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    We met online while I was looking for travel information. He said hello, we chatted a couple of minutes but he didn't have any useful information. So I forgot about it. He said hello again a few days later, and we began to have more frequent and longer chats and talked on Skype. I had planned a vacation in Panama already for a few months later and we net for the first time then. We married in Iceland on a trip to Europe. Honeymooning in Paris and Rome was such a treat, we managed to pull off with low season travel deals and points. The visa process really went smoothly and I have been happy every day to finally have him here!

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  1. Really anything more than 30 minutes isn’t any advantage. It may be different in different Embassies, but they had us outside in a line (one for immigrants and one for tourist/visitor) and we all went in together as a group. We all sat down and they called people up working cases from a stack that was already there. So, those that got there earlier had no advantage as the people working the cases had no idea who was there first or last.
  2. 30 years is a long time to hang on to electric bills and such. I’ll see what they might have.
  3. I realize that, but if the dates are listed, they often don’t take much of anything at the applicant’s word. Hoping they don’t ask for an old lease, the flight ticket out, etc.
  4. True-we will declare it, but just wondering if they will need something to show it. I don’t think they held on to much of anything. USCIS likes stuff documented.
  5. Getting prepared to petition for USC’s parents. They came to the US uninspected over 30 years ago, left voluntarily 29 years ago without coming to the attention of CBP or USCIS (no removal/entry denial records). One parent did fly back home out of the US. Does this get reported by their best memory? Not sure if there’s any documentation to use, since there are no A numbers or Social Security numbers to work with. I thought of doing a FOIA request but I don’t know if a name and birthdate with no other identifying information are enough. Has anyone on here worked with this situation before?
  6. We all hate the “asking for a friend” questions, but this is following a conversation I had with someone I met through here. I actually met the immigrant’s spouse here as he had a K1 visa for someone from the same country as my spouse and was also a same sex marriage they would have to petition. We texted a bit about the process. We kept in touch regularly with the immigrant spouse for several years. The USC had serious emotional issues and it was worsened by the fact Covid hit a month after he got here (lockdown). They divorced in January of this year and it’s final. There are some saved texts and voice messages that are abusive. He can file for ROC as a divorced person and saved documents. Is there any advantage in filing as VAWA or would it add an unnecessary layer? I did give the number to an attorney to ask but I was curious if anyone knew if one route was more beneficial? The 90 day window for ROC opens later this month. He discounted VAWA as an option thinking it was for physical abuse only.
  7. Yes! We all know the feeling-like it’s too good to be true or there has to be another twist. Don’t bring drugs or guns and you’re all set!
  8. It’s natural to have anxiety. After all the documentation and interview, it feels like you’re in for another interview or someone else to make a decision on your life. They aren’t there to re-interview you or second guess your visa. They just verify you’re holding a valid visa and initiate the green card. They may take you aside for some extra processing.
  9. How long has she been out of work? Is she looking? If she seems uninterested in working, I will be unlike the others and say your instincts may be right. I have seen this problem before and there’s never a good outcome. If it’s been a very short time, that’s one thing but if she seems to be fine letting you pay for everything, she may never look. As far as another wife-no one said being single is bad. At least for a while. I would just take of myself first and not worry about marrying until you have found someone you like.
  10. We went to the ceremony a few months ago in Phoenix. It was really only about 2 hours from walking in the courthouse to having the certificate in hand. That said, we added time on for doing a passport application right there to take advantage that someone was there (not always available in every city). There were also voter registrars (optional). That could add time. I think 2-3 hours would be a good timeframe to work with.
  11. I looked at what others had done-they said they had no problems going the I-751 route. If it matches the marriage certificate last name you don’t have to explain. Here’s a forum thread on this I found: https://forums.immigration.com/threads/a-question-about-i-751-name-change.259640/
  12. You can enter together. They will likely make the immigrating spouse go to secondary to process the visa, which you can’t do with them. It’s not a long process. But otherwise yes, people do it.
  13. My husband got his driver license updated with the extension letter to have current ID if needed (if you don’t drive, get a state ID). But like the other person said, we didn’t carry the letter anywhere. We would have to travel, but we filed just a few months before Covid, so no travel for a while.
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