usually faster for k1 visa.
  13. thanks for the info, i hope AP goes fast for us
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