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  1. My spouse is in India and our I130 was recently approved and sent to the NVC. We payed the NVC fees and are no able to submit the AoS, DS 260 and Civil Documents. However, we are not sure if the police certificate is required to be uploaded right now or not. We asked a couple friends who recently went through the same process and they said they took the police certificate to the visa interview but did not upload to the NVC site. We did start the process at the local passport office in India for the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). If any of you have recent experience with civil documents, can you let us know if the PCC needs to be uploaded now or my spouse just needs to take it to the visa interview?
  2. Hello, this question is for my cousin who recently applied for tourist (B2) visa at Mumbai consulate in India. When he got his passport back he noticed that he only got single entry with 3 month visa validity (US visa expires in June). The thing is that he was not planning to travel until later this year as he has commitments in India in June (medical clearance exams, pending covid vaccine etc). What are his options at this point? If he doesn't come to US on this visa before June, is he eligible to apply again or renew it? How will that application go (what are his chances of approval or renewal at that point?)? I want to know if someone was in similar situation and can offer any inputs. Thank you for your help in advance.
  3. My husband came to USA on a K1 visa and we were married in California, USA. I want to apply for my OCI since we have been married for 2 years and it says "apostilled marriage certificate" required. Does that mean I get it apostilled here in California for India? I was also reading about the Apostille Convention and am a little confused, does it mean it's required to apostille it but it's still valid in all the other countries part of the convention?
  4. Hi Everyone, We are a married couple since past 2 years. My husband is a permanent resident US and I live in India. We applied for under Family preference F2A (F-21 visa class, to be very specific). I got DQ on Sept.1'20 and since then been waiting for an interview. Got a mail from NVC on 8th March regarding 120 days delay or whatever. Just wanted to know if anyone has gotten an interview from F2A category (spouse of permanent resident) since the mail or proclamation rescinded ?? I just wanted to get some clue regarding my work here as the wait and confusion is so very frustrating. please help.
  5. After interview June 2019 got 221g submit documents Aug 2019 9 jan 2020 got mail by embassy sending file back to NVC IR1 Case return to NVC 21 February 2020 case received USCIS After that no any answer or no reply mail please help me out with this stuck it’s one year already stuck in USCIS My case has been stuck at USCIS after consulate returned it for further review. I have already send many email Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone know email address for new USCIS director? Does anyone know email address for DHS director? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to put some pressure. Thanks
  6. Hi VJ Family, First off, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your stories, and giving the best advice -- if it was not for you guys, my process would have been more difficult. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Secondly, I do apologize in advance, as my story might get long. Please bear with me. I have been going back and forth for the past week, contemplating whether or not to share my story. Today, I woke up and finally decided to share my journey in hopes of receiving sound advice and possibly helping others who are going through / will go through this issue. Petitioner & Beneficiary Background I am a US Citizen and my wife is from India. My wife's family and my family have been very good friends for the past 30 - 40 years. As a result of the good friendship, I met my wife through my grandfather and wife's father / now my father in law. My wife and I are a mere 4 years apart in age (I am older). We are from the same caste/ community. We have the same religious background. My father and my father in law even went to school together when they were young. Our families definitely approve and support our relationship. That being said, as close as both of our families are, we are not related and did not get married for immigration purposes. My wife and I have always known about each other, but never in a million years would have imagined getting married to one another. We started "talking" in September 2017 and we decided to meet in person and got married in December 2017. I knew she was the one -- we just hit it off from the moment we met. This registered wedding was small and intimate -- around 250 attendees. (Side note: This past December 2018, we had a reception and day of rituals, since all of my friends and family were in India. This event was just a celebration. This date was not mentioned anywhere, like on social media or during the interview.) Yes, I did marry her upon my first visit, in India, to see her. In my defense, that is how arranged marriages work (or I think?) Everything happened so fast, and I knew if I would have not married her then, I would have lost a great girl and someone else would have swept her off her feet. Employment & Education Currently, I am employed and have a steady job. I make just a tad bit over the poverty limit for 2 people. I used my parents as household members for that extra little push in the Affidavit of Support portion. I had all the paperwork necessary and it passed the NVC stage. Financials were not brought up during the interview. So, I do not believe this was a cause for concern for the CO during the interview. My wife is currently studying Pharmacy at her local college. This got me thinking... since Pharmacy is on the TAL list, could this possibly be a red flag? or just overthinking on my part? Travel In the 15 months we have been married, I have visited my wife 2 times and have spent an average of 30 days with her each visit. I have boarding passes/ itineraries/ pictures from each trip. All of our travel is well documented. However, we have yet not had a chance to go on a honeymoon, since I have always had to attend family and friend's weddings and my wife cannot take much time away from school. Do you think us not going on a honey could be a red flag? Interview Process March 4, 2019 : According to my wife, the interview process was smooth. Albeit, she was quite nervous. They had asked her a total of 15 questions, which covered the topics below: Who is the petitioner? Where does the petitioner live? Who does the petitioner live with? Did you have a love or arranged marriage? What was the date of your wedding? (CO asked this question twice, and had her retake the oath for the second time) Asked if we had any pictures from our wedding? Wife had to explain who each person in the picture was and their relationship to her. Few questions about petitioner's siblings, nephew, and grand father Do you have any family in the US? Where do they live? When and if you go to the US, will you live with your husband? or your sister? What is your mother's maiden name? What are you plans if you reach the US? We had plenty of other evidence on hand, such as chat logs, call logs, money transfers, gift receipts, affidavits from friends and family, hotel receipts, social media posts, other photos of our relationship, etc. but the CO did not ask for anything other that wedding photos. Interview Result Upon finishing her interview, my wife was handed a white 221G letter stating that our file is incomplete and our visa application has been refused. The letter also went on to mention the case is currently under administrative processing and we would need to re-interview. I have attached the 221G letter for your review. My wife was quite surprised to hear this. She thought the CO liked her answers and was happy when looking at the wedding photos. What caught my attention about the letter was, the CO asked for a re-interview when we are ready, but there was no verbal or written reason for denial. Usually with 221G's, I have seen them ask for additional documents or actually give a reason for denial. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? or seen a letter like this? I have contacted the embassy in regards to this matter. The consulate's reply was pretty generic and just stated, "be patient as it could take 60 days to resolve" In conclusion Everything seems so great, but it has been a rough journey to say the least. In my eyes, our entire process is pretty normal and happens on a daily basis in India. But I have no idea why the CO would hand us a 221G with re-interview on it without mentioning why. Again, has anyone dealt with this before? Or can provide me with any information on what to do next? Should I start preparing anything? I understand waiting for the Embassy/ CO/ Consulate to give an answer is our only option right now. But, I am going crazy and overthinking the whole situation. Please HELP!!
  7. Hello everyone. I've been trying to contact Mumbai embassy to check how are they conducting interviews on marriage based visas nowadays. But unfortunately I'm not able to connect to them. I'm very anxious and want to know if they've restarted interviewing candidates again after pandemic impediments. If yes, what's the current timeline. Is there a huge backlog ? I hope I get scheduled soon for the interview. I've F2A visa and my NVC documents were reviewed last month only. But I don't know when will they forward my case now and how long will it take for scheduling interview. Any clues ??
  8. How to Ensure the Interview Date for Mother & Father is Same at Mumbai Consulate US Citizens’ parents are generally above 65 years of age . Their I-130 (IR-5) petitions are applied / approved seperately . It is desirable that the Parents who are Senior Citizens have the Interviews at the Consulate on the same day . How to ensure that the Interview is held for Mother and Father on the same day ? All concerned would like to know if the request for this must be made at the NVC stage itself in advance while filling DS.260 ? Is there any such option available ? Or later after two different Interview Dates are given by the Consulate ? Will the Consulate combine the dates , on our request ? How many days more ? All concerned VJ Members may like to share their views giving dates of NOA-1 , NOA-2 for one parent and when they got NOA-2 Approval for other parent . Your views please . Thanks . ----------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Hello all, I am writing this post for my mom's F4 case filled by her brother. My mom has 3 kids. one daughter and two sons. DOB of daughter: 4th November 1988 DOB of elder son: 18th May 1992 DOB of younger son (i.e. Me): 30th June 1994 First I would provide timeline of our file processing and then I will raise my doubts. TIMELINE Petition Filled on: 9th April 2004 Petition Approved: 20th November 2009 (also received the letter saying it will take years for them to process file so do not give up your jobs or make any travel arrangement as of now etc.) Welcome Letter Received: 12th January 2016 I have read the definition of child as per USCIS which primarily says a kid has to be younger than 21 years and unmarried from here. By the time we received welcome letter and we logged in to ceac.state.gov the tool had name of only two people i.e. of my parents, that's obvious all of three kids are aged out by that time. Then we came to know about CSPA, which can provide protection to unmarried aged out kids by subtracting the processing time taken from biological age. Since my elder sister is married she is not eligible for CSPA and my dad passed in July of 2013 and as per our local agent both the sons are eligible for CSPA so we sent a request letter to NVC to remove my dad's name and include name of two sons. Sent CSPA request letter with request to remove my dad's name: 1st February 2016 With that letter NVC removed my dad's name but they haven't included name of either of son. Meanwhile we completed all the document work of my mom's case i.e. filled DS-260, paid $325 fees, paid $125 AoS fees and submitted all the civil and financial docs and in July 2016 we received letter from NVC stating all the document work is done and your case is awaiting for visa interview appointment overseas. As per the guidelines of our agent we did not mentioned anything about two sons in AoS forms. In June 2016 files retrograded from July 2003 to January 2001 so all activities stopped for our case I guess. In September 2016 files started moving again and since than it's moving at a decent pace. In between we also sent an email to NVC to know the status of our CSPA application for which they replied on 22nd July 2016 like this..... Although we send query to NVC we receive this reply from Mumbai Consulate office which was strange. And finally on 31st January 2017 we received similar email as we received in July 2016 stating.... We sent another CSPA request in February 2017 for which we neither received any acknowledgement of request letter nor we received any reply for the same. Now here are my doubts, DOUBTS Should we contact NVC again for CSPA?? Should we contact Mumbai Consulate for CSPA? Where is our file currently? Is it in NVC or is it in Mumbai Consulate? As per the last letter we received it says most of appointments are scheduled within 3 months but looking at current speed of file processing, there is time for file of April 2004 to be current So when Mumbai Consulate will arrange interview within 3 months or file will be in queue till April 2004 dose not become current? In ceac.state.gov tool since last several days the status of AoS fees has changed NA which used to be paid earlier so is there anything we have to from our end? Likewise our entire process is complete for my mom yet the status of AoS documents and Civil Documents are never updated as completed they are still NA so should we contact NVC for the same? What are the chances of getting CSPA protection at time of my mom's visa interview? Is it mandatory to mentioned about aged out sons in the forms of AoS to get the benefit of CSPA? Can someone provide some concrete example of CSPA with F4 case? some sort of link would work. Any other suggestion for our case. When I wrote this post the latest visa bulletin i.e. March 2003 says currently they are processing files of 22 July 2003 visa bulletin of April 2003 dues in 7-10 days. Any suggestions/answers would be a great help. Thank you in advance. Thank you for reading so far and sorry for misusing quote box.
  10. updated for interviews in 2021. My DQ WAS NOVEMBER, 5, 2020.
  11. Hello all, I’m planning to travel to india from US in March this year . My son is an US citizen- he will be 6 months old in March. I’m Indian citizen, with conditional Green card. My question is I read India doesn’t allow foreign nationals on travel visa - current covid restrictions. can someone please help on the other available options I can choose to take my son along with me ? OCI card takes longer
  12. Hello everyone. F2A category here. I'm really worried thinking how presidential proclamation and pandemic of 2020 is going to affect the timeline of NVC processing now. I submitted all my docs and DS260 to NVC in October 2020. Keeping the possible backlogs of this year in mind, when should I expect NVC to respond and schedule my interview at the embassy now ? Any leads ? Are people being interviewed these days or is it still suspended because of covid. Thanks in advance.
  13. People who are waiting for interview date after Document Qualified notification and Priority Date Current as per visa bulletin.
  14. Hello, We applied for OCI for my wife in September via CKGS. We see online that the ministry has processed the OCI and returned it to the Indian consulate in San Francisco on Nov 4th. But CKGS has not picked it up and shipped it back to us (we paid for all the return shipping). Calling the line at the consulate does not help as no one picks up. And calling CKGS does not help as it looks like the line is disconnected. Any suggestions in pursuing this would be appreciated.
  15. 3stars

    CR-1 spouse visa

    Hello everyone, since US consulate Mumbai started processing IR1/IR2 cases from September 1st 2020 Please share experience if anyone has received interview from NVC. My DQ date is May 20th 2020. Trying to figure out what date DQ’s are assigned interview dates
  16. How long does it take for NVC to respond and schedule an interview after the submission of all documents ? Keeping the pandemic into consideration, is here any case going through the same drill ? I come under F2A category and my spouse is a permanent resident of US. My i130 has been approved earlier this year. But I submitted my documents to NVC this month only. What to expect next ?
  17. Hi guys Could someone please guide me. I have been trying to find the info about if the new delhi embassy is open to process b1/b2 visa or they are not doing any processing for tourist visas. If i fill ds160 form, will I be able to take an appointment? Are appointments available? Is there any ban in place for tourist visas? Thanks
  18. AF72

    US consulate Mumbai

    any updates on interviews at US Consulate Mumbai?
  19. Hi Friends, I was born in Delhi India and have my original birth certificate from hospital and municipality. The original birth certificate had initials of my parents name instead of full name. I got my birth certificate corrected with full name, but now municipality only issues an online version of birth certificate. They no longer issue a hard copy with stamp. Should I submit both my original birth certificate copy and a copy new online version at NVC stage? Any information in this regard is much appreciated. Thank you.. KapiDan
  20. Hello everyone I am here an USA and I filed I-130 marriage based patition.i need police certificate from uae and India how can I apply online. I used to work UAE four years ago and for completing D-260 I need police certificate. Please help me.
  21. Hello , all my documents were accepted by NVC at the end of January. I was expecting email from the local embassy at the end of April as every case i know gets interview call after 3 months of documents qualification. and then COVID-19 happend. Please let me know when are they going to reopen for interviews for US immigration. Living apart from partners is devastating . Please reply if u have any update or going through same problem.
  22. Hi.. my CR1 visa interview was scheduled on 24th march and I took appointment for biometrics on 19th march at mumbai us consulate..due to covid 19, consulate cancelled my appointment for visa on 24th and hence I cancelled appointment for biometrics as well...any Idea on how I can reschedule my appointment...I called embassy many times but everytime they provide same answer that I should keep visiting Ustraveldocs.com for update...it has been almost 6 months now but I am still awaiting to hear from them..please help me how can I reschedule my appointment..or if there is any way to expedite the process for scheduling new appointment..thanks..
  23. My fiance and I were talking about the interview today, and we were wondering if anyone could share their experiences about conducting the interview in their local language? His interview will be in Mumbai, India, and it seems like they have the option to conduct the interview in their language of preference. Has anyone had an interview in Mumbai and not completed it in English? Were there any issues? (My fiance can speak English, and I speak limited Telugu, but with other people he is less confident in his English communication skills.)
  24. Hi everyone, We are currently at the document upload stage of the DS-260 application. I, the applicant am a British Citizen who was born in India and moved to the United Kingdom before my 1st birthday. I have obtained a certified copy of my Birth Certificate from the Municipal authority in India - This document is bilingual (Punjabi & English). Would this bilingual Birth Certificate be accepted as supporting document and also accepted at my interview which will take place in the United Kingdom. Or, would I still require a translation? I've tried researching this but cannot find anything specific to UK requirements. Please see below extract from my Birth Certificate which shows both languages in use; Thanks in advance! Jas.
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