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  1. How's everybody holding up here? Finally got my biometrics reuse notice for the N400, so I hope we can finish that whole immigration thing before 2025 ( January 31st was my last ROC prediction from VJ ) πŸ˜….
  2. You gotta keep in mind that while it seems everyone is getting an interview in 2 weeks time it's still not the norm. You only see a fraction of people here that have filed for naturalization. We all want to be one of the speedy ones, but it doesn't always happen. As long as you're not outside processing times as stated by USCIS there's nothing to worry about.
  3. Fingers crossed 😊 I'm just glad to be out of that 'application received' hole. And glad that I don't have to drive to Philly for biometrics πŸ˜… it's now showing 'actively reviewing' as status. Let's see how long it takes from here.
  4. Seems like the N400 shook something lose. Fingers crossed the interview for it will be scheduled soon. I'm not expecting to hear something for ROC anytime soon unless my N400 will move along. Filed April 2nd and still no word about biometrics. Guess this last one is testing me 🀣
  5. You're at least one step ahead of me. Still no biometrics news for me 🀣
  6. You got an interview date 2 days after applying? That's insane 😳 Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
  7. You absolutely can apply already. The only thing you can't do before 6/27 is swearing the oath.
  8. I remember hearing about it a lot when they reopened after the covid shutdowns. I guess they still use it to accommodate employees who may have certain health conditions or family members with such.
  9. What a rollercoaster ride. So glad it all worked out for you 😊
  10. Maybe try asking in the military section. Even if your spouse is not military the process is the same. There are a couple that filed their N400 while abroad.
  11. Give it an hour or two and it should be there. And congratulations 🎊 another speedy one 😁
  12. Then I would leave it empty. I know we are so trained in not leaving anything empty, but since you answered no before the question is clearly not meant for you.
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