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  1. As soon as a decision is made on your AOS the EAD/ AP will get canceled so you might run into trouble if you try to enter with that card.
  2. Not intend. The form is a one fits all and they're pretty aware that a K1 isn't really fitting in there.
  3. If the office isn't too far away I for sure would try to walk in. Did you called USCIS and asked what's going on?
  4. Unfortunately this is not the case for K1s. Once the embassy sends the case back to the US K1s are done. They can't appeal anything. The only letter you'll get from USCIS is the reason why you were denied a visa. For some reasons embassies and NVC tells everybody the same no matter what visa category they're going for. The safe bet would be to wait for the letter to see what the issue is you need to overcome. Of course you can already get married, spend more time together which is never wrong and start the financial co-mingling but don't apply for the CR-1 right away.
  5. It won't interfere with your appointment. You can message them ( i think the message board was something with feedback ) and ask them to update your account with your new ds-160 number to make sure it's corrected but usually that happens automatically.
  6. Sure if you want your spouse to live in constant fear of being deported and not able to take on a job, travel home to see their families or get a driver license...
  7. And even if nobody asks for the I-134 in Manila somebody for sure will ask for the I-864 for AOS so it's good to plan ahead.
  8. I know we all love the special cases but this seems to come out of troll land 🧐
  9. Nobody cares about the order of your photos or bills as long as they're in a row. Start with the newest or the oldest. It really doesn't matter 😉😊
  10. Your husband should have done that before y'all got married. Now you'll do it with the AOS. You should also file for his EAD.
  11. Go to the interview. If it takes longer for the childs case to be resolved then your wife can fly to the US, activate her visa and fly back to finish everything up.
  12. Consulates are different but I've never been asked about a police certificate for a nickname. This refers more to legal name changes that have happened or if you have an artist name in your passport ( that's at least an option in Germany ).
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