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  1. It's 5 years from the date on your green card. So you can apply as early as 90 days before that 5-year mark.
  2. Please do not close this topic. They are not "lecturing" me, I understand everyone's concern, the situation is somewhat peculiar. I am still waiting for more suggestions of how they can prove that the meeting happened WITHIN LAST 2 YEARS. The idea with the newspaper is off the table, my friend agreed.
  3. Daphne, I appreciate your concern. It's not up to me to be "okay" or "not okay" in this. They are two grown adults, and I cannot prohibit them to do what they want. A question to you: How can you be 100% sure it's a scam? Are you an oracle? You can see into the future?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I do NOT get involved in this. I just provide my friend with information when he needs it. As to them continuing to "date", it's not really practical. She lives in Tijuana, he in Arizona (look at the map), it's quite a distance. She is willing to drive all the way to Nogales to meet him, and he appreciates this. I don't think they both can afford traveling back and forth a lot. Also, when you are at his age, an idea of a long-distance dating seems ridiculous. How much years are there left to enjoy life, who knows?
  5. I am not related to anyone in this story.
  6. The baby's father is Mexican. He lives in the same place (Tijuana), visits them often. In fact, he pays their rental apartment (Mom and daugher's).
  7. She has a 5 y.o. daughter and my friend says the child is adorable. He talked on the skype with the little girl many times. There is a big dog also who is a part of the package. My friend is a dog lover, and does not mind. I agree, that it may be stressful, for both sides. Immigration is stressful for everyone.
  8. My friend is an old school romantic, what's wrong with that? What do you mean by "mixing up"? I am not part of their love story. He is just sharing with me the progress, and I do NOT interfere in any form. If it is a green card scam, it's on her part, not his. May well be a scam. But may be not. Time will tell.
  9. I was madly in love with my husband BEFORE I met him in person. He, too - with me. We already knew we wanted to marry each other BEFORE me met in person but decided to wait - to make sure. He formally proposed on day 8th of my visit, and it was natural for me to accept. We got married on the second visit. If it was possible, we could have done it on the first. Each love story is different.
  10. She says it's a distant relative of hers (uncle?) who cannot sponsor her directly but agreed to be a co-sponsor if necessary. She also says that she did visit the US (San Diego) as a tourist in the past <?> but it was long time ago, and after that tried to get new tourist visas, was denied.
  11. Thank you to all who responded, the question is answered!
  12. IT's a hypothetical question, but I really want to find the answer. A US citizen filed I-130 for her foreign sister some years ago (F4 category) and for the sister's minor daughter (niece of US citizen). By the time the visa number is current, sibling's daughter (niece) will be able to come also as she is not aged out. Suppose, the daughter (niece) is NOT married but with a child of her own by then. Question: What will happen to the baby? Can it be brought to US also?
  13. Yes, he is considering that also (bringing a friend or two with him).
  14. For two reasons: He doesn't have enough money to travel, and also he is afraid to travel to Mexico (personal security issue).
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