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  1. We're just midway going that route. Feel free to send me a message 😊
  2. Letspaintcookies

    K1 or Immigration

    Thank you, I learned something new.
  3. Letspaintcookies

    K1 or Immigration

    Ah thank you I was thinking in just one direction. If you want to file for a K1 you'll have to withdraw the other petition first before you can start again. So you wont be able to get back to that if the K1 won't work.
  4. Letspaintcookies

    K1 or Immigration

    If your I-130 got approved that means you're already married, right? There's something wrong in here... Please help us to understand your story by telling us a bit more
  5. Letspaintcookies

    Afghan National

    One thread is enough. Please don't create more than one thread per topic.
  6. There's almost nothing that you can do wrong. Go for it. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/99-united-kingdom/
  7. There won't be any hardcopys from the NVC so don't wait for them 😊 You can submit the ds-160, pay your fee, schedule the medical and book your interview appointment. Have a look at the embassy page and you should find all the information you need. Also check out the subforum for UK here on VJ.
  8. After such a nerve-wrecking waiting for NOA2 everything else went super fast dir you. Congratulations
  9. Letspaintcookies

    German people...rührt euch!!

    Ja die Visagebühren gingen super einfach mit der Sofortüberweisung. Nur die extra Gebühren, damit sie mir das zuschicken und ich nicht nochmal nach Frankfurt muss, nicht. Man kann es halt auch wieder extra kompliziert machen 🙈
  10. Maybe it's only doing that since my status went to ready today. That would explain why I didnt noticed it before. Sorry
  11. I first noticed today but when you track your case, right under the status it shows the date when your case was created and the number assigned.
  12. Thought your case number was assigned just yesterday. So far no cases with a number assigned after last tuesday/ wednesday made it 😕
  13. Letspaintcookies

    German people...rührt euch!!

    So ich wollt jetzt bezahlen und scheiter leider an den Gebühren fürs Visa zusenden. Geht das nur über diesen Provider? Die wollen nämlich ne Visa oder Mastercard und ich hab ne AMEX. Das is irgendwie ungeschickt. Gibt es noch andere Möglichkeiten?
  14. Letspaintcookies

    German people...rührt euch!!

    Bei mir steht auch ready 😊 ich werd mich da die Tage mal dran setzen und erledigen was zu erledigen geht. Bis ich dann nach dem P3 weiter mache wird es zwar noch dauern aber so hängt es dann wenigstens an mir und nicht an anderen. Auch mal schön 😁 Und die internationale Geburtsurkunde reicht aus.
  15. Ah I see. But maybe it showed nothing for Israel cause nothing has been shipped