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  1. This is actually a difficult one for me to explain my situation because I am working here and I can afford my own stuff and I never asked anything from anyone. But how anyone can prove that? 🤔
  2. No this is not the case and I moved to US around 15 years back with my parents After 7 months of divorce.
  3. Thanks and yes I already spend a month with him and have plan to visit him again very soon.
  4. I have all the proof that I didn't take any amount or asset from my previous husband and it is also mentioned in the decree plus I never apply immigration for him. About our current marriage we know each other from childhood and he is from Pakistan living in UAE I never apply immigration for anyone before. We both are in the same age / same religion / even before coming to US we lived in the same area. I visit pakistan for 2 weeks for marriage then after that covid starts so we couldn't meet but I tried to visit him and I also booked the flights but airline canceled the tickets due to this covid situation.
  5. I never tried to revoke the petition plus me and my husband only know the details related to our case no one else have this information like case number or anything. Sorry for late reply
  6. I will update you if I received anything from the service center and seriously I don't know what to do next, just finger crossed and hope to get a chance to prove that the marriage is real.
  7. But they mentioned that suspect of fraud and my husband told me that consular said " your marriage looks real but he cannot process because something is showing on my profile" You guys are really helpful thanks again
  8. Yes I visited my husband and we spend a month together we have the conversations and affidavits too. But I'm confused that will they give me a chance or no and how they can reject on suspect of fraud without asking me anything. About your first question I didn't send anything about revocation. Thanks I will contact them
  9. I applied for my husband under the category of CR1 on more than 2 years back and my husband attended the interview on 18-May-21 but the consular refused to issue visa and handover 221g "revocation of petition" and said that he is returning the petition to uscis for further review but until now they didn't share anything with me plus I sent many emails to them(embassy) but they recently reply me with this email which is already attached please advice me for further steps and how long they will respond me on this current scenario.
  10. Hello Everyone, My husband attended the immigrant visa interview Cr-1 on 2nd week of this month in abudhabi embassy and he was refused by saying that my profile in the system is showing fraud and I claim amount from my last marriage and CO reject by giving 221g form and mark on the passport and gives it remarks "revocation of petitioner". Let me tell you something about my background I married before but due to lack of understanding between us I get divorce and I never file any petition before even for my ex husband. Now come to the interview CO ask my husband about my previous marriage and why it's terminated so he said due to lack of understanding which is actually true but then the co said on my system it's showing something else and he said it's a fraud petitioner and ask my husband about the chat history and photos and my husband he showed all the 3 years of chat history and calls details plus photos of our wedding and then Co said it's look real but I cannot approve because system is showing fraud and I am sending your case back to USCIS. So I need some advice from you guys like what should we do now to make things right. Thanks again
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