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  1. Even tho they can and often will waive ROC interviews they do also randomly select to have people come in for interviews even if the sent evidence is strong. There is nothing to worry about per se. See it as a chance to go over the application with them and correct possible mistakes. I had my AOS interview when many got waived during Covid. Glad I had it otherwise my name would be wrong on the Greencard 😊
  2. As K1 there won't be any instructions or the often quoted welcome letter from NVC. It's not advised nor needed to do anything until the embassy contacts you that they're ready for you to schedule.
  3. Could the passports be linked and even he showed the Czech passport CBP acknowledge the visa in the other passport? OP you see we're not any wiser than you at this point and are just guessing. I'm afraid mistakes were made at his entry and your friend will have to pay the price since the burden is on the traveler to know what's going on and when to leave. Would it be possible to contact CBP to sort it out and get a better insight? It might be wise to leave now to keep a possible ban as low as possible.
  4. Mexico is horrible backlogged and I don't think you'll be able to get an interview in the four months you've left.
  5. I can't think of anything where you would need to take a picture that requires you to remove the piercing. Even if you would have to take another picture for your DL that usually doesn't require to remove it.
  6. I just want to add that it might be a good idea for you to be present at the interview date. It's not just on your husband to prove his part at the interview as you said. He'll have to save both of your behinds and he's not set up for smooth sailing from what it sounds.
  7. Sorry no. I mean it shouldn't be a problem since they're not there to adjucate cases but only check if the info given matches with what they have on file. If it's asked one or a hundred times shouldn't be their concern. I'm afraid all you can do is give it some more days and get in contact with SSA again.
  8. That's just the legend you're looking at 😉 Look at the case status in front of every case. They're all still pending
  9. They are adjusting from K1/K2. OP what exactly is the RFE asking for?
  10. You won't be able to change the name until she gets her EAD or Greencard.
  11. In Mississippi I have to renew my driver's license every year. For the same price it would cost a citizen to get a 4 year DL and it has non- US Citizen written on it 🤷‍♀️
  12. Oh I completely understand. Never would I have left mine behind 😊 they had to fly unaccompanied cargo tho so I don't know how much time it takes for pets to clear customs and what's all involved. Plus they had to stay a night in Houston or otherwise they would have gone over the allowed travel time for pets in a day. For the security checks you can ask for a private screening room if you don't want to get her out of the carrier in the open.
  13. We just had somebody else asking something alike 😊 Especially when traveling with a pet I would allow for some extra time since it's not just you immigrating but also your fluffy companion that might has to be seen by a vet to get cleared by customs.
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