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  1. Payment will be based on 2018 tax returns Or on 2019 tax returns if they were already filled. Did you pay your taxes for 2019 jointly with your wife who already has GC and ssn? You know better who is included on your taxes and who doesn't. Its not a rocket science!
  2. Did you pay taxes in 2018, 2019, alone or jointly? Do you have ssn and green card? Then yes, you will receive and No its not public benefits! Its on the news for days already and all over internet. Its nothing to do with USCIS!
  3. Your income doesnt matter. Its not crazy, its rules. You wether agree, or dont immigrate, simple. American citizen have obligations and income of your american spouse should meet guidelines. Or your american spouse can immigrate to your country. Seems like your life more stable, than hers.
  4. You dont need certificate of naturalization anymore once you have a passport. You are citizen now. If you loose your passport, you just apply for a new one. Nothing else. USCIS already have all the info. Nothing to worry about anymore.
  5. Got a government job right away. No previous US experience and huge gap between employment. It took me to get interview in a week after applying and 1 month to start. Not a permanent position but they like me alot and hoping I can get permanent one eventually:) Everything is possible if you working hard and persistent.
  6. AnJay

    Family Planning

    First of all, your pregnancy or newborn child wont help expedite anything. Second, if you have a child before the interview, new affidavit of support needs to be provided. More people=more money. Child of US citizen is a US citizen.
  7. Seems like interview went very well. Dont worry. I didnt have approval on the spot, but status changed the same day
  8. I did succesful AOS after 5 years overstay. Few days ago got my 10 yeas GC:) I wasn’t questioning about overstay at all.
  9. Congrats! Received mine in 6 business days:) ( 2 days were a weekend)
  10. I wore dress shirt with long sleeves and jeans. Husband wore black shirt and jeans.They didnt care. But dont overdue. Tie and smoking will look stupid. Alot of couples were wearing shirts and dresses. We had 94F that day...
  11. Yes, we married and then had some problem with papers and had to wait to apply. I am not K1.
  12. Received my 10 year green card today! ( we were married more than 2 years on the day of the interview). Very happy and relieved:) Good luck everyone on your journey! Everything will be fine in the end of the tunnel!
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