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    Applied for CR1 in November, 2018. Had CR1 visa interview in Paris in December, 2019. Was placed on Administrative Processing due to a missing document. In March 2020 the Paris Embassy asked for the passport to put CR1 visa in it. By then on ESTA was visiting the US spouse in the US and was stuck due to pandemic. Return flight was cancelled due to COVID-19. Decided to abandon Consular Processing and to start AOS from the US. ESTA expired in May 2020, AOS filed in April 2020.

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  1. I130 for a sibling is correct for a normal situation. Afghan nationals fall under special circumstances now at the time of the political crisis in Afghanistan. Your wife should file a different form, I-131 for her sister: https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/humanitarian-parole/information-for-afghan-nationals-on-requests-to-uscis-for-humanitarian-parole#:~:text=You%20must%20file%20Form%20I,131%20for%20each%20family%20member. Good luck!
  2. Another way to escape domestic violence is fleeing to Canada. I personally know a woman who suffered abuse from her ex-husband in Russia, and police failed to protect her there. She escaped to Canada, was placed in a shelter there, given a pro-bono lawyer and in a few months was granted a protected status, and eventually obtained residency. Here's an article on Canada: https://www.fordhamilj.org/iljonline/2019/4/28/canadas-asylum-policy-falls-short-for-victims-of-domestic-violence
  3. Interesting....In this article it says that it is possible to claim asylum based on domestic violence: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/claiming-asylum-based-domestic-violence.html
  4. So sorry for your wife's health, God bless her. You have to be strong for her and your child. As to MIL's visa, she will need two documents to request Emergency visa interview: Doctor's letter + proof of relationship to her daughter. You can also send her your daughter's Birth certificate copy. Hope it will help. Will be praying for you and yours..
  5. Next step is to contact USCIS (as indicated in the Embassy's email). Depending on what your intentions are, it might be time to hire an immigration lawyer, as well. Good luck!
  6. Your US fiance can travel through Spain, then go to France by car. Nobody asks anything while crossing the border. In June I (US citizen) flew to Barcelona, rented a car and entered France through Jonquiera-Pertus. Much easier this way in order to avoid all the hoopla of the Paris airports. All I needed for my flight to Spain from the US was to fill in the Health Certificate online. For the flight Spain-USA they required a fresh COVID test which can be done within 48 hrs either in France or in Spain.
  7. I would try their chat system "Ask Emma". On their website it says, "USCIS will conduct system maintenance to the Contact Relationship Interface System (CRIS) on Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 11:30 p.m. through Thursday, Aug. 26, at 3:00 a.m. Eastern".
  8. Most likely Vermont did not have a chance to look at your submitted documents yet. The package is still sitting somewhere on the desk waiting to be reviewed. Don't worry, they will update it online as soon as they can..
  9. VAWA petition CAN be filed from outside of the US provided the abuse happened in the US. The questions to OP regarding her intentions are unethical, IMHO. She asked if she can file VAWA, and the answer is YES. The burden to prove cohabitation is still on OP though.
  10. My husband had his interview for CR1 visa, and was placed in Administrative Processing due to a missing document. The required document was submitted the following day. However, it took the Embassy 4 months to issue the visa. By then my husband was in the States visiting me, corona arrived, the borders were closed and his return flight to France cancelled by the air company. He was stuck. So we were forced to make a decision to start the whole process from zero, this time in the United States. In other words, my husband never returned to France to collect his visa. And yes, we notified Paris about switching to AOS before submitting I-485. Though I don't think it really matters. If your file is currently with NVC, you notify NVC about switching to AOS.
  11. Yes, we did notify Paris Embassy that we decided to AOS in the United States. They replied that we could not do it as adjusting from VWP not allowed. Good thing we did not listen to the Embassy experts:)) It took us 6 months to obtain the green card here in the US, and 16 months (with numerous emails back and forth and a threat to get our US Congressperson involved) to finally receive back our original documents from Paris Embassy.
  12. I answered Yes, and then added a remark next to this question, "Abandoned CR-1". Hope this helps. Good luck!
  13. What about his filing I-751 with Divorce Waiver? Can't he do that?
  14. Well explained, thank you, Susie! ESTA will be filed for the minor by the parent. Actually, there are two minors of the same age (twins) to travel. Their mother lives in France, their father lives in USA as a green card holder. This is the plan: After both minors receive ESTA, they will travel to USA accompanied by their father. However, after the visit is completed (say, in 30 days or so), the siblings will return home by themselves (their father stays in USA). Is it possible? Will the minors be allowed to board the plane from USA provided they show the Travel authorization paper signed by both parents?
  15. Thanks for the replies! No, the person does not have any immigration issues. Another question. What if the person is an unaccompanied minor (17 y.o.)? Can he apply for ESTA, and if received, can he travel to USA independently?
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