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  1. Yeah, that's why it's confusing, I guess :p Thanks for clarification!
  2. @K1visaHopeful I see, while I did only input the ZIP code, I indeed looked at the LFO's address instead of name - it's confusing. It reads Virginia-Washington. So I assume my LFO is Washington, DC?
  3. Thank you for your response. The search results in an LFO in Fairfax, VA. But that one doesn't appear on the list of the LFO's for processing times. So should I use Norfolk, VA of Washington DC?
  4. You don't know that. You are jumping to conclusions. He asked those questions in january 2020, but he might have worked before that, already. It's beyond me how did he not know, but it is possible. You're just judging, which isnt helpful.
  5. SO what happened to the processing times? I am aware of the fact that interviews etc are being postponed...but https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ is not showing the NBC anymore. All of my forms (AP, EAD and AOS) went to the NBC and got the MSC- case number. Where can I find the current processing times for AOS?
  6. I filed my AOS together with EAD and AP, haven't got my NOA yet. Is there a way to find out which field office or service centre will be processing my AP and EAD?
  7. what do you mean can't drive legally before marriage? I got my VA DL 5 weeks after POE. I was on my fiancee's insurance starting from the day after my arrival. We signed a domestic partnership and provided that to her employer. @Ellie G Yes, it is possible to get it done in 12 days. Get your marriage licence at the courthouse and ask how long it takes for you to be able to obtain a copy of your marriage licence after the ceremony. Prepare all the other documents required for AOS in the meantime and mail ASA you receive the certified copy of the marriage licence.
  8. Here in VA I was able to apply for the new type Real ID driving licence (with the cute star) while on K-1. The DMV wanted my I-94, 2 proofs of address (gave him the lease agreement and a car insurance, both with my name on it) and my passport. They told me I was eligible because I had applied within 60 days of entering the USA. Which means that after those 60 days they would require me to present a GC. It might be different per state (zoals alles :p ).
  9. @smbathan Hi and welcome to the forum! Update your Timeline (or at least, share more details) in your post, because then others will be able to advise you better.
  10. @missileman okay, disregard my comment then
  11. @Bec949 I did the K-1 and in the retrospect, I can tell you I would have chosen the spouse visa, if I were doing it now, with the knowledge of today. On the other hand, within my 3 months in the US, I got an SSN, DL, bank account, and am currently looking into doing something more with my time than doing things for myself such as sport and explore the area and be a homemaker. At the same time, I know of people who came in on spousal visa earlier than I did and they have still been waiting for their Green Card.
  12. I don't think anybody actually condemned the guy. People provided advice to a woman who feels she's being abused. It seems to me that you are actually the one jumping to the conclusion. @MiriamK I'm very sorry to hear about your situation! I'm glad you're safe at the moment, even if there needs to be a less temporary solution. In case your husband threatens you, go to/call the police. Call National Domestic Violence Hotline. Other questions for yourself to consider: Do you want to stay in the US in case you and your husband split up? Do you have friends or family to go to, either in the US or your home country? I wish you the best of luck!
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