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  1. There is always a chance for denial or rfe, but if your marriage is legit, than you have nothing to worry about
  2. I have been in US way longer than you are. Yes i did feel homesick for a while, but i realized that i have to fully adapt to live here, adapt to a new culture, new way of life, laws and rules and I did. But my whole situation was way worst then yours ( if you want to feel better, just sent me a message) we faced alot of circumstances with my husband and overcame alot of problems. So unfortunately i can not relate and has no advices to you. But I love this country and people here and my new family here, otherwise i would move back in a heartbeat if i was depressed, etc. Good luck:)
  3. Nope, any person who fully understand English and in your case Spanish is fine. She took our friend with her and it was fine. Spouse can not be interpreter.
  4. Yes, i have Interview on July 18th. In your notice it says bring interpreter if you need too. If she wont understand questions they might sent you home ( happend to one of my friends a few years ago, she had to come back with interpreter later). Also fill your timeline, VJ members relays on it.
  5. I am on day 198 of waiting a work permit ( didnt apply for AP), not sure if it will come before Interview. I am not waiting, dont really need it anymore.
  6. Mine was changed from “Ready to schedule..” to “Interview was scheduled” in 12 days. But everyones case is different and local offices different too, so nobody can’t tell exactly when.
  7. Hello, you will have notice in the mail only after it’s changed to “ Interview was scheduled”. This status still might take a while. Sorry.
  8. Hmm I re read your post and you can NOT cancel your wifes GC by withdrawing I-864. Its only possible before visa or status has been granted. Its seems like your wife already got her GC. Too late.
  9. You have to send your withdrawal letter to the address where you originally sent your I-485 and another withdrawal letter to your local field office. You dont need appointment. USCIS will reject application after receiving your letter. This can not be undone. So do it if you 100% sure about withdrawal.
  10. Nice to hear:) well my LFO has waiting time 11.5-34 months, and my interview will in 7 months after filling. So the dates not very accurate.
  11. Congrats! dont forget to update your timeline:) Also nothing for EAD for 195 days, I am not waiting anymore, because even it it somehow comes, will be worthless a 2-3 weeks before my interview. I was hoping it will take a 3-4 months to get it, not 7-8.
  12. Your EAD is terminated because your GC is approved. No point to wait for EAD.
  13. Received my interview invitation just righhhht now, but not going to open it till husbands gets home🤣
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