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  1. my case was exactly like yours. divorce while i751 is pending. they sent me RFE first and i did responded. divorce was finalized and i sent them a copy with letter from marriage counseling and a letter i wrote my self with all the circumstances of the marriage and the divorce. been +145 after i sent the response to the rfe and no decision. contacted congresswomen office and they sent inquiry on my behalf, they got an answer from Vermont august 15th that case pending review with an officer. august 16th case was approved with no interview. i didn't had interview for the conditional green card neither for the ROC. so my advice is contact you congress office.
  2. lol yes, otherwise i would post it in K1 forum. i did submitted pics, taxes, bank statements, affidavit, joint car insurance, car purchase, and some prove we shared same address. when i sent the divorce decree, i did included a letter with explaining the circumstance of the divorce with details.
  3. i had interview for k1 of course in morocco! but for the 2 years and 10 years green card, i didn't.
  4. yeah, i waited so long after the RFE. that's why i decided to contact congress office in my city. i do believe it did speed up the process. and yeah i didn't had an interview for the 2 years GC, neither for the 10 years.
  5. Just submit all the evidences that you have with the divorce decree. Don't forget to write a letter explaining the circumstances of the divorce, its very impotent!! we filed jointly and while case pending the divorce was finalized, so i sent a copy with a long letter i wrote myself with all the details from first day we did meet.
  6. I just want to let you know guys my case was Approved and share my journey quickly. filled jointly October 2017 case was transferred to Vermont 01/03/2019 RFE 02/11/2019 respond received 03/20/2019 +145 days an no word from Vermont Divorce Finalized July 22/2019 Send Copy of the decree, a letter explaining the circumstances of the divorce 24/2019. Contacted Congresswoman office by the end of July, and they send inquiry on my behalf on August the 12th Vermont responded to the inquiry on August the 15th that my case is still pending with an officer. Case was Approved the following day August the 16th. No interview.
  7. Hi guys, the long wait is over. Got approved yesterday. How long it takes to get the card? Applied jointly October 2017 CSC, case transfered to Vermont on the start of 2019. Got rfe feb 2019 responded on march and no word from Vermont for +145 days! Contacted Congresswoman office and they sent inquiry to Vermont on the 9th August, they got a response on the 15th that my case is pending review with an officer, the 16th August got approved. Btw i got a divorce finalized 4 weeks ago and sent the decree to Vermont with a letter explaining all the circumstances of the marriage and divorce.
  8. Your case might be in an offsite stotage facility like mine in Vermont. I also applied October 2017, nd my case was transferred from California to Vermont.
  9. Hi guys. Once you send the divorce decree and you got update from fedex it was delivered, do u get any statu change? Like the one when they got the RFE response.
  10. I got a notice they received my RFE. But i want to know if i will get one that they received my divorce decree.
  11. I filed jointly on OCTOBE 2017. Divorce was finalized on JULY 22. Case is still pending jurisdiction at Vermont. I sent the divorce decree, letter explaining divorce circumstances and a letter of marriage counseling. Just got an email from Fedex that my package was delivered and signed by someone. My Question is, will it be a status change on my online application, or they will let me know that they got my divorce decree, like what they do when responding to the RFE? Thank you guys.
  12. I will just send the decree and a letter explaining the circumstances of the marriage. I sent all what i have while responding to the RFE. I just hope they didn't lost my case completely.
  13. Tier 2 is a lie, i got a call from a "tier 2" and she didn't even know where my case is, she said its in california but its in Vermont. She seem doesn't know anything about the process and how it works, so i am 100% sure she wasn't a tier 2 officer. Your case can be like mine, in storage facility for sure, i sent to inquiry first one response was we are still processing your case.second respens to my second inquiry was it's in a storage facility.
  14. Yeah, I sent inquiry online, and they told me ur case is in an off site storage facility, and they are going to request it. It's been more than one month and still nothing. I will go Monday to Congresswoman office and have them inquire about my case.
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