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  1. Did you try Israel? I am arranging my fiancé family crossing border from Mexico in April, but I will try to call KZ and Israel first
  2. Anybody figured out a way to send money to Russia? We broke up and I still want to help her with some money
  3. I live in Tijuana right now, I saw many Russia families with even babies and grandma, they need stay in Mexico for a month and there is a company who helps them with everything and they charge 2000$ per person after you enter America, 6 Russia families from my building entered America already, they used to be in Cancun for a month and then come to Tijuana for 3 days, I saw many successful cases myself, the K visa way May need wait years
  4. There is a new law for Russia refugees to enter America, and already 20000 Russia people entered America through Tijuana and more Russia people are coming everyday. I am wondering if my Russia fiancé and her kids getting into America in this way and then get married in America, not sure if there are some problems applying for their green card
  5. I remember someone here said he and his Russian girlfriend almost got mexico PR or citizenship in 1.5 years, could you tell me how that works?
  6. I got up at 6:30 am to drop my daughter to high school, and then come home to sleep again until 8:45am to drop my son to elementary school, then drive 30 minutes to drop my ex wife to her office and then drive another 15 minutes to my office, I often arrive at my office at 10 am, then I need leave office to pickup my ex wife at 5 pm, then I need cook, fortunately I am an software engineer and my work schedule is flexible
  7. Now understand why men not get married again after divorce
  8. I have been in a marriage for 25 years and I did all cook and clean floors, drive kids and wife to school and work, we go out every day in Moscow and she never cooked a dinner, she talked and stayed with her kids all the time, what can I do except lying in bed in the free time?
  9. I decided to end the relationship, many here may know our case is in Warsaw embassy waiting for an interview. We got problems last meet in Moscow in July, we resumed talking later and I feel not good. I don’t think I need a heavy family life which I think I need to kill loneliness. I have some concerns. 1. Bring and raise her and her daughters will take me extra 4000$ monthly, not including trips back to Russia annually and financial support to her mom, why not spending such money on myself? Almost enough to buy a good sugar baby and change every 3 months. 2. I thought my life with her would be different from my previous marriage because my ex wife is a very successful professional and I was ignored in life completely and my Russian girlfriend will not goto work and should give me good care and companionship, our first meet was the best month in my life and I was very happy about that, but later meets proved all women are the same, they want to be head of household and make the rules in the family and control everything, she always put her kids on top of me and ignore me, she spent 3 days trying to book a Airbnb apartment in San Petersburg rather than giving me good care and attention, I was not happy and no trip to San Petersburg at all. So all women are the same, they are good at the very beginning and then will Change, my American girlfriend gave me great sex the first months and then lost patience and then we broke up and after sometime we make up and then she gave great sex again, so we should not be married at all, everything will change after marriage. 3. I love dancing, clubs, bars and fine restaurants and drinks but she said that’s for younger people only, I will lose those hobbies after marriage I think, what we do in family life? Besides she doesn’t speak English, so after sex which she also wants to control, what we do? So I will keep my simple single life, she already complained I am lying in bed too much, don’t fix my teeth quickly, marriage means breaking your comfort zone, I am too old to change I think, so just dating and no marriage would be the best to do
  10. I hope Poland will ban Russian entry then department of state has to change the interview embassy for Russian, Poland mostly will announce in am week and then we can email traveldocs to change the embassy
  11. Any updates on your case? We still can’t schedule an interview date, it always says no appointments available, we can’t even see the calendar, I emailed Traveldocs and got an email saying very limited openings for non Poland residents
  12. She is not smart enough to play me, she is just a pretty blonde with empty brain, easily do stupid things without thinking of the sequence, she started talking to me, but I won’t bring them to America, it’s a pity we got the embassy letter we waited for so long.
  13. I read that story, but I think she is different, her friend just told me she didn’t date after divorce, her friend was cut off by her 8 months ago but she communicate with me now and then, I transferred money through her friend to her because she has American bank account, I zelle her dollars and she give rubles to my fiancé but they stopped talking to each other long time ago, her friend is not a good person also, wasted many American mens money, her friend never said my fiancé bad words but this time she offered to stay with me in Moscow after I was kicked out but I refused
  14. Her friend said she is very poor and May not ever dine in a restaurant and she lives in the apartment where she was born, and she never dated but attached to her kids, we lived in mexico for about 4 months and everything is good, I can’t imagine this happened
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