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  1. Germany is working on changing the law to finally allow more than one citizenship. If they get it done as they say, I can file for citizenship in November. I really want to, and if it's just to never deal with USCIS ever again 🤣
  2. Ich hoffe das sie es wirklich hinkriegen. Ich muss ja eh noch bis November warten. Ob Sommer oder Herbst is fuer mich also egal 🤣
  3. Hallo, hallo. Wie gehts euch allen? Ich hoff ja das Deutschland das dieses Jahr noch hin kriegt das Gesetz zu aendern und Mehrfachstaatsangehoerigkeit moeglich wird ohne die dumme Genehmigung. Ich bin naemlich grad echt genervt von meinen Jobmoeglichkeiten und das wuerde sich drastisch erweitern wenn ich mich fuer civilian Jobs auf der base bewerben koennte. Ansonsten bin ich halt auch im ROC loch mit 48 Monate extension letter... Wir wollen eigentlich zu ner Hochzeit nach DE im July aber die Fluege sind ja unglaublich teuer. Mit Hotels und Mietwagen sind wir da bei mindestens $5000 fuer ne Woche und ich bin ehrlich gesagt nich bereit das zu bezahlen 🤦‍♀️😫
  4. Who sent him back to Jamaica? Was he arrested, couldn't proof anything and got deported? Cause with him being 26 who can force him on a plane to go to Jamaica if not the authorities. And if it got that far without him able to convince them he's a citizen then there might be something off and it won't really help him to just go back.
  5. Just to add, when applying with a divorce waiver you don't have to wait the two years till you can apply. You can apply for ROC as soon as you have the divorce decree.
  6. Tell the police straight that she locked you out and keeps your belongings hostage. Say you need help to retrieve your property. They very much can help you with this. When you first asked it might wasn't clear that you don't have your belongings. While the police is there with you check if everything is there. If property was destroyed have the police write it down so that you can file a police report and it won't be a he say- she say thing. Do not approach her alone.
  7. The I-130 can be used as underlying petition more than once? I would imagine it's on the way to storage together with the I-485 since the case is done and closed.
  8. To file jointly you'll have to paper file and also file the form to request an ITIN and send all the documents they want with it. If you file MFS you can file online, no ITIN needed.
  9. The raise was proposed under the Trump administration before. No media cared. The raise is long overdue imo tho it's quite a big jump.
  10. With you being from Germany I would spare me the hassle just for visa evidence. MFS is good enough for that.
  11. Absolutely no need to feel hopeless. It's gonna be alright. I'm pretty sure we all had at least one moment of panic during the process but it's gonna be fine.
  12. They seem to be crossing by land so yes, possible to just hand them the whole thing.
  13. If you're crossing by land you can probably take it as it is. If flying you wouldn't have any other chance as to open it because you'd need the passport to board. You can also ask the IV unit at the embassy to make sure.
  14. They don't care enough. It won't affect your case. They'll ask you politely to stop if you keep on going without a reason since you're still within processing times but nobody will flag your case for extra slow processing.
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