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    We met online while I was looking for travel information. He said hello, we chatted a couple of minutes but he didn't have any useful information. So I forgot about it. He said hello again a few days later, and we began to have more frequent and longer chats and talked on Skype. I had planned a vacation in Panama already for a few months later and we net for the first time then. We married in Iceland on a trip to Europe. Honeymooning in Paris and Rome was such a treat, we managed to pull off with low season travel deals and points. The visa process really went smoothly and I have been happy every day to finally have him here!

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  1. bakphx1

    Text messages in Spanish

    Plane tickets along with pictures and passport stamps should show you met. If you have credit card or bank statements showing you spent money there can also help.
  2. bakphx1

    Text messages in Spanish

    They’re not interested in the content but the dates and continuity. I did random snapshots to show we had an exchange at least weekly (though it was daily). I didn’t include the whole conversation and I didn’t translate them.
  3. In his home country.
  4. I married in a third country. My husband’s country does not recognize same sex marriage so we didn’t have to register with his country. They never asked for more than the marriage certificate. I don’t think it must be registered in the beneficiary’s home country, just be legal in the country the wedding takes place and legal in the US. Depending on the situation they may or may not go further into it as to why.
  5. bakphx1

    POE time requirement

    Customs is such a wild card. Most of the time it’s under an hour. I did miss a flight months ago as it took over 3 hours.
  6. You can’t go to secondary with your spouse. Unless they’re very nervous, there’s not much advantage to accompanying a spouse. I net mine st POE and we spent the night having a relaxed dinner and catching a flight the next day home.
  7. My Icelandic marriage certificate was translated by a service and that’s all I’ve needed.
  8. Threatening to have a visa revoked shows a power play that has been mentioned in other threads where the USC is abusive. I can’t imagine ever saying that. That to me is about the cruelest thing you can say to a spouse you brought over who’s put themselves in a unique position. If you’re an immigrant and a spouse says that, I would be looking to get away ASAP. It takes having something pathologically wrong with you to do that.
  9. It’s an easy mistake for ESL learners. Especially when their native language doesn’t depend on the pronoun to define the sex of the person.
  10. bakphx1

    Can I translate birth certificates from US?

    If you throw immigrant visa terminology around (sponsor, cosponsor) in a tourist visa interview, it’s likely to be denied as it will sound like there’s immigration intent.
  11. There are non-visa related questions and that’s where people give advice with the same confidence even though they have no experience or training.
  12. You got conflicting statements on everything regarding what must be filed and what is taxable. VJ can be helpful for getting a visa but go to a qualified tax preparer fir tax questions.
  13. bakphx1

    Bona Fide Evidence

    The USCIS is not unrealistic about couples who haven’t lived in the same country. Focus on pictures, travel documents, messages. You’re not working with a high fraud country so you’ll get no static.
  14. bakphx1

    This May be a Bit Complicated

    Fly your family to Ghana? You’re taking kids into this? Please tell me you’re not forcing children into this mess.
  15. An extension letter or stamp. An expired green card with nothing else won’t get you far.