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  1. mister-love

    Tax return 2018

    Thank you for the information.
  2. I got a RFE and need to reply by may. We will file tax of 2018 jointly maybe next week. How can we prove we filed jointly. Thank you guys.
  3. What do you think about my plan? What i wrote in the top, by answering RFE with documents i have, and include a letter explaining that we are separated? Is he right when he said if i tell immigration we are separated will get a direct denial!!
  4. I spoke with my lawyer after he got a copy of the RFE. I sent his this: That's great, but we need to reply to the RFE, we are gathering the documents for the divorce so we can submit asap. Also i am gathering the documents they asked for in the RFE, we still have join bank accout and i asked for statements from 2017, we did buy a car and it had both our names, i can provide documents showing i was emergency contact at Daniel's school. Also we had a rental car and it has both our names. I can provide 2 affidavits from friends. I can provide copy of Audrey's driver license showing same address. I have and Email sent by Audrey to me showing financial plants and budgets. The only thing we don't have is joint tax for 2017. The plan is to respond to the RFE with those evidences and explain with a cover letter the evidences we are submitting and also explain we are separated and we are filing for the divorce.I might get approved with those evidences,or will be called for interview ( will ask Audrey to go with me to the interview, if not i will go by myself and by that time, i will have the divorce decree in hand and ask to switch to divorce waiver). Please let me know if this plan will work. Because divorce takes more than 3 month's to finalize here, and we didn't start it yet. And his answer was this: You can file the Response with those documents. You cannot admit you are separated in the Response as that will generate an immediate denial.
  5. I am asking her for normal documents now like a copy of her driver license so we can prove we lived in the same address and she won't answer my text, my calls.So no she is not co-operating so far...
  6. We marry 2014. As u can see in the pic attached, we provided tax of 2014,2015,2016. I am trying to text her so she can provide me with some informations needed but she doesn't answer. I do have still bank statements E statements showing both our names. I do have car insurance in both names, i do have a car we did buy and i am listed as Co-bayer.
  7. I got a rfe letter for my ROC thati filled jointly on Octobe 2017. We are separated now and i have some few evidences to respond to the RFE. We been separated for like 8 months. What should i do please? They want join utilities but we were living in her father house and we were helping him in his business in theweek ends, so we don't pay rents and he pays all utilities. Hou can i demonstrate we lived in the same house! And also we didn't file the tax returns of 2017jointly. We still have joint bank account, joint car insurance. A car we purchased with both names in October 2017, rental car we had with both our names. Do i send a letter as well telling them we are separated and we will file divorce soon? Please help.
  8. Got email today with RFE. Aplied jointly on October 24 2017. been separated for 8 months now, and we will file divorce next week. Anybody with same situation? I didn't get the letter of the RFE yet.
  9. Hello guys! After long wait, i got an email for RFE. I am separated with my wife for 1 year now after we had some problems and she asked me to leave the house. We filed the ROC together on Oct 2017. We are not divorced yet and might file soon. Any suggestions guys what i should do ( i didn't get the letter yet).
  10. That's right! 18023 2 approvals and 2 RFE today. I did check other groups ranges for WAC and EAC and noticed they are sending a banch of RFE. Like you can see on the screenshot attached, looks like they send rfe randomly same as they do for transfers.