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  1. Under my timeline was does my consulate say Armenia? My fiancé lives in the UK lolololol
  2. Ok, well fingers crossed.
  3. Hi there. Let me ask you, did you file on July 9th or is that when you got the approval?
  4. Also, once and if lol the application is approved does anyone have experience with how long the remaining process will take? Specifically in dealings with the embassy in London.
  5. Thanks a million you guys.
  6. I’m sorry I see my query was rather vague. I think what I’m trying to ask is I’ve seen some folks that have filed the I129f in June and according to their timelines they’ve already moved on to noa2? Just curious if this is common or rather strange?
  7. So maybe someone can help me out. My fiancé and I are new to this site and since being here and looking at other people’s situations I see that people that have filed their K1s at the same time as us are already on step two and we’re stuck in step one limbo. Please any insight would be marvelous.....