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  1. Application might ask for supporting documents. But I don’t know if you have to upload any extras till you file. Just do what application says speeding ticket is okay, unless it’s DUI ticket. Then you might be in trouble.
  2. Hi! The easiest way to do it is to apply Online. It will tell you what documents you have to upload next. Very easy! If you have no convictions etc, don’t waste money on lawyer. Also when you filling online you will get Invitations etc straight to your account ( don’t have to wait for a paper copy in the mail).
  3. Bring Whatever invitation paper asks you to bring I would bring tax transcripts maybe for the past 3 years. I just had interview based on marriage and they didn’t want to even look at any documents.
  4. Received a notice that Oath was scheduled for august 24th… on the day of my closing on the house! I am excited and stressed in the same time. Good luck everyone!
  5. Hello all! Todays I successfully passed my N-400 interview at Milwaukee Field Office. Interview was scheduled for 1-40. At 1-50 they invited me to the room with 2 officers. Everything was in very friendly manner. First they asked civics questions and after 6 correct ones they stopped. Then I had to read “What State has the most people” and write on IPad “California has the most people”. After that we went through all the n-400 form, she was casually asking me about how we met, where we work, etc etc. Just a normal conversation. Then she went through all the Yes/ No questions. She didn’t ask any evidence or papers, but took our mortgage approval for the house we just bought and told me to update the address with Uscis after moving. But didn’t look at any taxes or anything else, didn’t even mentioned it. In the end she printed me a letter with “Congratulatons, I recommended for approval bla bla”. That’s it Waiting on update now. I am glad it’s almost over! Will update when notice for Oath shows up
  6. Hi! Download the app called Citizen Now. Very helpful to study and practicing!
  7. You learn your lesson. But you have no right to say all Russians are ruthless. I can tell how many Americans are Scammers online! You just found some pretty girl and imagined alot of unreal things and decided to jump and marry her so quick. Why couldn’t you find an American? Why you decided to bring a foreigner? I clearly saw red flags from your First post on here. I am just not very active in conversations here. I am Russian and I have been with my American husband 10 years. He didn’t send me any money overseas, $0 and I was the one visiting him and spending MINE money. We both were very cautious. We married after 4 years being together and living together. Because no way I would marry some stranger after visiting him once!
  8. Hey guys, I was prepping documents for my N-400 interview and couldn’t find my original marriage certificate. Interview in 10 days. How important it to bring on the interview? Maybe copy will be enough? Or I have to obtain a new one? ( I applied based on 3 year marriage). Thaaank!
  9. He posted earlier about it, approximately a month later
  10. You will have a combo interview, that’s why it’s both at the same time. But with the Oath it depends on the office.
  11. Are you in Milwaukee field office? Every office and court house is different. BioNat and me from the same area so I am not interested how its anywhere else, sorry
  12. Congrats! Could you bring a family member to the ceremony?
  13. You can, but there is no guarantee how long you will wait for another appointment. I didn’t made any serious plans for whole year I applied for my naturalization since it was the most important thing for me.
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