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    Applied for CR1 in November, 2018. Had CR1 visa interview in Paris in December, 2019. Was placed on Administrative Processing due to a missing document. In March 2020 the Paris Embassy asked for the passport to put CR1 visa in it. By then on ESTA was visiting the US spouse in the US and was stuck due to pandemic. Return flight was cancelled due to COVID-19. Decided to abandon Consular Processing and to start AOS from the US. ESTA expired in May 2020, AOS filed in April 2020.

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  1. What do you mean by incorrect card information? Your credit card? In our case, we just wrote a personal check for $1,225 and wrote my husband’s name and DOB in the upper part and on the left lower line “I-485 and biometrics fees”. It was accepted just fine. Don’t forget to sign the check. Good luck!
  2. 😀 It’s quite the opposite for us, we’d rather get EAD so my husband can finally start working and we’d rather wait on GC till November...when the marriage is 2 years old and to avoid the whole removal conditions saga and all the stress associated with it.
  3. I understand it is NOT an RFE, and that is why it is a good sign, for them to remind about the medical now. Did you check your case on CaseTracker app? What does it say in there? Does it say "Fingerprint fee was received" or does it say "Case was updated to show Fingerprints were taken"? If it's the latter, it is another good sign.
  4. Buma, please remind when you sent your AOS, from what visa you are adjusting and NOA date? Your Timeline is empty.
  5. Omg, it’s a good sign! If they ask for your medical that soon, it is highly likely the interview will be waived and you will get your I-485 approved quickly🙏
  6. Per your timeline you sent your package on 4/27. It’s not a month yet. But if I were you, I’d chatted with Emma first thing in the morning to check if your case is in the USCIS system yet. Personally I found out my I-485 case number that way. Good luck!
  7. My foreign husband does not even have that😆 We added an explanation of his special circumstances though.
  8. We also filed our taxes jointly for the past 2 years. And no, we did not include any assets/debts in I-944 at all as my foreign husband has neither and I did not want to provide more paperwork other than 2019 tax transcript and paystubs because my income is well over the poverty guideline. So far our AOS package was accepted and no RFE yet (knock-knock-knock!). Why would you spent your hard earned $$$ on lawyers when this Forum is for free? You can find all the info you need here. Besides, here we saw plenty erroneous legal advice and paperwork mistakes/omissions done by lawyers.
  9. Congratulations ! 🍾 Now your case is going to get moving. I looked through your timeline, looks like your fiancée arrived before the corona, but you managed to get married during the pandemic. Found a marriage officiant?
  10. Your case might have fallen into the rare category of a pilot program. This is quite interesting. Let's hope your approval comes faster and smoother than for the rest of us!🤞
  11. Finally we got our I-485 case number today, ouf! What a relief. Chatted with a real agent on Emma and obtained this way. They mailed the letter on 5/20. We mailed the AOS package (from VWP) on 4/24, it was delivered 4/28, the bank check is yet to be cleared, and no texts received (we never filed for those text notifications, anyway). Don't lose hope those who are still waiting, stay patient, the day will come for you soon!🌸
  12. My friend filed for removal in Jan.2017, she is still waiting...
  13. Here we go, @Paul & Mary And while I can understand why OP's father had to choose the route, it's hard not to feel indignation and resentment...Using a fake SSN is a crime, and there might be victims. The law is for everyone regardless of how unfair life might seem. I am a US citizen, and my foreign husband is here in the US with me , with no SSN, no work, no stimulus check considering that his immigration process started 18 months ago, and he is still technically undocumented. I apologize to OP for going off topic, but the casual tone of the original post just struck me in its boldness...or naivete? In any case, good luck to OP's father and hopefully he did not harm anyone during the last 10 years by using a fake SSN.
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