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  1. If you are DQ’d that means you are done with the NVC stage, why worry? If you worry, call NVC to make sure you are done.
  2. I think they stopped doing Infopass everywhere. It’s the Trump administration changes, to save $$. They think that all the information can be received by phone. In fact, it’s a disservice to customers as most of the time the first line customer reps know nothing and just read you the information on the screen. To get to a second -tier officer or supervisor is difficult, and USCIS rarely call back.
  3. Dépends on your Embassy. Please fill in your Timeline and contribute to the community. Thanks!
  4. Yes, you can expedite after being DQ. Send your NVC expedite request in the form of an email to nvcexpedite@state.gov. An email request is specifically the only way to submit the NVC expedite request. For this purpose, include the following information to NVC as part of your NVC expedite request: NVC case numer in the subject line and body of the email.
  5. How come you were approved by USCIS in 3 months, did you do DCF? And what is LIB? Please fill the timeline in your VJ profile. Thanks!
  6. My husband and stepson had their interview in Paris for CR1/CR2 visa. My husband was asked when was the last time we saw each other and where. My stepson was only asked if he had ever visited the USA before. The CO never asked to see any photos, or beneficiary's children's birth certificates, or any financial information. He only asked for Police Certificate for my stepson. My husband said he had none because the child is less than 16 y.o. The CO gave him back Denial Letter with Police Certificate circled on it. He said unless Police Certificate is provided, no visa will be issued. The age of the child is 15 years 9 months. The child had never been arrested before, never had any problems with the law. The Paris Embassy immigrant visa documents list mentions Police Certificate for those whose age is 16 y.o. or more. I am speechless......
  7. They didn't even asked for half of the documents listed. Like, never asked for my original I-864, beneficiary's children's birth certificates, or any photos, proof of bona fide marriage. Barely asked any questions. Gave the denial letter on which Police Certificate is circled. I am furious 😬 Of course, we gonna comply, we have no choice. But I guess our experience can be useful for someone else in a similar situation. Thanks for your responses!
  8. No, he had never been arrested. Never had any minor infractions with the law.
  9. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/PRS-Paris.html#pre_interview_checklist This is from the website of the Paris Embassy. We followed the list to a T and made sure we had every necessary document ready. Yesterday my husband and his son had Cr1/Cr2 visa interview in Paris. The result: One document was found missing, Police Certificate for my stepson. The child's age is 15 years 9 months, #######?! But any kind of reasoning with CO was useless. The French document called Extrait de casier judiciaire is possible to be ordered online but it takes up to 10 days to get it😬 Also, the Embassy wants it on paper (not electronic). Looks like my husband and stepson will not be able to join me in USA for Christmas 😰
  10. Thank you! My husband had his instructions from the French website of the Embassy, and the red portion is missing there. I will let him know that he shouldn’t worry.
  11. According to the U.S. Embassy in Paris website, an applicant is to bring the sealed envelope to the interview.
  12. Please advise those CR1/IR1 who already went through the interviews. My husband (beneficiary) had his medical exam done and his interview in Paris is scheduled on December 4th. He thought that he is supposed to bring the sealed envelope with the results with him to the Embassy on December 4th. However, the clinic in Lisbon where he had his exam, says they will send the results directly to Paris to the Embassy and that all they can send to my husband is XRay image and the vaccinations record. Is that true?
  13. My husband’s interview is scheduled for the same day 👌🤞👏 Though différent embassies but we are in the same boat🙏
  14. I don’t blame him, poor man. Your guys case takes longer than most ones, and I am truly sympathetic to you. I am sure that this AP after DQ is just a bureaucratic procedure caused by your request to change embassies. Why did you request it, by the way?
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