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  1. Approved for 10 year green card today, originally SRC filing at the end of August 2018 but transferred to Potomac in October 2019, had to do biometrics at the end of October then approved under 3 weeks afterwards.
  2. Filed at the end of August and got an SRC case number. Just been approved today after having case transferred to Potomac in October and having a biometrics appointment also at the end of October.
  3. Also an SRC filer, though recently got transferred to Potomac. Received a biometrics appointment for next week as well. Fingers crossed for approval not too long afterwards.
  4. Same thing happened to me, SRC filer at the end of August 2018, transferred October 8th
  5. I sent my package in August 2018, and ti got sent to Texas, got an SRC case number. No progress, did receive a biometrics waiver letter in May, but I wouldn't guarantee they won't ask me at some point.
  6. I'm an SRC filer that is in the same boat, late August filer, SRC19900xxxxx . Heard nothing since May either. Good to see some movement for anyone with an SRC number, even if it is April/May. Hope they can get to us soon
  7. So any with an SRC case number are being worked on in Florida, is that correct? I wonder why that is, when they have a Texas service code. If true, looks like us SRC filers have a long wait ahead 😞
  8. Has anyone with an SRC case number seen an approval, or any progress after having Biometrics waived?
  9. I see a bunch of people have received fingerprint letters, great to see stuff moving at last. Just wanted to see if any of those you just received the biometrics letter had previously been sent letters saying their fingerprints would be reused? Just want to know whether I need to be keeping an eye on my mailbox right now, I only received the biometrics waiver a week or two ago!
  10. No problem, sent my package off I think the 28th August. Cheque was cashed 2nd September; there was the long wait around that time for the extension letter, but when it finally came through, it had the SRC service center, which is Texas. But once I got the extension letter, literally no update until today, when it updated to Fingerprint Review was Completed.
  11. Hey all, so today I got an update on my case, which had sat at Figerprint Fee Was Received since August, no biometrics letter or waiver or anything. Today it updated to FIngerprint Review was Completed. Not sure if that means I won't have to submit biometrics, but good to at least see an update of something. Anyone have an idea how long the wait going forward is likely to be?
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