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  1. Hi, All the threads about Mumbai are really old and I could not find much information. My NVC status says Ready. Can someone please explain the process after that. I note on other forums that people usually start medical and schedule interview once the status is ready, but I checked on Rele clinic website and they asked to bring interview letter which I have not received. I have not received any packet 3 or 4 as well. Please advise the timeline for receiving interview letter and the visa process in Mumbai. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Hey all. Our visa’s status changed to issued finally, but we haven’t gotten any further info/email/texts about where to go and how to fetch it. I know we designated that we’d pick it up in Delhi, and the appointment papers indicate it’s near Shivaji stadium on the metro line—but we aren’t sure if we need an appointment, or exactly where to go. Rather than just go wandering around, I decided to see if you lovely folks have some experience with it! Thanks immensely!
  3. I am a US citizen applying family based US GC for my parents. My parents are born in India, naturalized Canadian citizens living in Canada since 2015. I applied for I-130 for both my parents in April 2022, I received I-130 approvals in May 2023. I am preparing for the next step (NVC) and looking for guidance. 1) My parents do not have birth certificate. They are both born in India prior to 1969. a) Do I need to obtain non-availability of birth certificate for them, so are birth affidavits enough? b) Who should provide the birth affidavits? Can my parents provide the affidavits or should it be from someone who has knowledge of their birth (i.e. someone older than the parent and has knowledge of the birth)? c) My parents are 75+ and they barely have one relative older than them and has knowledge of their birth. What are our options regarding who can provide the affidavit? 2) Since they lived in India (before 2015) and Canada (after 2015) in the last 10 years, I am assuming I should get police clearance letter from both the countries. a) Is that assumption correct? b) Can I get the police clearance certificate from the Indian consulate in Canada, or should it have to be from a govt office in India? 3) Do I have to be in US while my parents application is in processing? I would like to move to Canada temporarily on work permit (I have a job offer to move there) to stay with my parents until they get US GC and move to US 4) What is the approximate processing time in Montreal, Canada for IR5 visas? Once I submit the documents to NVC, what is the overall timeline I should expect. This will help me decide whether I should stay back in US and wait, or move to Canada temporarily while we wait for parents' GC. 5) Can my parents purchase private health insurance in US via obamacare marketplace once they submit apply for NVC? or do they have to wait till they enter the US on GC? Thank you!
  4. I'm starting to see very confusing information and it worries me. On our petition we indicated Chennai as our embassy (beneficiary lives in Chennai so this made sense). Now I'm starting to see that only Mumbai handles family-based immigration cases. Does that mean that I need to update our petition or potentially transfer our case to the Mumbai consulate when we get to the NVC stage?😖😣 Does Chennai not handle family-based visas?
  5. Hello, my wife is from India and I'm a United States Citizen, if I file the forms necessary for a IR-1 in America, and she ends up getting a student visa to study in Canada as Graduate student (she is getting into a PhD program), can I transfer her embassy to Canada when she arrives (after DQ happens)?
  6. Hi, my fiancé has got her Indian passport renewed after her K1 visa has been approved so now the visa is on her old passport and I’m curious if that can be a issue at the immigration when she arrives in the US ?
  7. Hi all, For those who have attended the Mumbai embassy interview along with step child. What are the supporting documents the embassy has asked? Do they require a letter for permission from biological father for immigration? Do they ask anything apart from that? Like custody papers? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, my fiancé’s K1 visa has been scheduled for the interview on October 21st and she has applied for the PCC which is required for the interview is on 11th October so we want to know wether the passport seva office would give her the the clearance certificate on the 11th October or on the later date? Is it going to take time after the pcc appointment?
  9. Hi, I need help on my case got stuck at NVC. It's a family based F3 category (country: India : mumbai consulate). all documents were qualified(DQ Date) on March 2020 but we haven't got any interview letter yet. It seems like people with DQ date July 2020 started getting their interview letter but somehow I haven't received any IL letter yet. I sent an inquiry email to NVC about the case but haven't got any response yet. Is there any way to find out the status about the case and expedite it?
  10. Hello fellow Journeyers! I have been stressing over the DS 160/ B-2 interview. I have been trying to get an interview in one of the India locations ( Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai), but the last 7 days it's been a struggle to get an appointment. It keeps showing no appointments available even if there are available ones. It then locks me out due to multiple attempts for 72 hours. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! I live in NYC, hence it is Eastern Standard Time. Atanu Majumdar.
  11. So My parents got their interviews done in Mumbai Consulate on May 20 for their IR5 application. They go DQ'd on April 21. and waited for almost a year. Fast forward to today. My Dad got his passport within a week, while my Mom is still waiting on her passport since 3 weeks. Now she cannot even travel back and I have changed flights 2 times. I will have to fly back to India and pickup my son who starts school in July if there is no progress... When I called the phone number to request a status, they just keep saying to "WAIT" I asked if it will be a few weeks or months, the same answer "WAIT" I asked if it is under "Admin Processing" - NO Why the delay? - Answer was "It is under normal processing" Not sure if they move to monthly stamping? Anyone got their interviews around the same time and facing the same issue?
  12. Hello all, I am a US citizen and I have already filed an I-130 for my foreign spouse (NOA - 12/08/2021) at the TSC. The current processing times indicate 10-14months of wait time before my spouse can join me in the US. As I was looking through the forums, I did the see the option of filing the I-129F as well for perhaps a faster entry of my spouse into the US (current processing times indicate 3.5-7months). However, the USCIS website (https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-of-us-citizens/k-3k-4-nonimmigrant-visas) indicates that the need for a K3 visa is rare as the I-130 is processed faster. So, I am in a bit of conundrum as to whether I need to file I-129F or just wait for my I-130 to be adjudicated. Greatly appreciate any feedback you all can share!
  13. I am a citizen and my boyfriend is an Indian citizen beneficiary. I was divorced in 2021. He will be divorced next week (early July) but has been separated with a mutual consent divorce decree since July 2021. I will visit india in august when we plan to get married. It is a true genuine relationship which we have plenty of proof for from my visit to india earlier this year. My question is: does getting married in august raise a red flag with the immigration officers as his legal divorce will be in July (I.e too soon)? Our goal is just to be together asap so we want to get married and the visa process started asap.
  14. Hi, I am a PR based in Austin, Texas. I recently got married to an Indian Citizen. We filed the I-130 and now we’re waiting. Until recently, I thought it would be easy to bring my husband to USA since I’ve seen many friends and family who have H1B visa bring their spouse in a very short time frame (few weeks to few months). I always thought it made sense that USCIS processes spouse based visas quickly - why would anyone keep a married couple apart!! I assumed Permanent Residents would have the same sort of timeline to bring their spouses to USA, or even quicker since PR > H1B. Boy was I wrong. I can’t believe I’m looking at a 2-3 year timeline before I can bring my husband to USA. Now, how am I supposed to navigate this situation? 1. My husband does not have ANY USA visa to even VISIT me - and now that his I130 is being processed, there is no way he’s getting a visitor visa. 2. I need to keep working/living in usa so as to not lose my green card. What does USCIS expect me to do?! Stay in usa for 3 years and visit my husband once in a while until his green card comes through? That seems inhumane even for USCIS’s standards. And especially as a permanent resident I don’t expect to have to deal with these timelines. Am I missing something? Someone please help me understand what’s going on because the last thing I want is to be stuck in a long distance relationship for 3 years.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this question has been answered but I did a search on Visajourney and couldn't find a thread regarding this topic. I'd appreciate guidance from anyone who may have knowledge on this. I filed a DS-260 for my mom, and it was conditionally approved in May 2021. Next step was to wait for the US Embassy in India (possibly the one in Mumbai) to schedule an appointment for interview, but that has understandably been delayed due to COVID. That being said, I can't find any information anywhere online whether the embassies have started scheduling appointments for the visa interview, what the wait times are, what dates they are currently processing, etc. It's been such a long time waiting for the interview to be scheduled, especially when there is zero guidance from the embassy when services will restart. Plus, it's been 2 years of COVID, most things are opening back up and things getting back to normal, the fact the embassy still isn't opening up their interview services (that I know of), it's very frustrating. So if anyone knows of any information regarding this, please let me know. Thank you!
  16. Hi- we are at ready status at Mumbai consulate for past few days but aren’t sure of next steps. We filed the DS160 and paid the fee. We wanted to schedule the medical but we’re told we need an appointment letter. Do we need to set interview first? are we waiting for a package at beneficiary’s house? many help on next steps would be appreciated. Thank you
  17. Hello everyone. I've been trying to contact Mumbai embassy to check how are they conducting interviews on marriage based visas nowadays. But unfortunately I'm not able to connect to them. I'm very anxious and want to know if they've restarted interviewing candidates again after pandemic impediments. If yes, what's the current timeline. Is there a huge backlog ? I hope I get scheduled soon for the interview. I've F2A visa and my NVC documents were reviewed last month only. But I don't know when will they forward my case now and how long will it take for scheduling interview. Any clues ??
  18. Hi Everyone, Our case has been with NVC since July 2021, they only checked the documents after 4 months and requested for a new document but no response yet, been 2 and half months. We are thinking to expedite our request as my husband has been diagnosed with clinical depression recently and he is diabetes type 1 and he lives all by himself, because of the treatment he can barely take care of himself affecting his overall condition which in turn is aggravating the diabetic condition leading to very low sugar levels and unbelievably high levels which is life threatening. Would NVC consider it for expedition? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello, I am Indian, recently became LPR, I get regular income in India in the form of commission from previous company I worked for. I have been filing for income tax in India till now. How do things change now? Should I stop filing there? Should I include that in USA ( IRS)? Where else I can find more and right information?
  20. Hey everyone! I'm a 4th year architecture student studying in India, as part of the 5th year syllabus we're supposed to take part in an internship program so i really want to do my internship in US as it'll give me a solid foundation since i want to work in US after graduation. My question is what kind of Visa can i apply for if i get an offer from a firm in the US? If i apply for a student visa and study a diploma course will i be able to work as an intern? Is it possible to gain a work visa as an undergraduate?
  21. Hi Folks, Question, post approval at USCIS the application gets sent to NVC right. Once we have a case number from NVC do we hear back from the embassy? Visa : K1, Mumbai Consulate India. Does it help to speak to NVC and ask them as to when they are going to send the application to the embassy? Can someone please guide me who has been through this process?
  22. I have applied my fiancé visa for over a year, finally last week I got packet 4 letter to schedule interview, but every-time I check it shows finger print appointments but no interview appointment, since last night the dates on the calendar showing have been turning light blue im assuming people are booking those dates but for me its showing no appointment avibale, its not even showing on left bar "first available appointment" anymore, has anyone scheduled appointment for Mumbai recently, today is July 13, 2021
  23. I applied for AOS, and submitted my original birth certificate (which was issued 3 years after I was born), and did not have my name. Additionally, I provided birth affidavits from my parents, as well as other secondary evidence including 10th and 12th marksheets. However, USCIS issued an RFIE for a birth certificate. I went to the local municipality in my city in India, and they issued me a birth certificate, with all the details. However, the registration date on that is June 2021, which is clearly a long time after I was born. I have tried asking them if they could issue me one that has a registration date based on my hospital birth record, but they said they can't do that. I am requesting them to add a note to the new birth certificate with the number and date of the old one (which was issued three years after my birth). Additionally, I will be submitting the affidavits and other secondary evidence again. As per the RFIE, I need a Non Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) in case I don't have a birth certificate, but since the municipality has already issued me a birth certificate, they are not willing to provide a NABC. Has anyone else run into this issue where the registration date is much later than the birth date? What did you do?
  24. My spouse is in India and our I130 was recently approved and sent to the NVC. We payed the NVC fees and are no able to submit the AoS, DS 260 and Civil Documents. However, we are not sure if the police certificate is required to be uploaded right now or not. We asked a couple friends who recently went through the same process and they said they took the police certificate to the visa interview but did not upload to the NVC site. We did start the process at the local passport office in India for the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). If any of you have recent experience with civil documents, can you let us know if the PCC needs to be uploaded now or my spouse just needs to take it to the visa interview?
  25. Hello, this question is for my cousin who recently applied for tourist (B2) visa at Mumbai consulate in India. When he got his passport back he noticed that he only got single entry with 3 month visa validity (US visa expires in June). The thing is that he was not planning to travel until later this year as he has commitments in India in June (medical clearance exams, pending covid vaccine etc). What are his options at this point? If he doesn't come to US on this visa before June, is he eligible to apply again or renew it? How will that application go (what are his chances of approval or renewal at that point?)? I want to know if someone was in similar situation and can offer any inputs. Thank you for your help in advance.
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