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  1. Even stranger: They used the picture they took at passport control, when I entered the country.
  2. I didn’t but it’s ok. Mine is a very strange case Tbh. I requested to expedite my AP and got a combo card as a result. No biometrics. Then I got two different biometrics appointment notices while being abroad. And I had to reschedule them. I know it’s very confusing but that’s as best as I can summarize the whole thing. Sorry for that! Now it’s resolved. Thanks everyone!
  3. Thank you for your response! In the end, the letter I got was a biometrics appointment for different applications (the previous one was for i-485 and i-765 and this one is for i-131 and i-765... so one of them overlaps... weird). So I will request to reschedule it and it will be for the first time. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
  4. Hey, has anyone rescheduled their biometrics appointment twice? I want to know if this is even possible... given that they rescheduled mine for a date when I won't be in the US yet (I had to travel to my home country because my mother has to be operated on soon). If anyone can share their experience with me, I would appreciate it so much to have some peace of mind. Thanks so much!
  5. The problem with the fax number is that they tell you you must include your Referral ID and the email they send you. So I feel like if you send your documentation without those, it will be ignored. I would suggest calling back and requesting specifically that you need the AP to be expedited urgently and that you have evidence to prove why.. that you would like to send via fax. I hope you'll get a more helpful agent.
  6. That's totally fine, don't worry! I'll share as much info as I can in order to help. I didn't have to have an in-person meeting. We did everything on the phone and submitted the evidence through fax. (After the first phone call, they emailed me that they needed the evidence in order to make a decision. So that's where they provided me with the fax information.) And btw, all the documentation I had was digital, no originals because of the distance situation. That was enough for them. However, I do think that sometimes they do require the in-person meeting. Maybe it depends on the urgency of each situation?
  7. Sure! I called to expedite it on a Monday and then I got a case status update on Friday saying the card was picked up by USPS.. the next day it was in my mailbox. So I guess that was 5 days total. (I couldn’t believe this was possible tbh).
  8. That’s another thing I wanted to add! Thank you for asking. I actually didn’t do my biometrics. And they expedited my combo card as a whole (instead of just the AP, which is what I requested). The combo card shows a picture (not one that I submitted with my application) that seems to have been taken when I entered the country, at passport control. And it shows a text where the fingerprints should be... that says “no fingerprints available.” A week after leaving the US, I received my biometrics appointment letter which is unfortunate because I couldn’t attend Of course. So I had to reschedule it. But the point is, at least in my case, I didn’t need to have biometrics available in order to expedite my AP (having humanitarian and time-sensitive reasons).
  9. You will need to get a doctor's note explaining the situation. In my case, my mom needed to get surgery so it was a brief note, signed by the doctor with his seal and the hospital's letterhead. I had to have it translated by a certified translator (I used the Spanish Group). I called the USCIS contact center and the first person who answered our call was extremely helpful. I still want to thank them personally but I didn't catch the name or agent's number that they say in the beginning. There was another constraint for me which was that there were a limit number of special flights going to my country.. so I also mentioned that fact during the call. And then I received an email where they gave me a fax number to send the supporting documentation (the doctor's note and translation) and a few days later, I got an update in my case status saying the case was approved. It was hard to believe but I couldn't be more grateful. Tbh, being in a situation like this (during a pandemic!) is something no one wants so anyone who helps make it a smoother process deserves the world, to me. I hope you can get the same help I did and you can travel to see your family member. Wish you the best!
  10. I expedited my AP because I have a very ill family member. If you have the right documentation to prove this, they are extremely helpful. I got my AP within a week after calling to expedite it. If you have any questions let me know. Good luck!
  11. I think you actually can do this! I don’t have an SSN and I was added before we got married (but I was already here In the US... I don’t think this matters though). My husband wasn’t even asked to provide anything other than my name to add me. And it would help a lot because then you’ll have more time to request the credit score and report. That’s a great idea. We would have done the same thing if this form hadn’t come out so recently when I came to the US. Good luck! Hope that helps!!
  12. Hi, I would like to know if anyone here went through a similar situation and how they resolved it. To make a long story short because I'm freaking out and extremely sensitive as I write this, my mom's cancer was in remission and today we found out that it's not anymore. I'm in the USA, she's in Argentina. I have a pending AOS (not even the EAD or AP yet...I haven't even received a biometrics appointment yet because of the pandemic). I have to request an emergency AP because the next steps in my mom's treatment are invasive and I can't be far away. If someone requested an emergency AP, do you know whether they always give it to you with an expiration date? Or can it be TBD? (I don't know exactly when my mom will be stable enough... obviously). Do you know how long they take to issue it? I will call USCIS tomorrow but I don't expect them to be able to answer these questions very well... I will make an appointment as soon as I get the medical documentation and a note from the doctor explaining the situation. I just wanted to ask here while I'm waiting on this, to see if someone went through a similar situation and can share their experience. Thank you so much!
  13. Well what do you know? It WAS about my birth certificate 🙄🙄🙄🙄. Anyway, we sent the response yesterday: cover letter, copy of all pages of the RFIE, 2 copies of the birth certificate and translation so that they don’t lose it again 😂 and a screenshot of the requirements for birth certificates of people born in Argentina. 😬 Hope they like it 🤣
  14. I’ve been randomly checking for any updates on my case without any expectations for obvious reasons. However, today I saw they just sent an RFIE 🤬🤬🤬 I was not expecting that whatsoever. We included EVERYTHING and more. Anyway, I would bet it’s something about the birth certificate being wrong or something they lost lol. Unbelievable. Will let you know when I get the letter. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
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