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    We met online while I was looking for travel information. He said hello, we chatted a couple of minutes but he didn't have any useful information. So I forgot about it. He said hello again a few days later, and we began to have more frequent and longer chats and talked on Skype. I had planned a vacation in Panama already for a few months later and we net for the first time then. We married in Iceland on a trip to Europe. Honeymooning in Paris and Rome was such a treat, we managed to pull off with low season travel deals and points. The visa process really went smoothly and I have been happy every day to finally have him here!

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  1. Waiting for interview for I751. Filed in September last year. So having time to overthink, I noticed that people have missed letters for interviews after moving. Fine, we haven’t moved. When checking the profile on myUSCIS, it struck me as odd as it has an incomplete mailing address (missing unit # for townhouse, though mailman knows my name). The notices and extension letter were mailed with the information including the unit number. I thought maybe it was using the physical address, which doesn’t display. Should I leave this alone if it’s worked so far and nothing’s changed-that is what displays to the user isn’t what they use? I hate to do anything different if we received mail okay, but it doesn’t look 100% correct.
  2. bakphx1

    Point of Entry

    When you come in through POE with an immigration visa, not many questions are asked like with tourist visas. As long as you don’t have guns or drugs, you’re fine.
  3. bakphx1

    Point of Entry

    People fly into any POE and continue on to their final destination all the time. Many people live in cities with no POE, airlines don’t offer flights from the originating country to that city or for pricing. Short answer is you can enter any place you like, including Guam or Puerto Rico. Flying to San Francisco and continuing to LA is not unusual in any way.
  4. I think it’s a no. If you had registered you would would show upon the SOS database. You would have received either a voter ID or a letter requesting proof of citizenship if they had actually processed it.
  5. It looks like Bogota is the closest airport flying to Miami. I realize it’s not all that close, but that could be something to explore.
  6. You can visit and it’s at CBP discretion, with the main issue being that they have to be relatively certain you’re not immigrating early and will leave as planned.
  7. Personally I would tell anyone with the option to go with a CR1 visa. The main reason being that once the fiancée arrives, there is a lot of isolation from being alone while the spouse works. The financial strain is also real for too many couples. Couple that with being homesick and you’ll find out why many couples fight and end the marriage before completing AOS. If any emergency comes up back home and you have no time to get Advance Parole, you get to choose between not going back or abandoning your visa. Though it’s a personal decision, on its face the K1 is the cruelest visa offered.
  8. 1. I’m going from memory but I think a transcript is what they want. It’s quick and easy to get it from the IRS website. 2. Just passport stamps, but that said, I don’t think they’ll ask for that either.
  9. No one will ask for your X-ray now or in the future. Medically, it’s useless after a month .
  10. Your main problem would be that there are several layers of government that could prosecute it as a crime. But moreover, especially with this president finding you can strip people of their citizenship if information that would have barred them from getting it was discovered later. That means you would never be free from possible deportation over it. Even 15 years from now with a home and famil and citizenship.
  11. I don’t think it will hurt to not go if it’s a problem for work. From when I went to my husband’s Interview and looked around and reading this site, I think the majority go without their spouse for the same reason. It can be a tough trip to schedule because people have limited vacation time and funds. In the majority of cases it looks like the approvals are already done by the time they get to the interview and I don’t think it changes the outcome unless a case has issues.
  12. I submitted our Spanish conversations with no translation. Nothing more was said about that. All other documents must be translated, though. Fortunately Spanish is inexpensive in terms of professional translations. I found it easier as for things like the birth certificate, they have nice templates for forms.
  13. There are instructions on this site. You can start here. https://www.visajourney.com/guides/ The first thing to get in order are documents. Birth certificates, passports and divorce decrees. Divorce decrees seem to be what can hang things up for not being the correct document. I’m not sure what to look for but it must be court certified document. Others may give better info as I didn’t have a divorce. Also think about the expiration date on current passports. If she doesn’t have one, she will probably have an option of a 5 year or 10- year passport. Get the the 10 year.. If she has one replace it if it has less than 5 years left on it, if possible. The same passport throughout makes life easier. A restraining order without a charge or arrest is just that. Only answer what is specifically true. Your timeline sounds fine. Packets shouldn’t be filled with useless information. Some chat logs (not full conversations, just showing a snippet of conversations to show regular communication. Date stamps are what they will look at. Travel documents (flight info), pictures together. No more than 10. Showing you with family members helps. Also think about income requirements. If you meet them, you’re good as long as you’ve filed your last three tax returns. If you’re remiss, now is the time to take care of it. If you’ll need a sponsor, start thinking of who can do it and letting them know. That’s probably the thing that gets people messed up most in the end. Personally, I would urge anyone to get a CR1 over a K1 unless absolutely impossible to get married first. Reason being K1 means no green card for up to six months. Makes it hard to add to bank accounts, health insurance, get state ID. Also if a family emergency comes up she could be forced to leave and abandon the visa to start over ago. It’s a cruel visa. My husband lived in Honduras. No mail. DHL or a receiving agent typically holds packages for the person, so she can give you the nearest location to address it to. It’s expensive but wasn’t difficult to work with. About $60 each way, better to have her print out the completed document, sign it and mail it rather than you mailing it to her for signature. You sign last. Central Americans often don’t have addresses or know them if they do. If she lives with family that owns the house, a bank document or deed may have an official address that isn’t used in practice. Don’t be surprised if she says she has no address when asked. If not then use the standard format “1k sur de Walmart” if you have nothing else.
  14. Since you aren’t on a conditional visa, he really can’t do much about that. Though he may threaten as that’s what bullies do. Start by looking for domestic abuse assistance in your area or hotlines. Here is a national one that may give you more options. https://www.thehotline.org/is-this-abuse/ Communicate with anyone and everyone you trust and let them know you need help. People around you may have noticed but didn’t have enough information about the situation to speak up.
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